In 1984, in the UK, Shri Mataji did a series of Public Programs on The Experience of Truth.  She explained in detail, what is truth, how to recognise truth, transformation from truth and finally, enjoyment of the bliss of truth.  Do look up the full speech to read more about it: 22 June 1984, 2 July 1984, 8 July 1984 and 10 July 1984.

"If you want the truth, I'll tell you the truth:  Listen to the secret sound, the real sound, which is inside you." 
- Kabir

Who are the seekers of truth?

"So when I talk that the seekers of truth, and I bow to you, I mean to say people who will be honest about it. Those who are not honest, who are just clinging on to certain ideas, are fanatic and think that, “This is the truth”, then I cannot help you. I can just say that come inside, within yourself is placed the truth and just find it out for yourself because it is your own, it is within you. It is your own, it is within you. Only thing is that you have to see it yourself and feel it yourself." - Shri Mataji, Excerpt from Public Program, UK, 1982

Are we seeking?

"When we say, we are the seekers of Truth, how truthful are we about this seeking? This is one point we should try to understand. Are we really, genuinely seeking? Are we genuine about it, or we are doing it because it’s nice to say that we are seeking the Truth? If you have to seek something genuine, you have to be truthful yourself." - Shri Mataji, Excerpt from Public Program, UK, 1979

What is the truth?

"So the truth has to be achieved through your evolutionary process which is a living process. Again we must understand a LIVING process. Not you just talking, mental projections, just sitting down here big talk about it, or by giving you some courses, or taking some money from you. You cannot get it, it’s a STATE in a living growth, that proves that it is a living thing. Means the state of our awareness has to be higher than what it is. If our state cannot rise then it is not of any use. Like the seed becomes the roots then the bark, the leaves, the flowers then the fruit. Different states." - Shri Mataji, Excerpt from Public Program, UK, 22 June 1984

"So truth is the knowledge, the rest of it is all mythical. Is mythical, what do we know about things is all mythical, because what ever we see from outside, is outside." Shri Mataji, Excerpt from Public Program, UK, 22 June 1984

"Truth within us, that we have to feel it in our evolutionary process; the truth on our central nervous system. That’s a very important point we have to understand, because anything that people tell you or project is not the truth. Nor whatever you project is not the truth, but whatever you feel on the central nervous system is the truth. Like you feel something hot or cold, everybody feels the same and that’s how it is the absolute, but the truth that is within us and which manifests within our being is known through our brain. So yesterday somebody asked me a question that the intelligence is very much needed, yes that much intelligence everyone has, to know what is truth. But before knowing the truth if you depend on your intelligence you can be misled completely. Intelligence that is without the spiritual insight is your own ego. Is not pure intelligence, it is just your ego which says this is right, “I say, I believe I am like this”, that is ego. After realisation the truth that comes to you is the real pure truth and is not your ego." Shri Mataji, Excerpt from Public Program, UK, 10 July 1984

How to experience truth?

"So the experience of truth has to be felt on the central nervous system. The problem is, not that you belong, you may feel, but as you know the experience is very slow in the western countries. I am sorry, not that you are in any way less seekers, you are very great seekers, I would say you are greater seekers than the Indians are, much greater seekers. Indians have still a lot of steps to come up to your level, no doubt, but while coming up to this level, you have developed a lot of problems around and that’s why the seeking is sometimes, takes time to express itself as a fruitful gain of Self Realization." Shri Mataji, Excerpt from Public Program, UK, 22 June 1984

"That the truth has to be felt through your central nervous system. If anything has to happen to your evolution you have to feel it through your central nervous system otherwise it is just a projection of your mind which forms it and you are surprised at yourself." - Shri Mataji, Excerpt from Public Program, UK, 2 July 1984

"So the experience of the truth has to be absolute. Means everybody should feel that way, if not then it is something poetical because each poet sees the reality in a different way, describes in a different way. But if he is a truthful poet he keeps the essence at least the same. But when we say we have to feel the truth, by everyone in an absolute manner, what does that mean?

That means when we get our self realisation, when we think we have got a new awareness of collective consciousness, that means we are unconnected with the whole, with the absolute, then everyone of us who is like that should feel the same way. " - Shri Mataji, Excerpt from Public Program, UK, 2 July 1984

What happens when we experience truth?

"You become, you become is the point. Is not that you think you are like this or like that, but you really become something. Like a flower becomes a fruit or an egg becomes a chick. You have to become something in your awareness, and this new awareness is the awareness of collective consciousness. Where you can feel yourself, what’s the problem with you and you can feel others, on your fingertips." - Shri Mataji, Excerpt from Public Program, UK, 8 July 1984

"Truth has to be that way, and that is what is the experience of truth. And once you know you have to know the truth and nothing else but the truth. When you decide in your mind and be honest about it then when you see it, it is very obvious. It has to be obvious, it cannot be secretive. It cannot be, it has to be obvious, apparent, absolutely known to your central nervous system.

So you know the absolute as I told you. Like a computer you start working, you ask any questions, absolute questions and the answers come to you, as cool vibrations for yes and as hot vibrations for no and sometimes the vibrations stops to say that absolutely no. But it can be some blister sometimes a little bit, to say that it’s satanic. And you can decode it yourself and see for yourself. This is the second phase where you start knowing about others and knowing about yourself. So you become connected with the Absolute. Absolute, means there is no question about it, absolute means there is no doubt about it, absolute means it is single.
Shri Mataji, Excerpt from Public Program, UK, 8 July 1984

"So one has to understand that you become the truth, means your awareness itself becomes aware of Divine. That your central nervous system, or you can say that your brain evolves to that state that you can feel the vibrations. That’s one thing. Then you can not only feel the vibrations but you can discern them, you can find out whether these are good vibrations or bad vibrations. Then you can also say whether these vibrations are partial or full vibrations from the person, if the person has got some sort of a disease or a trouble, you can without knowing a word about medicine, you can say this person is suffering from such and such diseases." Shri Mataji, Excerpt from Public Program, UK, 10 July 1984

What is the benefit from experiencing the truth?

"So when you understand through your self realisation, that truth is what it is. We can not change it. So you become the truth and strength of truth comes in you and then you’re not afraid of anything. You say it out, loudly. You say this is the truth, I know this is the truth. People may not accept it, they may crucify you, what they like, but truth is truth and that truth remains for ever and ever, it is eternal. But this brain that we do not think much of becomes aware of the truth, this is the blessing of the truth upon us which comes to us through our self-realisation or we say through our spirit. There can be complete seven lectures on truth if I go on but, I think I have to see to the other side of it, what else it does.

So the first thing that happens to your attention, that the thoughts subside. Thought is the first problem that has started with ego and now when the thoughts subside, then you become peaceful.

Then the last and the most important thing is that you become the joy. Nowadays we have lost the sense of joy. With the smallest thing we get irritated and angry. You see the small children running “you should not run here I am disturbed”. I mean children when they run and the sound they make, so sweet, so beautiful, so joy giving, but she can’t bear she’s so tense, she’s just waiting to hear, she comes down, there’s one child, she shouts at the child, the child cannot even speak, why are you shouting at the child, he makes noise he can’t talk, oh then she goes back. All the time you are just waiting to find faults with others, waiting to complain, waiting to see what others are doing wrong, not enjoying them at all.

So this is how our attention becomes enlightened and you become the joy. And this joy fills you up completely. You become personality of magnetism, complete magnetism." - Shri Mataji, Excerpt from Public Program, UK, 10 July 1984