Random hacking

Facebook is banned in China, do you know that?

A friend of a Chinese friend in China managed to hack into my Facebook profile, took my photos and emailed to my friend in China.  Confusing?  A is a friend of B and A hacked into FB and took my photos and gave it to B and B sent it to me.  I was shocked!!!

I have already set privacy settings in FB that I only allowed my friends on FB to view my photos.  Even friends of friends cannot view.  And moreover, those photos that other people tagged me are not allowed to be seen by even friends.  It's supposedly a very private setting and limited to my own privacy.

I don't believe in privacy in internet now.  Nothing is private.  I know this blog is not private so I want to tell the rest of the world that there is no privacy in Facebook, no matter how they re-assured you that there are.