Today is a good day

And I am not sure whether it started because yesterday night I had a good meditation.  

1. My subordinate is on leave.  Everytime that happens, I have to takeover her job.  Although I am quite OK with that, but I am not familiar with the preparing cheques procedure.  So I was worried if anyone call to tell me urgent cheques.  Someone eventually call this morning to inform me that there is one cheque that is needed urgently.  I started worrying.  Suddenly, I found out that the CFO is on leave, so nobody to sign any cheques, so I got a break.

2. I wanted to look for 2 person to pass some documents to them for their signature.  I want to get this out of my mind.  I don't know whether they are around, so I went to the toilet.  Just as I was coming out from the toilet, I bump into them.  Twice it happens.  What luck!

3. A document came back.  I am not sure what I should do with it.  So I wanted to send an SMS to my subordinate to ask her.  Before I could do that, she sent me an sms asking me how's office.  And it was a really rare chance because she never does this until today.  And I reply and asked her what to do and got it done.

Little miracles in our lives.  It happens.  I guess it's a hint from God that if we don't think and just let Paramchaitanya does it, things worked out on its own.  We just don't need to think, plan, etc.


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