Surrendering to Paramchaitanya

Few days ago, I listened to Shri Mataji's puja talk, on Paramchaitanya in 1989.  I can't find the transcript of this talk in Amruta because I wanted to share some of Her words here.

So, I am going to write something off my head, hopefully not wrong.  Shri Mataji said that Paramchaitanya is watching us and is everywhere.  Sometimes things happened, sometimes things don't happen.  It's for us to learn, whatever is the reason.  So, if we know this principle, then we will be happy with our life.  We have to believe in this power of Paramchaitanya.

So, one morning, while driving to work, I looked up the sky and thought to myself, let's surrender to Paramchaitanya today.  

I was a little early to work and stopped at the traffic lights right before turning into my office, as usual the jam was pretty long, uneventful.  I left my house earlier today because I wanted to leave work sharp at 5.30pm.

Few days ago, my senior manager who took the same route as me, said that he took a 'short-cut', not really short, but no jam and so time taken is lesser.  So, I thought to myself, hmmm, since I am a little early today, why don't I give it a try?

It was a nice drive along quiet roads.  Sure enough, there were no cars.  I thought, hmmm, this is a gem.  No one knows this secret road yet.  I could do this more often in the future.  Finally, after some nice view, I reached the crossroads where I have to cross over to turn to the opposite direction in order to get to my office.  But the jam was pretty long there and it was difficult to cross and a car was already waiting behind me.  So, I turned along the road instead and continue driving, hoping I can make a U-turn somewhere.  But all the road signs said, NO U-TURN.  I drove straight and finally came to a MAJOR JUNCTION and was SUPER JAM.  

Then I realised, OMG, I reached the infamous junction, favourite for jams, 7 days a week.  I don't know how I got there.  This is one road that everyone wants to avoid.

So having no choice and can't turn back to that road, I have to continue driving.  I drove along the jam and make a u-turn and have to take another long road back to my office and the consequence of my actions was late for work by half an hour!!!  I reached office at 9am when I could have easily arrived at 8.15am.  Work starts at 8.30am.

Since I was already late and my usual parking spot taken, so I have to park much further.  Hey, Kavita who is sitting next to me, also parked here, which is unusual.  So I thought to myself, never mind, today I will have a company to walk with me.

Towards the end of the work day, there was heavy thunderstorm.  Colleagues who left sharply at 5.30pm was stuck in a jam trying to get out of the office compound, not moving for 45 minutes.  Since Kavita and I were late, we have to stay on and leave later.  So, those colleagues advised us not to leave office.  Bad jam everywhere.  Everyone is stucked!!!

We stayed on until 8pm and since I have a someone to accompany me to walk to the car, that was fine.  And guess what, the roads were so smooth at 8pm and I reached home by 8.30pm.  Those who actually left at 5.30pm reached half an hour earlier, i.e 8pm.

So, when I sat down and think about the power of Paramchaitanya, something are not meant for us to know.  And things happened and some things don't happen as per our wish, but in the end, it was for our benevolent.  We have to look at the big picture to see this.

Try it today!  Surrendering your all to the power of Paramchaitanya and let it take you, wherever it wants.  You will be surprise and life is not the same anymore.


rally very exciting story happen with you ... :) even in my life also happened same incident and I am just watching the movement ( analysis my self ) ... How to work out when we surrender to parmachanitanya ! and i am able to feel also :)

Jay Shri mataji :)