We need a little time with God

Attended a conference on Friday. One of the speakers is a prominent guy who assists the Prime Minister in his planning. He is an excellent speaker. Spoke very well. He told how to improve business and gave the 6 secrets. Guess what's the 6th secret? He called it 'Divine Intervention'. While I feel his speech was indirectly touching on political issues and praising his boss, when he spoke on the last secret, suddenly I feel we have the same understanding.

I feel success comes to those who believe in God. Earlier I believed that success also comes to those who are loyal to their spouse but lately I realised there are way too many people cheating on their spouse and yet very successful in life, though may not be happy.

By saying believing in God doesn't mean merely going to places of worship and praying to God for money, fame, power and asking God to solve our problems. I feel believing in God have a subtle meaning. That we believe there is a much higher power above us and almost everything is controlled by God.

The speaker believed that in life only 30% is controlled by ourselves and 70% is controlled by Divine power. For me, I feel the older I get, the more things are controlled by Divine.

If I am not mistaken, I remembered Shri Mataji said that if we believe we are the ones doing everything, then it is just our ego. Because Paramchaitanya is doing everything, not us and ultimately Shri Mataji is the Doer and Enjoyer.

Some people may disagree with me and feel that we are the ones who controlled everything. And that success is our achievement, not God.

Well, success doesn't mean merely money or name or career. Success in life covers everything from feeling joyful, having good health, mentally stable, ability to love, to forgive, to have good friends.

Then again, not everyone is a seeker.  But if we are, then let's have a little time with God.  Every morning and evening, meditate and connect with the Divine Power.

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