Wedding. Death. Birth. Accident

That was my Saturday.  A very eventful day.

My cousin sister got married and had the Chinese tea ceremony in the morning.  I just went to see how the bride's maids were playing the groom and his brothers.  Interesting, a bit different from other weddings that I went.  They had a game in which one of the groom's brothers have to put one of his leg into a bucketful of ice to search for the key to open the grills of the main entrance.  Then the sisters played a video showing a group of ballet dancers doing their bit and the groom and his brothers have to imitate them.  The girls even put the 'tutu'?? on them.  So funny.

Before I went for the tea ceremony, I received a SMS from a Sahaja Yogi sister that one of the Sahaja Yogis had passed away.  Although I was not very close to him, I felt a tinge of sadness in my heart.  This year is a challenging year for all of us, Sahaja Yogis from Malaysia.  From this, I learn to appreciate and treasure people around us more.  He is now in Shri Mataji's loving embrace.  Rest in peace, Uncle Ari.

On Friday, my long time friend SMS and told me that she had given birth to a baby boy.  My friend and I came a long way.  We knew each other since we were 14.  She used to ride her bicycle to school and sometimes to tuition classes and I will 'tumpang' for a ride as we go to the same tuition centre.  Since it was a mountain bike, with no passenger seat, I would sit on the bar in front of the bike and she will ride.  We lived very near to each other and would help each other out whenever possible.  Then we even went to the same college together and that's where she met her husband.  I know both of them very well.  He is a very caring man and I remember how he used to warn me to be careful when out on dates because there were quite a number of bad news.  He even brought over newspaper cuttings to show me the news.  So, before the tea ceremony was over, I went over to the hospital to visit her.

After the tea ceremony, my mom and I went to the saloon to have our hair done.  As I finished earlier and my mom was perming her hair and needed to wait for an hour, I left first.  That's when I knocked into someone's car.  It's not a major accident and I am OK.  Shri Mataji protected me and it's a miracle accident.  It's just that I was really shaken up and was confused and lost for a moment.  Before I went to the saloon, Madhyam was already giving hints, like asking me not to drive.  When my mom got into the car, Madhyam also tried his best to climb into the car.  Usually he is so scared of her because she is fierce with him and would not go near her and would usually go to my side instead.  But this time he just climbed up, sat on her lap and refused to go down from the car.  It was the first time I see this and didn't think much of it.  I have to drag him out of the car.  

Anyway, went to the police station, did my report and tomorrow will send my car for repairs.

I was a bit shaken but now I am alright.  Thanks to my Sahaj sisters who accompanied me to the police station to make the report and to keep me with them so that I regain my balance.  I was so shaken up that I only wanted comfort from Sahaja Yogis and refused to go to the wedding dinner reception.  So, I went to Uncle Ari's wake to spend time with the Sahaja Yogis, singing bhajans, enjoying the vibrations and each other's company.

I feel I only find comfort with Sahaja Yogis.  Although family do offer kind words too, but there's more in Sahaja Yogis than family who are not.  It's the vibrations, the love, the company and most important, the joy when I am with them.

Joy, how many times have I mention this in this blog?  I seem to have find a way to retain it in Vashi but now have forgotten about it.  

Whatever happen, happened.  Time to reflect and feel joy in my heart again.