Little things in life

I was cuddling my over-a-month little nephew.  He was half asleep.  As he laid on my chest, getting into the best position to sleep, his face was facing me.  Then, he slept soundly and smiled.  His breathing was soft and air was blowing into my face as he slept with his mouth open.  His heart was against mine and it was beating like a soft drum, dup-dup, dup-dup.  How miraculous this little heart is.  Just this little thing, kept everything growing.

How we often forget the good things in our lives.  Sometimes, it is only after a certain loss, that some people wake up from their slumber and realises what they have been missing.  So many people take this little heart for granted.  

I haven't been updating my blog for some time.  Work has been catching up and life is moving on the fast lane.  So on one lazy Sunday, I just looked back, wow, how I have taken so many things for granted.  Only looking at those unhappy moments and forget all the good times and good things in life.

I want to enjoy my life as much as I can, doing things I love to do.  Baking, music, cooking.  I am not a good cook or baker, but I do want so much to put my hands into it.  I am still on the verge of perfecting the 'Double Skin Milk Custard'.  I am still looking for the perfect milk.  I want to bake those delicious looking Pandan cookies that I saw on someone's blog today.  And those leftover chocolate chips that I have bought earlier, I want to use it for something and finish it up.  What about those different type of flours that I have purchased, let's do something with it.

Time.  Instead of wasting time on games and spending time doing unnecessary things, let me find time in baking a cake.

Shri Mataji's birthday is coming soon, I hope I can bake a nice cake.  Something simple, something which I can use up the chocolate chip.  Maybe the pound cake recipe that I have blogged earlier.  

Or a yogurt cake that I have been researching.

How about the souffle cake that was almost successful and failed at the same time?  I have to re-do it again.

Or the Kek Gula Hangus that many people liked?  Maybe I can re-visit this again.

There has been too much focus on unhappy moments.  Many people out there are down and unsure where their lives are leading them.  

I am planning to start something, something to share joy and happiness.  Something free.  About the little things in life that give so much of satisfaction.  Not necessary material things.  Not sure whether I have the time and energy to do this.  Continuity is important.  Not sure how many things I can be grateful for everyday.

Just want to be grateful to how fulfilling this life can be, if only we let it be and look at the bright side.  Not everyday is a gloomy day.

Feeling positive that this can be done!