Maya maya everywhere

What do you do when someone is trying to make your life difficult? Before Sahaj, I would probably just react and feel down about it. After Sahaj, I learn how to witness and forgive. Still learning.

What's the point of holding a grudge? It will just hurt our Spirit.

What's the point of getting angry? It will hurt our chakras and get our Egos all blown up.

So, best is just to witness.

Here's Shri Mataji's advice :

Humility and Ego

Humility is one of the criteria of a Sahaja Yogi.. a person who does not have humility cannot be called a Sahaja this humility will give you a more permanent state by which you will not just watch... and that's how the new state, a witness state comes into you. When you become the are in the present...and you just watch and enjoy..the enjoyment of all the creation is not within your mind when you are one should learn that we should not react. But today's problem is that all human beings are very good at reacting...reaction is a basic principle of today's life. You are all sahaja yogis....and what you have to do is to understand why this ego is coming in my head...what have I done...who am I....once you go on asking such questions, this ego will disappear.
In sahaj culture, we have a proper training for getting rid of can yourself introspect...see why you behave like this..try to see...what is this Mr Ego doing within your head. Of course the mantra of Christ is the best...but when you are doing this mantra, you should be in a very humble state...what am I after all...who am I...what have I done..why should I be so egoistical?
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Christmas Puja, 2000 (fr sahajvidya)