A secret desire and a dream

First I will share about the dream.  It was a short dream.

Shri Mataji was standing at the door of a room.  The room was dark and empty and only the lights from the door ajar brighten the room a little.  No furnishings.  At the corner on the opposite side of the room, there was a small box on the floor.   

Credit to Free Digital Photos

The box had vivid colours on the side.  Each side have a different color.  Almost looks like the baby soft blocks that I am currently making, except no alphabet and and much bigger.  

The box is also wooden or paper and it's hard.  It stands out in the room, because it is the only object lying there and so colorful in the dark room.  

Shri Mataji told me to go into the room and to look inside the box.  I walked carefully and slowly (because the room was so dark), and when I reached the box to look inside it, my morning alarm rang and woke me up!!!!

So, in the end, I do not know what is in the box.  Maybe it is a gift for me, but I don't know what it is!!!

Now, the next story.

Few days back, I went to Paradigm Mall and forgot where I parked when I was about to leave.  I remembered it was Basement 2, something 15, maybe L15.  As we were searching high and low of the car, one of the security guards approached us and asked where we parked.  I told him L15 and said I can't seem to find the car.  He came back with a bicycle and asked what is the car plate number.  I gave him and before I could tell him the car type and colour, he sped of on his bicycle to locate for us.

Few minutes later, he came back on his bicycle and with a buggy service drove by another guard and told us he had found the car and told us the car type and colour.  We asked him, where is it.  He kept on saying, get on to the buggy.  We asked again, where is it.  He said we will bring you there, get on the buggy.

Finally the buggy brought us to our car, which was parked much further than I thought.  It was at E15.  We thanked the guard profusely for being so kind and gave him a nice tip.  Such a nice man to go all out to do this for us.

When I came back home and the excitement from the incident is slowly diminishing, suddenly I remembered something.

When we just reached Paradigm Mall and had already parked, I saw a buggy parked right at the entrance to the mall.  Two security guards were sitting in it and chatting.  I looked at the buggy, and remembered how I used to enjoy driving and sitting in one when on holiday with some relatives many years ago.  I thought to myself, how nice is it if I can sit in one again.  It was just a spontaneous thought and guess what, Divine made it come true with some drama!!!!

My husband and I had a good laugh when I told him about it.  Sometimes, we don't know how powerful our mind can be, especially Sahaja Yogis.