Physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally

One day, I read a sharing on Facebook.  It was a short story that goes something like this:

'A man caught a taxi and was on his way to the airport.  While the taxi was coming out from the parking spot, a black car suddenly cut in front of the taxi causing the taxi driver to immediately brake.  Instead of apologising, the driver of the black car wound down the window and started swearing at the cab driver.

The taxi driver waved to him and smiled and did not react to the black car's driver's words.  The black car sped on and the taxi continue its journey.  Curious, the passenger in the taxi asked the taxi driver, how come he is so cool and did not scold that guy back when it was very obvious the black car driver's mistake.  The taxi driver replied, 'In our everyday life, we faced with lots of tension, stress, frustrations, irritations.  Sometimes we need to release all these rubbish.  It's just today, I became the garbage truck and collected that guy's frustrations.  But what is most important is to collect it and not throw it back at them.  Else the cycle will continue and there's no stop to it.  Someone's got to stop it.  I don't mind collecting, so it doesn't accumulate on that guy and for him to pass on to another.'

This is not the exact words.  I roughly remember it from what I read.  It just makes me wonder sometimes, how much I vent out my rubbishes to others.  The most obvious victims are those who doesn't fight back.  So the moral of the story is before we vent, we have to stop and remember, if we did, someone else would become our garbage truck and collected our garbage.

Sometimes, when I am in a more balanced mood, I wondered about my existence.  I feel many things happen for a reason.  The place I am working now, and so on.  Then just when I feel thankful for all of the things I have now, a test came unexpectedly.  Test on anger and frustrations and reactions.  Later I found I was so upset with the turn of events that I have forgotten the good things.  And instead of sharing the good things with the people I love, I threw rubbish at them.

It makes them sad.  It makes me sad.

When we say we have to achieve a certain balance in life, it is not just physically balance.  It's also emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  Sometimes, it's really not easy to control the feelings we had inside.  Like when you are boiling hot water, when it's over-boiled, it spills all over.   Even after you switch off the gas, it's still can spill a little.  The only control is at the point of boiling, turn off the gas so that it doesn't spill over.  But that means you have to watch and see and not let the water over-boiled.

And sometimes hormones can change many things.  Different people, different experience.

I feel there are many more frustrated, unhappy, irritated and angry people now.  There are also people who feel they have the right on this Earth and can do whatever they want.  Never mind manners or caring or compassion.

Balance is all we need.  First start with ourselves.  Then only we can change others.