Do you have courage?

Many years ago, Shri Mataji came into my dream and She told me, "You have no courage."

The dream was a pretty long one, and this quote was just part of it.  But it was such a deep dream and I woke up with these words in my mind.

What is courage?  I searched the dictionary to find the meaning.  What does it mean I don't have courage?  So, I started to take this up as something that I really need to look into.  

Many years gone by, and just when I thought I know the answer, these words kept on coming back to me.  In the end, I have to admit it, I have no courage.  That was Step 1 to a journey of self-discovery and introspection.

"As I told you, there have been many great leaders and many great people who are remembered by many people.  Now what you should see –what made them so great?  Why (after) so many years, people still remember them?  I have given you the statue of Shivaji-Maharaj; now he was another soul – a great soul – who had such principles and such a beautifying life, in his language, in his attitude, in everything.  With all that, he was a very brave person.  Once you have this, you will not be deterred from doing anything that is important.  You will have no fear of anything.  You will not go round and round but you will know how to find a solution and how to work it out.  This will happen to you; if you really know yourself you will have such powers of courage.  You will not be a dare-devil, but with wisdom.  Courage with wisdom, you will have.  And that is what is your ‘self’ which will give you lots of wisdom and lots of courage.  It’s not a ‘fighting spirit’, it’s not a ‘violent nature’, it’s not a ‘good nature’, but it’s a very silent, beautiful, courageous attitude." - Shri Mataji, Excerpts from Birthday Puja, 2001.

"Courage is silently very powerful.  You don’t have to bomb anybody, you don’t have to kill anybody, but you have to stand up with courage.  And that is another quality which you will express. It is very polite, very sweet, you will be standing with that courage.  I know so many of you are like that.  There’s no struggle, there’s no fight, just standing with courage and doing whatever is right.  And that is quite possible because you have now the connection with the Almighty.  You have the connection with the Paramchaitanya, and that will work out everything." - Shri Mataji, Excerpts from Birthday Puja, 2001.

"So today, you have to promise that you will never tell lies, whatever may be the consequences. For that you need to have courage. Now that you are realized what more courage is needed? As it is you can’t lie at all.  It’s only  when you become like this, the people will be able to have faith that you are really truthful people. So, the Sahaja Yogis have to be truthful." - Shri Mataji, Excerpts from Diwali Eve, 2007.

"Without courage, you cannot do Sahaja Yoga. Those who are, have no courage, cannot do Sahaja Yoga." - Shri Mataji, Excerpts from Public Program, London, 1981.

"And you have to fight that, “We want to have future for our children, we don’t want them to be ruined.” And you must have courage, to fight it. It’s very important to have courage. If you do not have the courage, you cannot fight it. And today’s Puja is to give that courage in your hearts. " - Shri Mataji, Excerpts from Shri Durga Mahakali Puja, 1992.

"So for us, what is there to see is that if you are divine and if you have powers of divinity, then you should have courage, and with that courage you can face all kinds of ordeals. On the whole, whenever you are on this earth there are problems of different types. You may belong to royal families, or maybe a poor person, there are always problems facing you. But Christ has shown by his life that, though he had to suffer so much, he was so patient and courageous. His life has given us an example, what we should be, how we should behave when we are facing problems because of ignorance of people." - Shri Mataji, Excerpts from Christmas Puja 2003.

"And there are Sahaja Yogis who are still sticking on to many things. They cannot change. They haven’t got yet that courage to change themselves. I don’t say that you have to change anything outside, but a time comes you might have to change also, so you should be prepared. How much we are courageous, that is to be weighed and to be found out. Unless and until you have full courage, you cannot establish Sahaja Yoga in a quick way." - Shri Mataji, Excerpts from Shri Kundalini Puja, 1990.

"But this is what it is: you must have courage and you must have faith in yourself, that you have achieved something, you can express yourself very well. That is going to give you a very good exposition I should say, or a rise in the whole atmosphere of art. There you will be recognized, I am sure you all will be recognized, because you have special talent like this artist has: he is a realized soul, but you are all realized souls." Shri Mataji, Excerpts from Talk before Sahasrara Puja, 1997.

Perhaps, this is my journey to ascent.  I need courage to ascent.  More introspection needed.