The Love Within

Tomorrow is Guru Puja.  It's time to read some excerpts on Guru Puja.


But today is the day when we are celebrating the Guru Puja. The greatest Guru that we have is Love. Sahaj Love is the Guru within us which teaches us, it somehow or other leads us. We are lead into that great line of understanding, for which we don’t have to go to any college, to any school for education. It is something so much within that it works and expresses itself, expresses like a light. Such people we can make out because they are fully enlightened. They have light and through that light they see the whole world which is very innocent and simple for them. We have love for our children naturally, we have love for our parents naturally. We have love for some people, but that love is different from God’s Love, I’m telling you, that has some connections, some meanings but this Love which is - cannot be described in words, has to be felt within.

Same, when you talk of your Guru, you should have that Love within you. Why do you feel it so much? The reason is Guru loves you and you love Guru. That’s the only reason why should you love your Guru. Now, there is no reason for that. Because Love is Love. That is how the Guru becomes very important in life.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Guru Puja 2004