Sahaj children

When I attended my first International Puja in Cabella, 9 years ago, I was enchanted by the beauty of Sahaj children.  That was the first time I met children born out of Sahaj, from Sahaj marriages.  Not only were they beautiful on the outside, they were extremely intelligent and beautiful on the inside.

Recently the OZ yuvas came for a field trip in Malaysia and again I was fascinated by them.  All of them were born in Sahaj and their parents were Sahaj married.  I guess their parents were the earlier batches of Sahaj matched and married couples.

This morning I woke up wondering if my parents were Sahaj married, then I will be beautiful and intelligent like them too, that I will be more spiritually inclined and balanced.  LOL!!!  

Anyway, God created us in His own image and we are ALL beautiful, no matter what colour is our skin or eyes, whether we are tall or short, doesn't matter which country we were born or which race we were, we are all uniquely created and we are all God's creation.

In Shri Mataji's speech, Puja at Alibag, Maharasthra, 21/12/86, She said this,

"In this beautiful surround, surroundings many of you are wondering why God has created these beautiful things. Because you people had to come on this Earth and enjoy the beauty that is one of the reasons. And now God feels very much fulfilled with the joy and satisfaction and a kind of a completion of His desire. Why God has created this beautiful universe has been a question asked for thousands of years. The reason is very simple to understand. This beauty that is created cannot see itself. In the same way God who is the source of beauty, beauty cannot see His own beauty. Like a pearl cannot enter into itself to see its beauty. Like the sky cannot understand its own beauty. The stars cannot see their own beauty. The Sun cannot behold its own brilliance. In the same way God Almighty cannot behold His own being. He needs a mirror. And that's how He has created this beautiful universe as His mirror. In this mirror He has created now the beautiful things like the Sun. The Sun has to see His own reflection also. So He has created these beautiful trees to see that when He shines they come up so well and look so green."
The beauty of these Sahaj born children is that deep inside them, they love Shri Mataji very much.  It's not just saying, 'I love you', but the love is shown through becoming balance in oneself, so that we don't burden our Divine Mother, the love is shown through being joyful in life and not complaining about things and this joy is spread to even non-yogis.  Wherever they go, because of their beauty, I am not talking about external beauty only, but because of their smile and their light-heartedness, they attract people on the streets as well.

To be honest, I was a little envy of that.  I was not born Sahaj so I was not brought up in the Sahaj way.  My parents are not in Sahaj still and so I have to 'fight' quite a bit just so I can maintain the Sahaj culture in my life.  Although they are not in Sahaj, they are very supportive of me practising Sahaj.  Sometimes I just need more than that kind of support, I need vibrationally support and spiritual support. 

Shri Mataji has been supporting me very much in that area.  But sometimes I need someone to push me, someone who tells me to meditate or foot soak or do clearing.  

I feel children who are brought up in Sahaj are taught that meditating is like eating.  Clearing is like bathing.  It's an everyday thing that we all must do.  

How nice if the moment I was born, the first person I see is Shri Mataji.  That my mom will massage me with oil every night so that I calm down.  That my dad will give me an ice pack if I am too heaty.  That both of them will make me footsoak and meditate with them everyday and night.  Then I will grow up being balance without having to struggle so much.  Then I don't have all these conditionings that is sometimes holding me down.  Then I will know what's ego earlier in life instead of embracing it.  Then I won't have so much of thoughts about so many things, like right now.

That's just my imagination based on what I see the Sahaj parents are currently doing for their children.  That's what I will do for my own kids.  I suppose each and everyone's journey is different and this is my journey. 

Now all the first generation Sahaj born kids are old enough to get match and marry.  Another new generation will be born and the Universe will continue to be surrounded by these beauties.