Building the excitement

I had a meltdown yesterday due to over-responsibilities and over-stress myself.  I have a million of thoughts in my head of what to do next but when it gets down to it, it's actually less than 10 items to do.  In other words, over-responsibilities spells ego and over-stress spells meltdown.  If only this ego will just be surrendered, once and for all, a lot of my problems will be solved.

Moving forward, the excitement to Cabella is building up.  I am getting more excited as each day passes.  It's another month plus and I am so looking forward to this trip.  

Air tickets purchased.  I will be flying from LCCT to London-Stansted via AirAsia.  From there will stay a night at some friend's place and then the next day take Ryan Air from London-Stansted to Genoa.  This is the first time I am flying into London-Stansted and Genoa, so that doubles the excitement.  

9 years ago.  I was in Cabella 9 years ago.  That is a long, long time.  That was my first ever international puja.  So many things I didn't know then.  So many experiences I have gathered from that trip.  Now, 9 years later, more maturity has set in, more depth in Sahaj and a bit more balance compare to 9 years ago.  It's going to be a whole new experience.  That triples the excitement.

Secret mission.  I am going there on a secret mission.  LOL...Anyway, that multiplies the excitement.

Now I just need to apply for leave, bandhan for its approval and voila...Cabella, here I come!!!