We are Sahaja Yogis always, that comes first.

Yes, I have been neglecting my blog.  Having blogger's block sometimes and sometimes too much of things to write but not able to write here.  To those who have been following diligently, sorry about that.  Will try to keep updating (at least once a week) as much as I could.

Last Saturday, Malaysian Yuva Shakti were invited to perform at the Youth MaD Fest 2010 at Civic Centre, Petaling Jaya.  The last time I was at the hall was in 1985, for my kindergarten performance.  And here in 2010, I was there again.  So much of beautiful memories.

The yuva shaktis sang a Dam Mast Qalandar qawali and everybody enjoyed it.  The vibrations were so strong from the moment we start singing till the end.  Kundalini were dancing, the crowd were dancing and joy was everywhere!!!  It was indeed a very good performance and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

I love this photo, the lightings and all that.  Look so good.  Feels like as if we were on the American Idol stage or something.

Yesterday I joined with some yogis to do SR with 30++ primary school going children at a Chinese school in Cheras.  I did the music part with them and enjoyed it very much.  They were so much fun.

Right now, I am quite unsure where my life is heading.  Many plans, many opinions, many suggestions, many options.  So, I just go with the flow and see what the Divine is taking me.  But sometimes I also fall into the trap of thinking and thinking and wondering which option I should take.  And sometimes I would just check vibrations to see which is the best option.

Someone told me something yesterday and my thoughts started.  If I were to follow this suggestion, everything will speed up and planning should start RIGHT NOW!!!  So, I don't know.  Tonight will have a further discussion to see whether this suggestion is viable.  Then will check vibrations and see if it is the best option to do.

Whatever it is, I am enjoying my life now.  Feel vibrations so much.  Feel love very much.  Feel Shri Mataji a lot.

Yesterday's in Shri Mataji's speech, She said, whether we are wife, daughter, husband, son, mother, father and so on, Number One is we are Sahaja Yogis.  No matter what.  Sometimes I forget due to ego, too  much indulgence into our society and family.  So let this be a reminder to all of us.

When we do Mother's work, when we do Sahaja Yoga, the other aspects of our life will work out automatically.  What I find is challenging is when I am out of balance and talk nonsense and you know sometimes we say things we don't mean and it hurt people around us, so, that's got to change.

Oh, and today is my dog's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADHYAM!!!