Leela game - message I received today

"In your childlike nature only, you can receive the blessings of Gauri, otherwise you cannot. You have to be really childlike otherwise it is absolutely useless, no use telling you anything because you think you are too clever. To such a person, who thinks he is clever, what’s the use of talking to such a person because he already knows everything. So the first power, when you develop, you must learn to sit on the Mother Earth first of all. You must respect the Mother Earth because the first chakra is made out of the Mother Earth. Try to be more settled down with yourself on Mother Earth. And the respect – see the trees when they get their flowers, they are not so respectful, but when they are laden by the fruits, they bow down to the Mother Earth. In the same way, when you have got the fruits of Sahaja Yoga, you must all bow down." - Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi