The wonders of salt water

Besides using salt water to footsoak every evening, salt water has other uses as well.

Few days ago, my gums became swollen.  This happens regularly especially on the right side, at the back where the wisdom tooth is half out.  According to the dentist, that wisdom tooth has stopped growing but the position is horizontal instead of vertical.  It is slightly pushing the next tooth but doesn't cause any pain or sensitivity, so the dentist suggest to leave it alone.

However, due to the weird position of that wisdom tooth, the gums around that tooth gets pushed and becomes a well, a perfect well for bacteria to grow.  So, I am extra careful and make sure no food stuff is left behind and brushed my teeth thoroughly, especially that area at the back.

Unfortunately, once in a while, those pesky food stuff gets into the well and doesn't come out even through brushing and the next day the gums became swollen from bacteria infection.

This is when antibiotics came into action but this time, I decided to let it heal using natural ways, i.e salt water.  I made a very thick salt water solution and gargled morning and evening. 

It's now Day 4 since the infection and I must say, today the gums are less swollen already.  It almost feels like back to normal.

So I read that salt water not only good for clearing our negativities, imbalances through footsoaking, but it is also very good for the throat.  

If you have sore throat, you can also gargle with salt water.  It works wonders.