Opinions, opinions, opinions

Recently after the Malaysian 13th General Elections, there was a lot of hype on Facebook.  From being excited, to anger, from being together, to racist.

I have seen, old friends, whom had known each other for many years, turning against each other, just because of different opinions on politics.

Politicians are rallying up people to support their side, whether pro-Govt or pro-Opposition.  And they are desperately trying hard to the extent that they don't really care what they say or do, as long as they can get the people on their side.

But there are also strangers supporting each other, due to the same belief in politics.

Many people are coming together to fight for their rights, to fight for fairness, to fight corruption.  But this is the correct method to do?  TO fight?

“The Roots of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles." - Mahatma Gandhi

I don't know what is right or what is wrong, but I do know what has good vibrations and what doesn't.

"Now to develop this Ekadesha Rudra power one has to develop a tremendous power of detachment, power of detachment-detachment from negative. For example, negativity can come from very near people like brother, mother, sister ; could come from relatives. It could come from a country, it could come from your political ideas, economic ideas, anything like that. Any misidentification can destroy your power of Ekadesha Rudra. So it is not only sufficient to say that “/ am surrendered to Sahaja Yoga and I am a Sahaja Yogi,” but you must know mentally also what is Sahaja Yoga. So that intelligently you understand what is Sahaja Yoga. Because in the west specially people are over-intelligent, and if the light of Sahaja Yoga does not enter into their intelligence you can never overcome your attachments. That does not mean you talk too much about Sahaja Yoga or you give lectures on that, but mentally you should also understand what is Sahaja Yoga." 
Extract from Shri Mataji's speech on Shri Ekadesha Rudra Puja,  1984.

Do we want to spoil our Ekadesha Rudra because of politics?

I just feel sad that people are arguing with each other, most of it rude, provoking more anger, creating hatred, spreading lies and rumours.

There are many things that we do not know.  Our little brain is not able to understand.  Not yet.  There is a bigger picture to all this.

We are all ONE.  Just stay calm and collected.  Witness and not react.  Watch the play.  Be detached and surrender.  Whatever colour our skin is, what runs deep inside is coloured red.

I wrote this poem some time back and amended a little here:

The world is full of colours,

But all we see is ours.

So when will we realise that,
The sole colour that flows,
Deep beneath every skin is Red.

Our children will create,
The world of tomorrow,
Teach them not about colours,
But of the various cultures.

Enjoy the purity and innocence of Shri Ganesha.  Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of mogra.  Both combine, enjoy the serenity and calmness.