Love and be loved

On this day, 10 years ago, the World Trade Center in New York were attacked by terrorists.  Many people lost their lives.  I remember watching the live event on TV and was feeling devastated.  Watching the suicide on live TV was too much.  10 days later in 2001, I went to attend the first international puja in Cabella, thanks to a Sahaj brother for his generosity.  It was also during that time, I became the bride's maid for a Sahaj sister.  It was my first time attending a Sahaj wedding and it was very memorable.

On this day, a year ago, my life took a beautiful turn.  Communication with my husband officially started and he proves to be a gentlemen and a guy full of virtues.  I prayed for a good Sahaja Yogi and sure enough, I got one.  He is a very simple and spiritual man.

Today, we are officially married (well at least in China we are)!  Status changed.  Every time I wear the mangal sutra, I feel vibrations.  I feel different now.  Yup, feel like a wife!  People were calling me Mrs, Mdm, aunty, you name it.  I have finally joined the bandwagon.  

Whenever the two of us are together, I feel the paramchaitanya work things out for us.  Whenever the two of us do things together, things are smoother.  When we put our hearts together, things get sorted out.  When we don't, then negativity will have a go.  

The journey is still very fresh.  Shri Mataji, thank You for guiding us every step of the way.  We hope to have a beautiful journey right up to the end.  We pray to ascent together.

Like I told my husband, it doesn't matter how many years I am in Sahaj or how many years he is in Sahaj.  Our spiritual journey commenced from 28th August 2011 (our Sahaj wedding date), that is the day our kundalini were tied together and we will ascent together.  Whoever is in front will help the one behind to move forward.  Most importantly is to love each other and respect one another.

Love is the main thing.  When there is love, there is energy, there is patience and there is wisdom.  Love has to be there first. - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Italy, 2008