LIver diet

A few years back, I tried the liver diet for 1 week. My aim was actually for 1 month, but after 1 week, I got tired of eating the same food and went back to my normal eating habits.

I must say, the liver diet did wonders to my liver. Everyday I feel so fresh, my attention was so alert and good and I don't feel tired at all. The one week I was on the diet, I remember when I was at work, I felt so good.

Many times since then I have been trying hard to get back to the liver diet, but unfortunately, I am not that discipline.

I found a few Sahaj website with a pdf file of the liver diet, which is a bit different from the one I followed, less strict.

The one I followed is in Nirmal Fragrance 2008 edition and it is very strict. Cannot eat a lot of things. So what I did is basically like this :

For breakfast, I had white bread with lettuce and cucumber.

For lunch, I had white bread sandwich with egg white (fried without oil), lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes.

For dinner, I had white rice with steamed chicken with tofu and tomatoes. Sometimes when I was a bit more hardworking, I made fried rice (with very little oil), with egg white and eat with raw cucumber.

For fruits, I eat only grapes. No coffee, no tea, no chocolate. No sugar, no salt. No dairy products.

I got hungry very fast and always want to eat more. At that time, I was not very good in alternating with the veges and doing a mix of vege, instead was eating those same food daily.

I am going to do the liver diet again, the strict one. I have already make a daily plan for my meals on a weekly basis. Not sure exactly when to start since Chinese New Year is near and I don't want to spoil the diet by eating CNY food. This time I plan to do it longer, maybe 2 weeks to a month. It won't be easy since I would have to cook my own food and bring food for lunch at work, but it will be worth it. Good for my liver, good for my body (can lose weight too!!).

I will probably post the liver diet, the one in Nirmal Fragrance for all to check it out.