Introspective questions

During the recent National Seminar, we had an introspective session in which there were questions we asked ourselves whether we have reach THERE, how is our ascent, whether we have grown deeper and whether we know ourselves well.  I am sharing the questions here.  All the questions are from Shri Mataji various talks.

  • Am I innocent or aggressive in my behaviour?
  • Do I react all the time?
  • Am I really able to feel the vibrations?
  • Do I use wisdom in my seeking?
  • Is my Attention involved with my spiritual ascent or worldly endeavours?
  • Am I still indulging in my past habits which are against my spiritual ascents?
  • How much effort do I make for my spiritual ascent?
  • Am I honest in my seeking?
  • Do I really believe in 'Paramchaitanya'?
  • Am I humble?
  • Do I behave in a dignified way?
  • Is my heart clean or covered with jealousy or ego?
  • How much 'Bhakti' or 'Shraddha' do I have for Shri Mataji?
  • Can I love without seeking anything in return?
  • Is my seeking and behaviour superficial?
  • Am I genuinely sweet or sarcastic when communicating?
  • Am I instrumental in the spiritual growth of the collective?
  • If I do something wrong, do I just feel guilty or do I face and correct myself?
  • Do I sit for meditation with full heart and attention?
  • Do I touch 'Thoughtless Awareness' in meditation?
  • Do I feel peace and silence during meditation?
Ask yourself these questions, then meditate within and get to know yourself better.  You have to ask these question within your heart, not through the ego.