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Recap of 2011

January 2011
Received our wedding studio photos.

February 2011
Celebrated Chinese New Year in China.

Shri Mataji left Her physical body.

March 2011
My paternal grandmother passed away.

April - July 2011
Busy with work, wedding planning and spiritual ascent.  During these months, big changes happened that opened my eyes to see so many things, clearer picture of the whole world, of people, of connections, of relationships and of myself.  A change for the better and definitely made me grew up more.
August 2011 Registered our marriage in China, went to Cabella for the Sahaja Yoga Wedding Ceremony where I had the most tremendous experience when he tied the mangal sutra around my neck.  

September 2011 Had our China wedding ceremony.
October 2011 Busy with the wedding preparation in Malaysia.
November 2011 Registered our marriage in Malaysia.  Went to Langkawi for honeymoon.  Had our Malaysia wedding ceremony.
December 2011 Time to reflect on ourselves, on marriage life, on being together, spiritu…

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Christmas is all about...

 1) Spending time with loved ones.

 2) Hug your loved ones.

 3) Kiss and make up.

4) Forgive and forget.

Christmas is the day Shri Jesus Christ was born.  He taught us forgiveness.  So, on this day, let's us be able to imbibe this quality and let love prevails.
'Our Father, Who art in Heaven
Hallowed by Thy name
Thy Kingdom come
Thy will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil
For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory
Forever and Ever

Merry Christmas everybody and may this Christmas brings forth lots of joy and happiness and peace on Earth.  Also, this is the time to forgive our ego and superego, forgive all our mistakes so that we can start year 2012 with new energy and clear vibrations.  Not to forget, let us spread the Divine love to everyone!
As for myself, I wish I can open my Agnya …

Lost in Translation

I asked my husband jokingly whether he can gift me a mobile phone for Christmas and I was very surprised when he immediately said YES!  
I asked him whether he was sure and again he said YES, and suggested to research the net to see which one to buy.  From surprise to elated, I was so happy that he agreed so fast without hesitation.
So, the conversation was on Whatsapp and in Chinese and I was using Navita Translator to translate.
Turns out I wrote 手机绳 instead of 手机 and the former means mobile phone strap.
No wonder he said YES so fast!

Meditation at 5am

I woke up at 5 this morning and meditated.  It was a good feeling.  A sister in Sahaj just came back from the Sahaja Yoga Health Centre in Delhi and shared her experiences with me.  She learn how to meditate from the doctors there.  So she taught me how to do it, the right way.
Teaching one to meditate is not easy because it's internal and an experience that individual feels differently.  Meditation takes practice.  
I started using the method she taught how to meditate last night and found it was really good.  It was simple,  yet not that easy to accomplish.  What we need to do is to put our attention on Sahasrara all the time and watch the attention, ensure no thoughts and bring ourselves to balance by just putting attention on Sahasrara.
What I noticed for myself is that my attention is running like a wild horse.  Moving from left to right.  From thoughts of what had happened to thoughts of what I am going to do next.  
We have 3 channels, left, right and center.  The only way…

Looking back

Wow, so fast and it's December!  How time flies!

I was looking back at my online diary back in June 2010, when I had just submitted my application for marriage.  So much of worries.  So much of anticipation.  So many thoughts.

Then I had a dream and I wrote this, 'I can't see his face properly (in my dream), but he is a little older than I am and has a very stern look.' 

Now it is one year down the road, I am happily married to this guy and re-reading my diary is so hilarious.  He is indeed a man with black hair and stern look (if he doesn't smile) and older than me.  So, my instinct was quite accurate back then.

Well, although the journey was not easy, it was very rewarding.  The beginning part takes a little bit of adjustment.  Then after that everything was quite smooth.

We are still at the beginning of our journey.  We are looking forward to a life-long adventure.  So far, we are enjoying and appreciating every single moment when we are together, because those …


"Now because you are realised souls, not yet the Spirit – it has not yet come into your brain of course, but still you are realised souls. So what you can do is at least to watch your attention. You can do that, you can watch your attention very clearly by seeing where your attention is going. And then, controlling your attention also you can do. Very simple. To control your attention you have to just remove your attention from this to that. Try to change your priorities, all this has to be done Now, after realisation, a complete detachment." Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1983-07-16

Today is an important day for me

21st November 2011- is the day when all the weddings are completed! Phew! Finally I get to rest and relax and enjoy married life. Four weddings is really something else.

Planning for the wedding started last year November. Took wedding photographs and booked restaurant in December.

Then from January to July this year was deciding on things, how, when, what. Started on facial. Search for professional photographer and make-up artist commenced. Also started on getting my documents for the ROM in China.

Finally from August onwards, it was a roll of events.

22nd August 2011 - Registration of marriage in China

28th August 2011 - Sahaja Yoga Wedding Ceremony

2nd September 2011 - China wedding ceremony; tea ceremony and wedding reception

Back to Malaysia, preparation for the wedding in Malaysia started. From translating documents to buying souvenirs, although a lot of hiccups along the way, eventually all things fell into place.

8th November 2011 - Registration of marriage…

Enjoying life...

How nice! I am on leave, have leisure time everyday, doing everything at my own sweet time, have money to spent, sleep and eat only, doing clearing and meditation at my own pace. No rush, just enjoying every moment being in the present with my husband.

How nice if everyday also like this!

A Complete Guide to Marriage Registration between a Malaysian and a Chinese (register in China first, then Malaysia) - Part 3

A recap on all the previous posts relating to this topic.

Part 1 is about how to obtain the letter of single status.

Part 2 is about how to register the marriage in China.

And now, the final part, how to re-register the marriage in Malaysia.  For more info on re-registering a foreign marriage in Malaysia, you can go to JPN website.

1. Translating the China marriage booklet

First, go online and search for a accredited translator.  He/she must be recognised by the Malaysian Government, eg.  High Court or Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.  I got the services from Darren Meng.  He is very helpful.  Earlier I got the services from another translator, Mr.Cheok who lives in SS2.  I emailed to him again to translate the China marriage booklet but he did not reply my email until 1 month later.  Therefore, I requested the services of Mr. Darren Meng.  Both are equally good.
I scanned the China marriage booklet and emailed to Mr.Darren to translate.  Once it was done, he couriered it back to me.  All this …

We need a little time with God

Attended a conference on Friday. One of the speakers is a prominent guy who assists the Prime Minister in his planning. He is an excellent speaker. Spoke very well. He told how to improve business and gave the 6 secrets. Guess what's the 6th secret? He called it 'Divine Intervention'. While I feel his speech was indirectly touching on political issues and praising his boss, when he spoke on the last secret, suddenly I feel we have the same understanding.

I feel success comes to those who believe in God. Earlier I believed that success also comes to those who are loyal to their spouse but lately I realised there are way too many people cheating on their spouse and yet very successful in life, though may not be happy.

By saying believing in God doesn't mean merely going to places of worship and praying to God for money, fame, power and asking God to solve our problems. I feel believing in God have a subtle meaning. That we believe there is a much higher pow…

Staying connected to each other

I was just told that this year is a very auspicious Diwali for me as it is my first year being married.  However, it would have been nicer if he is with me, but he is far, far away.  I spent the Diwali doing my oil bath while he was busy working because it's not a holiday in China.  Sigh.
Many non-Sahajis asked me how do I maintain a long distance relationship?  My answer:  It takes a lot of determination, patience, trust and lots of love.  It is very important for a marriage to have communication.  I always find ways to connect with him, be it vibrationally or not.  Here is what we do to keep in contact:
1. Skype - We started out using Skype, which was the most awesome video calls software.  It makes everything so convenient and brings people from very far to very near.  We see each other through webcam and sometimes we type out our chats.  It was really very convenient.

2. Google Talk - I introduced him to Google Talk and he immediately installed it on his mobile phone.  However,…


I was disgusted with the amount of cruelty happening all over the world, be it on animals, children, men or women.  The news were too painful to hear or see.  I asked, when will Kali Yuga ends?  And then I stumble upon this Shri Mataji's talk.  Immediately I feel like Shri Mataji talking to me and telling me what to do.  Thank You, Mother!Witness
It is a very important thing about the power of Shri Krishna that gives you a witness state. This is very important also because, in these days of Kali Yuga and complete confusion of value system, all kinds of turmoil makes very complex conditions to exist. The state of witnessing is only possible through meditation: you reach the state of thoughtless awareness. It’s combined together. Now the witness state is such a state where you just do not react. If you react, then the problem starts. It’s a very simple thing to understand that we react through our ego or through our conditioning. Otherwise there is no way to react. ...
There is no fea…

Happy Diwali!!!

Diwali 1976

My dear Sahaja Yogis, my dear children
Let this Diwali enlighten you with light of love. You yourself are the lamps which burn high and don't get pressed by the cover. They become much more powerful than the cover. It is their own asset. When they are hit upon, they are disturbed and distinguished.
Why are our lamps disturbed? You should think it over. Is there no transparent sheath around them? Have your forgotten your Mother's love and therefore you are so disturbed? As the glass protects the lamp, in the same way my love will protect you. But the glass should be kept clean. How can I explain? Have I to say like Shri Krishna 'Leave all religions and surrender to me' or as Shri Jesus 'I am the way, I am the door'. I want to tell you that I am that destination. But will you people accept it? Will this fact go to your hearts? Although what I say is distorted, the truth will always stand. You cannot change what it is. Only you will remain ignorant and ba…

Best natural hemorrhoids treatment

This was taught by Shri Mataji. Soak black raisins in orange juice in
the morning and drink at night before sleeping. I find the effects
from this treatment is better than any medicine that I had used so
If the hemorrhoids already inflamed, don't expect the treatment to
take immediate effects. Don't give up and continue drinking this.
It's really effective.
Proven and tested and cheap! I think I am going to drink this every day now.
Also I do this treatment together with clearing of the right
mooladhara. Works very well.
Sent from my mobile device

It's a beautiful day!!!

It's a beautiful day today!  It had rained the whole night and now the air is fresh....until my neighbour started smoking.  Anyway, these beautiful mogra flowers greet me this morning.  The fragrance is so sweet like nectar.  
God created many beautiful things.  If only we open our hearts to them we will be able to feel them, see them, smell them, touch them and enjoy them.  
Unfortunately, humans are very well-trained to look for mistakes as well.  Sometimes we only see the negative things that happened and miss all the wonderful things that nature had provided for us.  
So, today, let's enjoy all the beautiful things around us.  The sun, the sky, the air.  The flowers, the dog, the nature.  Let's forget about all those bad things.  Don't read news for a day.  Just enjoy being in the present with all these beautiful things surrounding us.  
Thank You, Shri Adi Shakti, for creating all these beautiful things.  We are truly blessed!

Cultural Revolution

Recently a lot of attention was put on the little girl who was a hit-and-run victim in Foshan, China.  The attention was not because she had an accident but rather because she was hit, purposely ran over by the first driver and ran over by a second driver and 18 passers-by ignored the bleeding toddler.  Yes, very shocking and after watching the CCTV clip on the TV news, it left me uneasy, disappointed and sad. 
It's an unfortunate incident.  Now the whole world knows this and a lot of people jumped into the conclusion that 'All China people are heartless.'  
Enough of all this negativity talk.  We all know that now is Kali Yuga.  All kinds of funny things are happening all around the world, not only China.  Yes, there are a few videos on how China people torture animals, eat dogs and all kinds of cruelty.  But if you look at the bigger picture, do you see people being killed in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and so on?  How about in the US where young children were sexually …

One 60 minute phone call to China = Priceless!

I was under lots of stress in the past few days.  Became bad tempered and depressed.  Was unhappy with the turn of events and it seems that many things were beyond my control.  Being stuck in the middle and not being able to do anything was driving me nuts.  I analysed and assumed and generalised.  In the end, I was the main reason for being in Unhappyville.
I feel I am living in a fast-moving world, so fast that I don't know how to catch up.  People are stressing up with work and taking it out on others and animals too.  Cruelty now has no limit and people do all kinds of things, that is beyond our mind.  Everything is getting more expensive, our monthly salary is not enough to cover our basic expenses.  More people are running after money, especially fast money.  Stealing, robbing, snatch thieves are everywhere.  We read all kinds of news these days, getting weirder each day, getting more depressing each day.  
I want to go to the Kingdom of God, in Turiya state, in meditation.…

It has been a busy week

I dreamt of Shri Mataji again.  But this time, it was very vague.  Anyway, I feel the message of the dream is that I should not neglect the basics and always remember Mother first.  
I did all the Navaratri prayers at home, except for puja night.  The vibrations were exceptionally good.  
I have not been well again.  So, went back to thinking what's up with me?  
Came up with few conclusions.  
One : Whenever I get to meet my husband, I will learn to adapt living life with him.  But the time is always very short.  The longest time we were together was 2 weeks.  Then we will be separated again and I have to go back to living life without him.  This time around, after the wedding, I had a difficult time being separated from him.  I didn't realise that I can't cope until now.  It's not about missing him a lot or wanting him near me or that kind of romantic feelings.  It's learning to have a marriage life and when you are kind of used to it, then you are back to singl…

Feeling sleepy, therefore taking a break to blog...

Seems like a burger for lunch can make me super sleepy.  I can't seem to open my eyes and concentrate on my work.  
Few late nights and now craving for sleep.  For the next few weeks, it's gonna be super busy.  If I am at work, I will be busy finalising projections and budgets.  If I am not at work but out of the house, then I will be socialising with friends to give out invitation cards.  If I am at home, then I will be selecting 50 out of 1000 photos for the wedding slideshow.  On top of that I have a health screening coming up, to make an appointment with the wedding photo studio to select my white and evening gowns, contact the translator whom have yet to reply my email, contact the professional photographer I hired, contact the professional make-up artist I hired and do a trial run with her.  All these before my husband come to Malaysia.
When he comes, we are off for a short holiday, then have to start informing Sahaja Yogis about the wedding reception, inform my Malay a…

Time to slow down again...

2 done, 1 more to go and I thought it will be easier.  Well, it should be easier, except the part where I have to arrange who to sit where.  Anyway, after lots of hormone imbalance and everywhere's time to slow down and take a deep breath.  Breathe in...breathe out...
Stop reacting...stop judging...just stop encouraging the ego.  Accept, relax, enjoy!
It's gonna be a short post coz I am still not feeling too well.  

Love and be loved

On this day, 10 years ago, the World Trade Center in New York were attacked by terrorists.  Many people lost their lives.  I remember watching the live event on TV and was feeling devastated.  Watching the suicide on live TV was too much.  10 days later in 2001, I went to attend the first international puja in Cabella, thanks to a Sahaj brother for his generosity.  It was also during that time, I became the bride's maid for a Sahaj sister.  It was my first time attending a Sahaj wedding and it was very memorable.
On this day, a year ago, my life took a beautiful turn.  Communication with my husband officially started and he proves to be a gentlemen and a guy full of virtues.  I prayed for a good Sahaja Yogi and sure enough, I got one.  He is a very simple and spiritual man.
Today, we are officially married (well at least in China we are)!  Status changed.  Every time I wear the mangal sutra, I feel vibrations.  I feel different now.  Yup, feel like a wife!  People were calling me…

A Complete Guide to Marriage Registration between a Malaysian and a Chinese (register in China first, then Malaysia) - Part 2

As promised earlier here in Part 1, upon my return from China, I would blog the rest of the process of the marriage registration between Malaysia and China.  So, here goes:
My husband went to inquire at the China Registration Department (which I do not know what it is called in Chinese) and he took photocopy of my letter of single status and the translated copy which I have emailed him earlier to check with the authorities whether it is sufficient.  He was then told that he needs a translated copy of my passport too!  The tedious part was only the passport part.  At first, I scanned a copy of my passport and emailed to him.  When he printed it out, it was a bit dark, but went anyway to get it translated.  Once he got it translated, he went back to the China Registration Department and the person-in-charge told him that it was too dark and not cleared and they will not accept it.  They told my husband, it's better to take my original passport and do the photocopy, rather than scan…

I am married!!!

I am back to Malaysia after a beautiful spiritual wedding in Cabella and a traditional and customary wedding in China.  I was away for 2 weeks and the most beautiful 2 weeks ever.  Shri Mataji was looking after us, every moment, every second, every way, every path and She arranges everything for us right from the beginning and exactly what I had dreamt before, that She is the One who oversees everything, that She is the Doer and Enjoyer!!!
I will load some photos later, when I am much fresher.  I am very tired now but feel so blissful and blessed.  The most amazing moment was when he tied the mangal sutra around my neck, the vibrations were just raising from the mooladhara right to the sahasrara.  I could feel the kundalini going up right through the sahasrara and surrounded by beautiful vibrations.
Such a blessing from Shri Mataji.  Although there were chaotic moments, reaction moments, disagreement moments....but all those just wiped off by the most wonderful experience ever.

Ok, ok, there are more bigger things

After I have posted yesterday's blog post, I realised that there are some things in my mind that I can't seem to shake off.  Besides all those I have written yesterday, there are more important and main things that are still not done yet and this I really have to surrender to the Divine because I totally have no control over it.
1. Wedding gown & Qun Kwa I have always desire to wear Qun Kwa for my own wedding.  I told my mom that I wanted to wear it during the Malaysian wedding but she shot the idea down.  She said, nowadays only pregnant brides wear them.  Which is also quite true because it's loose and can cover the stomach well.  The Qun Kwa is a traditional Chinese wedding gown, which is two piece.  It's bright red in colour, hand-sewn with beads and gold thread and usually with the dragon and phoenix design on it.  I love it because it's very modest and covers everything.  
My fiance told me that I have to wear Qun Kwa for our China wedding, which is much …

10 more days to go and counting...

It's just 10 more days to go.  Administrative part already completed.  Marriage registration documents ready.  Air tickets and visa and passport ready.  Already registered for meals and transport for Cabella.  Now just need to check-in online and print out the boarding pass.
Packing wise, still lots to do.  Haven't done much packing, just put some stuff aside.  Have to remember the wedding rings.  A list has been drawn up and changed a few times.  Not easy packing.  I became over-anxious because it's quite complicated packing.  Packing for 2 countries for 2 different events can be quite tedious.  For the China one, I have to bring all the wedding stuff.  For the Italy one, I have to bring punjabi suits and bangles and sleeping bag.  I can't use the China packing stuff in Italy and vice versa.  So in another words, I have to pack more.  And best part is I can't afford to forget anything because these stuff cannot be obtained in China and no time to shop in Italy.  …

We are Living in a Crazy World

Morning time
Wake up and get ready for work.  Meditate for 10 minutes to prepare for the day ahead.  Eat breakfast and drive to work.  
Stuck in a jam due to the fasting month.  My theory is after 'bersahur' many people go back to sleep and then leave for work later unlike before the fasting month, where they leave for work earlier and have breakfast before starting work.  
Reached parking.  Walk for 10 minutes to reach the office.  Between the parking and the office there is about 5 minutes of uneven road.  Wonder to myself, why does our management requires the ladies to wear heels to work when they don't provide smooth road for us?  My right foot has become funny due to bad shoes and constant walking on uneven roads.  There were a couple of incidents where I almost fell when one of the heels got stuck in the hole on the road.  I have changed a couple of shoes, but my foot is not getting any better.  OK, leaving this for now but hoping to find a solution in the future.

Happy Birthday to me!!!

It's been a wonderful day and I expect more to come this evening.  This year's birthday is too good to be true, but it's all true!!!  All my wishes had come true and more on the way.  I feel so blessed.  Birthday celebration started early too!!!
The biggest present I have received for this year's birthday is totally a blessing.  I am going to Cabella, YES!  Air ticket bought, visa approved, mom & dad appointed, photographer and sister and brother ready...what else do I need??  Oh...a MAMA too.  I'll get one when I am there.
Biggest thank you to our dear Mother, Shri Mataji.  You are the Doer and Enjoyer and thank You so much for all the blessings.  Thank you to Lat & Kim for the wonderful meal.  Thank you Lat for the Pluck Musical show.  It was totally hilarious and they were so good, we gave them standing ovation.  Truly, truly, truly good.
Thank you to all my colleagues for the gifts and cupcake and cake.  I have so many cakes this year.  Speaking of cak…

The Love Within

Tomorrow is Guru Puja.  It's time to read some excerpts on Guru Puja.

But today is the day when we are celebrating the Guru Puja. The greatest Guru that we have is Love. Sahaj Love is the Guru within us which teaches us, it somehow or other leads us. We are lead into that great line of understanding, for which we don’t have to go to any college, to any school for education. It is something so much within that it works and expresses itself, expresses like a light. Such people we can make out because they are fully enlightened. They have light and through that light they see the whole world which is very innocent and simple for them. We have love for our children naturally, we have love for our parents naturally. We have love for some people, but that love is different from God’s Love, I’m telling you, that has some connections, some meanings but this Love which is - cannot be described in words, has to be felt within.
Same, when you talk of your Guru, you should have t…

Looking forward

When I was in school, I would always look forward for the school holidays.  That's the time, our parents will bring us to the seaside or hillside for a nice family holiday.  Before each school holiday, were the school semester exams, which we dreaded.  So, each time before enjoying a good thing, I would tell myself, ok, after this difficult thing, then only you can enjoy this good thing.  
And it became a norm in my life.  Before looking forward to a nice, fun and enjoyable thing, I would be telling myself, ok, you have to do this, this and that first, before you can enjoy.  So, instead of looking forward towards a nice and fun event, I would be looking forward to a dreaded event and hope it will past quickly.  
I am looking forward towards August.  That's when I will be officially and customarily married.  It's about a month more to go.  But before that, there are a lot of things to do.  So, I have started telling myself, ok, after this and this event, then it will be cl…

Liver Diet - Day 2

We were still very excited about our diet and so here's our Day 2 diet.  It's good if the cook does the diet with you, then it is so much easier.

Breakfast2 half boiled eggPapayaLunchVegetable pauSaladSnackPapayaDinnerRicePlain chicken (not fried)Steamed salty vegetable with chickenWatermelonBesides that, a Sahaja Yogini sister gave me a recipe for detox, to be done together with this liver diet.  I just did the combination and drank it.  Was suppose to drink it in the morning, but my mom said we may have to go to toilet often, so better drink at night.
It's a mixture of half cup warm water with one whole lemon juice with 1 tbsp of molasses sugar, 1/2 tsp of olive oil and a dash of cayenne pepper.
Let's see what happens.

Liver Diet - Day 1

My mom and I decided to start liver diet few days ago.  She wants to lose weight before the wedding and I want to have better attention.  So, yesterday was our first day.  It is easier to do a diet when there is someone accompanying you, especially if she is the cook for the family.
Although we are not keeping to the strict liver diet, but we are eating more vege and fruits.  She still cooks with oil, oyster sauce, soya sauce, etc.  She said food will be tasteless without these.  Strict liver diet says no or little oil, no sauces, preferably as bland as possible.

Here's our first day liver diet (not strictly though):

BreakfastChee Cheong Fun (rice noodles with sweet sauce and some chilli)Coconut waterLunchWholemeal bread with egg (microwaved, not fried, therefore no oil)PineappleSnackChickpeas (blanched)DinnerRiceSteamed chicken with lotus rootGreen vegetablesPapayaThat's Day 1.  So far, I find my attention has been good, very alert and attentive.  Let's see what happens in …

Attention! Attenzione! Atención! Aufmerksamkeit!

Did I manage to grab your attention?  He he!  Today, I want to pay attention to every single action, every single thought, every single word, every single sight, every single hearing.  Why the sudden urge?  It's because yesterday evening,  I felt very irritated and right after that I don't feel good about myself.  Then this morning, as I was driving to work, I put Shri Mataji's audio CD talk on Agnya.  And when I was at work, I read an article on CNN website about our 'popcorn brain', defined as 'a brain so accustomed to the constant stimulation of electronic multitasking that we're unfit for life offline, where things pop at a much slower pace.'
I love to multitask.  I feel bored if I don't.  When I am in my room, although I am in front of my laptop, the TV will also be on.  Although I am not watching the TV, I can hear what was going on and I don't want to miss out.  
When I am watching TV, I have to eat too.  I can't just sit and watch.