Today I learn a new word.  It's called "Compassion".  I have posted in this blog on love, joy, surrender and forgiveness.  But not compassion.  I didn't think I have use it before, didn't think it's as important as love, joy, surrender or forgiveness.  But today, I found that it is as equally important and it is something that I need very much now.  So, sharing with everyone an excerpt of Shri Mataji's speech spoken on my 5th birthday.

Give Natural Compassion to Others

"Our compassion has to flow to others. It's a simple business. In this respect one has to understand that the source cannot flow unless and until it expands the flow of it, like the River Thames. We went to see the place from where it starts. It is a small, little stream from seven streams – little, little, very little, little – we can say trickling down – it has become the River Thames. Supposing it does not widen, that will stop at the beginning only. It cannot come out, it cannot flow. It is not because it is angry or upset, or anything like that, but because of the nature of its flow only, it cannot flow, what to do?

So that is what it is, that one has to give compassion to others. It should not be formal compassion, or the affected one, but it should be a natural one, very natural, spontaneous feeling from within. It is not an expression of your ego, superego or over sentimentality, but is a kind of an understanding that he is a Sahaja Yogi, you are a Sahaja Yogi, you are brothers. Not the way brothers have been, but a different type of brothers who are spiritual brothers. You are spiritual people."
Shri Mataji 1985-07-28