Sahaja Yoga Malaysia 13th National Seminar (25-27 June 2010)

I just came back and was exhausted.  Nap for a couple of hours.

Although I was really tired out this time, the seminar was indeed very rewarding, in terms of vibrations, knowledge and mainly discover so much about myself.

I wish I could share some photos but my camera died on the 2nd day.
25 June 2010 - Friday afternoon

The day started with registering of participants and the YS were in-charge of welcoming the participants.  The welcoming committee sprinkled vibrated water, put kumkum on the partcipants's forehead and dab perfume on the participant's wrists.  It was a great way to make all the yogis feel welcome, especially the foreign yogis.

Then the seminar began with a welcoming speech and then ice-breaker games.

The ice-breaker games was very simple and fun.  We form a group of 10 and after introducing ourselves we have to act out something and the others have to guess.  Next we had an introspective session.  Vikas has very nicely taken excerpts of Shri Mataji's speech and put them together into one presentation.  Starting from the Mooladhara to the Sahasrara, each chakra we will listen to Shri Mataji's speech on that chakra and then we will ask some questions to ourselves and introspect on it.  It was a very good session, an eye-opener for many and a reminder for myself.

Then after dinner, we had a Tribute to Dr. Arun Apte and Sahaj music and it was a very touching session and the music was very calming and filled the hall with great vibrations.

Later that night, the YS had their track and it was a serious track in which the YS had a discussion to talk about how to retain and strengthen the youth of Sahaj.  A lot of interesting ideas came about.

26 June 2010 - Saturday

This day was the fullest day.  The day started with morning meditation and then Shri Adi Shakti puja started at 9am.  The vibrations of the puja were tremendous.  

Then we had the group photo session.
After lunch it was the YS presentation and the topic is based on the discussion we had the day before.  

After that it was the YS track and it was a quiz.  As one of the organisers for the YS tracks, I must say, YS have so much of great ideas when it comes to planning and organising.

Everyone was broken up into 4 groups, Arjuna, All is Well, All is Sahaj and 16 idiots.  And then as usual, questions were asked and marks were given.  The interesting part has yet to come.

After winning the game, each group rep have to draw their 'prizes'.  The winning group is All is Well and since they are the winners, they can draw first.  Their prize is to say a number and show a different number on their hand and if anyone make a mistake, they have to re-do again until everyone gets it.  Only from Numbers 1 to 5.  In order to win, they have to separate their mind from their brain.  

The second group is All is Sahaj and their 'prize' is to do the Suria namaskar.  It was so funny.
The third group is 16 Idiots and their 'prize' is to sing the song from Barney with action.

The last group is Arjuna and their 'prize' is to read a tongue twister.  It was so funny that they keep making mistake and they were given chance to read it slowly.

Then after that it was the telematch.

After dinner was the highlight of the seminar, which is the Musical Night!!!  There were more than 15 performances and each performance was so professionally done.  In-between there were commercial breaks and the children dress up in traditional clothing came on stage and introduced themselves in that national language.  All in all, it was one great night which was ended with a qawwali by the Malaysian YS at 1.30am.

27 June 2010 - Sunday

Was so exhausted that I slept in and only attended the last aarti and bhajan session.

The National Seminar as usual was a great time to meet all the yogis from all over Malaysia and some from neighbouring countries like China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India and Singapore.  There were 7 Australian YS who came and joined us too.  

For me, although it was very exhausting, it was very rewarding too.  I have always learnt something new at a seminar and this time is was no different.  I discovered my hidden potential and my ability to do things that I thought I won't be able to do.  From the introspection session, I know that I still have many weaknesses and need to convert them into strengths.  I know I tend to react very quickly.

I felt this time I was very much in the front and maybe that's why it was so tiring.  The ego was very much challenged and so was the heart.

I was thinking everyday of what to do, what to say, what to anticipate.  Became very right sided and that was one of the reasons why I was so exhausted.  After becoming overly right sided, then it hit the left side and I was overwhelmed with emotions.  And that is when I will pray to Shri Mataji to take everything over from me.

It's always like this with me.  I tend to be too responsible in things and then feel like I have not done the best.  And then there's so much I want to say or do and in the end, most of it was only in thought and not in action.

Then only I realised that I am part and parcel of the whole and that I am only an instrument.  That I should just leave it to the Divine.

Anyway, in the end I did and it went really well.  The vibrations were great.  I learnt so much from the YS.  I learnt a lot about myself too. 

I learnt that through love, a lot of things can be done and that is the most powerful gift that was given by Shri Mataji.  Through love, ego can be brought down, temper can be tamed, frustrations can be removed and anger can be soothed.  Through love, you can really help another person and love is the best way to help another person.

This seminar is the last seminar before I retire as YS coordinator and looks like I am the only YS coordinator who gets to retire officially.

Next year, most likely I will be one of the participants instead of organisers.  Maybe then I can enjoy it slowly and absorb more.  Anyway, each seminar will teach me a different thing.