Music to our ears

Sharing with you what music can really do to us, especially Sahaja Yoga music.

On Shri Mataji's Birthday Puja day, I was a little out-of-balance.  Rushed to the puja and was unable to clear and footsoak beforehand.  I felt a little guilty about it, then when I reached the puja venue, I placed both hands on the Mother Earth to ground myself.  Still not good enough.  Was reacting badly to a phone call.

Just as we were about to start, a yogini sister's 1 year old boy came and started standing up and facing me and laughing and raised his hands up and down, as if raising his own Kundalini.  But I could feel that my kundalini was coming up and vibrations were becoming lighter.  Still slight heat but better.  He was in fact, raising my Kundalini when everyone thought he was just playing with me. 

My husband was sitting behind me.  After Shri Mataji's talk, Her message was directly aiming at me, at least that's what I felt, selfishly.  She said to love everyone, including those who hurt us.  And no need to spend so much time putting our attention on these people who have yet to get their self-realisation.  We should love them instead.  And I was so touched and felt my heart opened a little.  I got the answers to all my frustrations.

By that time, I felt happy.  I wasn't reacting to my surroundings, although there were some maya here and there.  I was just happy to be there.  As we began singing bhajans, my husband could feel the bhajan group contributing their vibrations to me via music.  I can't feel anything, but was feeling more and more joyful as time goes.  He was more sensitive to the vibrations and could feel it.  And he felt, the more I sang, the more the music is helping me and relaxes me.  It was the collective singing that helped me.

Another time, during Shivaratri Puja this year, when we were singing one of Shri Shiva's bhajans.  If not mistaken, it was 'Dam Dam Damroo Baje' and suddenly I felt a spark in my heart and then it opened and so much of joy was emited.

"Please continue singing.  Music really helps you.  I can see how much better you felt, when you respond to music and music responds to you," said my husband to me quietly, while we were in the car heading home after Birthday Puja.  He was reminding me to continue practising singing which I have kinda stopped and only do once a while and taking it for granted.

In fact, for Birthday Puja, my voice was really not top-class and towards the end, I was croaking away.  It could be better though, so I hope to keep this up.  Music calms the soul and relaxes the mind.  Also vibrations were so much better because music make us thoughtless.