Meditation at 5am

I woke up at 5 this morning and meditated.  It was a good feeling.  A sister in Sahaj just came back from the Sahaja Yoga Health Centre in Delhi and shared her experiences with me.  She learn how to meditate from the doctors there.  So she taught me how to do it, the right way.

Teaching one to meditate is not easy because it's internal and an experience that individual feels differently.  Meditation takes practice.  

I started using the method she taught how to meditate last night and found it was really good.  It was simple,  yet not that easy to accomplish.  What we need to do is to put our attention on Sahasrara all the time and watch the attention, ensure no thoughts and bring ourselves to balance by just putting attention on Sahasrara.

What I noticed for myself is that my attention is running like a wild horse.  Moving from left to right.  From thoughts of what had happened to thoughts of what I am going to do next.  

We have 3 channels, left, right and center.  The only way to go through the Sahasrara is through the center channel, not through the left or right.  Left and right channel can only bring us to the Agnya chakra and not further up.

I always meditate until I feel cool.  But that is not enough.  Meditation should be done until we feel like a sea of cool breeze on top of the Sahasrara.  

What I need to do is to continue to practise how to control the attention and not let it go left or right.

Basically, in our day-to-day life, we should keep our attention on our Sahasrara and surrender all doings to Divine.  

I am always amazed at the Bhakti of the doctors, how they surrender their lives to God and to service God only.  Don't desire materially, don't worry about anything and wherever we are, we should be at where we are, meaning being at the present.

Although I didn't go to the Delhi health centre, but the experiences I had while I was in Vashi came back after listening to her stories.  And it reminded me again, that everyday, it should begin at 5am with a morning meditation.