Going to Cabella from Malaysia

Here are some travelling information for those of you who will be flying to Cabella, Italy for international pujas.  Source : www.sahajaworldfoundation.org

By flight, you can choose to land in either one of the three airports in Milan, Italy.

The 3 airports are Milan - Malpensa, Milan - Linate and Milan - Bergamo.  The distances from these airports to Cabella are:

Milan - Malpensa : 161km
Milan - Linate : 128km
Milan - Bergamo (Orio Al Serio) : 175km

The nearest is actually from Genoa Airport to Cabella which is only 56km.

Judging from the distances between Milan and Cabella, once you are picked up, by car to Cabella will take about 2 hours (based from memory in 2001). 

Take note that the main pickup point is at Milan - Malpensa, although the organising committee also arranges pickup from the other airports but smaller numbers are encouraged to find your own way to Cabella.

For those who need to find your own way to Cabella, here is how.

From Milan - Malpensa Airport (if no one is there to pick you up)
1. Take the Malpensa shuttle which departs every 30 to 60 minutes to Milan Central Train Station.  The journey is only 1 hour. 

2. At Milan Central Train Station, take a train to Arquata Scrivia Station.  Look for trains that are going to Genoa or Ventimiglia but take note that not all trains going to Genoa will stop at Arquata Scrivia.

3. There is a limited bus service from Arquata to Cabella.  Taxis are available but a bit expensive.

From Milan - Linate Airport
1. There is a bus that departs every 30 minutes to Milan Central Train Station.  The journey is 20 minutes only.

2. Same as No.2 for Milan - Malpensa Airport.

3. Same as No.3 for Miilan - Malpensa Airport.

From Milan - Bergamo Airport
1. Take a bus service under the company name Autostradale to Milan Central Train Station.  The bus departs every half hourly.

2. Same as No.2 for Milan - Malpensa Airport.

3. Same as No.3 for Miilan - Malpensa Airport.

From Genoa Airport
1. Take Volabus AMT from the airport to Genova Piazza Principe train station.

2. Take a train to Arquata Scrivia.  Train departs hourly but some trains are slower as it stops at every station.

3. Same as No.3 for Milan - Malpensa Airport.

It would be really great to fly direct into Milan - Malpensa as there will be airport shuttle (by Sahaja Yogis) to Cabella.  So, it is really direct.  However, for this year, those who are interested to travel to Cabella for Shri Krishna / Shri Ganesha Puja from Malaysia, all the cheap tickets are already sold out.  Left with the expensive tickets.

When I went to Cabella in 2001, I took the Emirates and although it was stopping all over the world, it brought us straight to Milan - Malpensa.  I remembered that from KL we flew to Dhaka and we were not allowed to come down from the plane.  The workers have to clean the plane while we were on it.  All the exits were guarded by armed soldiers.  Well, it was right after 9/11, so I guess that's why the security was extra tight.

From Dhaka we flew to Dubai where we stayed over at the transit hotel for 1 night.

From Dubai we flew to Rome where we transited for 1 hour.

From Rome we finally flew into Milan.

Now, I have checked the other airlines.  All the routes I checked is flying from Malaysia.

MAS doesn't fly to Milan but only to Rome.  So, unless you can figure out how to fly from Rome to Milan, then no problem.  Flying to Rome is already expensive.  Don't know how much is the domestic flight.

If you are taking SIA, then you will have to stopover at Singapore.  Not a problem.  At least SIA will bring you straight to Milan.  Fares on the high side.

Thai Airways, you will stopover at Bangkok.

KLM, you will stopover at Amsterdam.

Sri Lankan Airlines will stopover in Colombo and it's the cheapest compare to the others and it's fully booked.

Budget airlines
Looking at the expensive air fares, it seems that our budget airline, Air Asia did not affect their business at all.

You can also take Air Asia to Milan.  Nope, not directly there but more of a roundabout travelling.  

First you fly from LCCT to London - Stansted.  

From London - Stansted, there are only 2 budget airlines that will take you to Milan - Malpensa, Air Berlin and German Wings.  It is not a daily flight, so you have to see which day to take and sometimes there is only 1 flight per day.

Ryan Air takes you from London - Stansted to Milan - Bergamo and Genoa Airport only and they have daily flights.  The thing about arriving in Milan - Bergamo and Genoa Airport is that the organising committee may not have transport arrangement for Sahaja Yogis and you may have to travel on your own to Cabella.

From London - Stansted, if you feel flying into Milan - Malpensa is such a hassle because of the no daily flight in budget airlines or the time is not matching to your arrival, then you can opt to fly from London - Heathrow or London - Gatwick airports.

From London - Stansted, there are inter-airports coaches which are quite convenient but the travelling time could be long depending on the distances between airports.  They also have trains from the airports itself and it can take you to London Train Station.

From London - Heathrow, British Airways takes you to Milan - Malpensa and Milan - Linate.

From London - Gatwick, Easy Jet takes you to Milan - Malpensa and Milan - Linate.

If you like to adventure a bit and your budget is tight, then try the budget airlines.  If you want convenience, then just take the big airlines, but they are expensive.

I am wondering whether they are easier ways to travel to Milan from Malaysia which is cheap and convenient.

My last trip to Cabella was sponsored by a loving and caring rakhi brother.  It was really lovely of him as he wanted me to attend his wedding so he bought me the air ticket.  It was my first international puja and such a blessing for him to buy me the ticket as I could not afford it then because I was still a student.  Bringing back a lot of memories.

Hopefully this time around, I am able to go to Cabella again.  Just hoping the flying bits will work out.


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