Anahat OK?

We do live in fear nowadays.  With so many rampant robberies, break-ins, snatch thieves, crimes, etc, etc, some of us are becoming more and more paranoid.  I didn't realised how paranoid we are until recently I have contracted a flu.  When I recovered from that, due to lots of phlegm in the throat that flows down to the chest, now I have developed a cough that sometimes seems like bronchitis, but I know it's not.

Walking around with this cough let me see how people generally feel.  Of course we could check vibrations of that person to know which chakra is catching, but most of the time, we just don't do that unless we are so curious about that person or we want to help that person to heal.  

Since this cough has make my heart chakra a little weak, when I go to places where people have a weak heart, I get a massive cough, so much so that it lingers on and cough non-stop.  

As I walked into the CFO office one day, I coughed so much that I could barely answer the questions he posed.  It's not easy being in a high position, I supposed, lots of stress, worried about mistakes and errors which can be millions, scared of getting scoldings from even higher people.  Well, high position people doesn't mean they don't fear anything.

We fear a lot, health issues, safety issues, financial issues, etc, etc.  Maybe when we can strengthen our hearts a bit more, then only we can feel true joy?

We can strengthen our heart by putting our right hand on our center heart and recite JAI JAGADAMBA 12 x.  

I have also tried this.  Put your right hand on center heart.  Recite MA JAGADAMBA.  When you recite MA, put attention on the mooladhara and with your attention, bring your kundalini to the sahasrara.  When recite JAGADAMBA, put the attention on the heart.  Do it 12 times, slowly.  You can also do it with music.  Anahat's note is MA (what coincidence right?).  So you receite MA JAGADAMBA at the MA note.  Get it?  Try it and let me know.



Daisy said…
I have just discovered your blog and I wanted to say how sweet, simple, youthful and enjoyable it is to read! All little things put in such a nice way. It's a big pleasure for another Sahaja yogini to read it :) Best wishes!
Yen said…
Thank you Daisy!