Australian Yuva Shakti Field Trip in Malaysia - KL Leg

They were here from the time of our National Seminar, which is 25th June 2010 to 27th June 2010 till 11th July 2010, which marked the end of their field trip.  First to Seremban, south of KL and then to Penang, north of KL.  Then lastly back to KL before flying back to Australia.  

I wish I have photos of everything but I only have photos of the waterfall day.

There were 7 of them who came.  2 from Perth while 5 from Sydney.  The Seremban field trip started from 28th June 2010 to 30th June 2010.  Haven't got any details of the Seremban Yuva Shakti but I heard they went to Port Dickson, which is near the sea.

From 1st July 2010 to 5th July 2010, they went to Penang.  Again, not sure what they did there.  Only news that I got from the Aussies were that they ate a lot of Malaysian food in Penang.  Food is always a priority on our list for any of our visitors.  Seafood especially.

Then from 5th July 2010 to 11th July 2010, they came to KL.  And here I will talk about a little of their trip.  I was not able to be with them the whole time, so I will just share what are the main activities I knew of.

5th July 2010 - Monday
They were all tired after Penang and came to KL by bus only at 3pm.  It was a free and easy day.  Nothing happening on this day.  

6th July 2010 - Tuesday
Some of our yuvas joined the Aussies for a KL Hop On Hop Off bus.  I heard they went to only a few places, like the Islamic museum and Bukit Bintang area.  They did some shopping and came back to Kelana Jaya, where they were staying in a vacant apartment belonged to a Sahaja Yogi, at 8pm.

That night we just had a meal prepared by Aunty Liz and we bought some other food.  Then we had meditation and bhajans and called it a night.  The boys watched World Cup at 2.30am at Aunty Liz and Uncle Bipin's apartment.

7th July 2010 - Wednesday
They woke up early in the morning to visit the Petronas Twin Towers.  Seetha, who works there, could get free tickets to go up the towers.  Then they went around KLCC, Petaling Street and Central Market for some shopping and hanging around time.

Came back to the apartment for the evening meditation and bhajan program.  After that, the boys went for futsal then came back for another World Cup game at 2.30am.

8th July 2010 - Thursday
Sunway Lagoon Day.  Uncle Paramjit was very generous and sponsored all the Sunway Lagoon  theme park tickets for them.  They were there till 6pm and came back to the apartment for meditation and bhajan session.  I heard that they went for a movie too.

9th July 2010 - Friday
It was another free and easy day and some KL yuvas brought them around.  They visited some other yogis too.  That night, one of the yuva shakti bought them Chinese dinner and after dinner, we went for dessert and then back to the apartment at midnight.

10th July 2010 - Saturday
Sg. Gabai waterfall Day.  We left Kelana Jaya at 10am, arrived at the waterfall at 11.30am.  By the time we got up the waterfall place, it was already 12pm.  Everyone enjoyed the natural slide and had a lot of fun playing.  Some hike up the hills.  Some stayed for some waterfall massage.  There were so much of food and then we went back only at 2pm.  Arrived in Kelana Jaya at 3.30pm.  They have some time to nap, then went to collective in the evening.  Some aunties were very kind and they prepared a dinner to mark the end of the Aussies field trip.  After dinner and everything, we sang bhajans till midnight.  So much of joy and love.  So much of fun and vibrations.  We enjoyed ourselves very much.  Even the uncles and aunties enjoyed the bhajans very much.

11th July 2010 - Sunday
Not sure what they did.  No updates till now because I didn't attend.  I attended my cousin's wedding instead.

I am sorry if I have missed out some details.  Like I said earlier, I was not there all the time, so I was not able to be the reporter for all the activities.  Overall, I heard that they had a great time, they missed Malaysia and they enjoyed themselves very much.