I did Magic

On the flight back from Guangzhou to Kuala Lumpur in the wee hours in the morning (1.15am-5.20am), it was a tiring flight.  Since that time is a sleeping time, I went to sleep the moment I sat down at my seat.  

However at 3am in the morning, the children who were sitting behind me were kicking my seat continuously and talking very loudly.  They were between the ages 5-10 years.  So, nevertheless, they woke me and my neighbour up.

I did many times hush to them but don't think they heard me over their loud voices and don't think they understood either.  Their parents were happily sitting behind them and leaving these kids running around on their own.  I was holding on to my irritation because I knew I was going to give them a piece of my mind because I was very tired and sleepy.

Somehow, I calmed down and remembered that sometimes things work out when I put my attention on the Sahasrara.  And I just did that.  And in my heart, I wish someone would come and stop these kids.  And minutes later, the air-stewardess came and told the parents off.  And in my heart I was like 'Wow, it worked!'.  

Although the quiet time didn't last that long (maybe 10 minutes max), I managed to go back to sleep despite the disturbances and only woke up right before we landed.

So, we do have powers.  Sometimes maybe very mild, sometimes maybe very strong, but we do have them.  Maybe if I remembered this all the time and not react so much, practise a bit of detachment and learn how to surrender, maybe that will help.