India trip 2008 and Happy New Year 2009

Just got back from India. Been having a lot of fun and adventures, beautiful vibes, people, everything. Gonna share everything here, the photos and the stories.

13 December 2008 (Saturday)
A group of us left today. Mala and her children, Rohan and Lakshmi, Jaso and Khailaesh, Lat and myself. Since we arrived late at night, we decided to just stay in YWCA, Mumbai for the night before our next stop. Warm night, 28C. A bit of culture shock, the Indian driving style, the non-stop honking. Blow horn when too slow, too fast, too near, too far, anything or nothing, just blow horn. And the Indian driving style is really something, even the mini bus drivers in Malaysia cannot compete.

Room in YWCA

14 December 2008 (Sunday)
Since we are only leaving Mumbai for Brahmapuri at noon, we decided to walk around Mumbai town. We found out that YWCA is just 5 minutes walk to The Taj Hotel (which was attacked by terrorist on 26 November 2008). So, we decided to just check out the place, post-attacked.

The Taj Mahal Hotel

Signboards everywhere

Although Mumbai is still fresh from the terrorist attack, life still goes on for the people here. A few signs were put up to urge everybody to fight terrorism together.


We passed by Leopold Café (where the terrorists had stopped and shot some people before heading to the Taj), saw some bullet marks, and yet business is as usual.
Business as usual

Our rented vehicle and driver came before noon. Ravindra, who could not speak English and can only understand Marathi and Hindi is our driver. His driving style is really out of mind, the way he overtakes, the speed he was going, oh my, all the time I have to stop myself from screaming. Indians, very strong heart they have.


We arrived at Brahmapuri at about 9pm. It was a bit delayed and late because we stopped at Pune for about an hour, then stopped at Satara to visit the Sahaja Yogi who was to guide us to Brahmapuri.

We met with the caretaker there, Uncle Torat, and he provided us dinner. We stayed at the ashram there.
15 December 2008 (Monday)

Woke up really early. The weather is very cold, very different from Mumbai. This is the sight that greeted us when we opened our door.
View right outside our rooms

The rooms in the ashram

We meditated and footsoak at the river. It was really so good. Though the air was cold, but the water was warm. You can actually see steam coming out of the water due to the different temperature.
Steam coming out of the water

Life in the village

After breakfast, Uncle Torat took us for a field trip, by foot. He showed us the place where Shri Mataji had stayed when She came here to have puja back in the 80’s.

The place Shri Mataji stayed in the 80's

Uncle Torat also showed us the rock which Shri Mataji sat while She vibrated the river, a rock formation of Shri Ganesha which happened after Shri Mataji came.

Rock formation of Shri Ganesha

If you look properly, you can see Shri Ganesha lying down on his stomach, his trunk resting on the left.
Uncle Torat also showed us Shri Sita’s bath place when she passed through here. The water was said to heal skin illness.

Shri Sita's bath place

The bath place is a bit dry now due to winter. When it is monsoon, then it will be filled up.
Then we walked across the dam to go to the Shri Shiva temple. The weather was getting hotter

After that we just went back to our rooms, had lunch, then had a nap.

Then in the evening, Uncle Torat brought us to the location in which the puja was held when Shri Mataji was there in Brahmapuri.

We had dinner, then went to sleep. Simple life.

16 December 2008 (Tuesday)
Woke up to a very cold morning. Went to footsoak again by the river and meditated. After breakfast, our driver, Ravindra came and off we go to Mahabaleshwara.

View from our hotel

We arrived at Mahabaleshwara, at Hotel Gautam at about 1pm. Mahabaleshwara is famous for strawberries, so we bought some nice strawberries and also gooseberries. Hotel Gautam is at the highest peak, so we get the best view.

We had a very delicious and heavy vegetarian lunch at the hotel. It was really so good. After rested in the hotel, we went to venture the marketplace. This marketplace has a lot of stores and it so many beautiful things were being sold. Beautiful punjabi suits, handmade chappals, handicraft, some stuff from Jaipur etc. What is really famous is the strawberries and cream dessert. It's a combination of strawberries, with strawberry jam, strawberry ice cream and fresh cream. Delicious!!! After that we just went back to the hotel.

Strawberries and cream

17 December 2008 (Monday)
Sunrise at Mahabaleshwara

Woke up really early to watch sun rise. Then our driver brought us to different points to see the different angles of the Western Ghat. It was a bit like Grand Canyon. Very serene and majestic.
From different points

Then we went to see the Fort Pratapgad. Accoding to history, Shivaji built this fort with minimum resources. We didn't go up the fort because we need to walk for 2km.

Fort Praptagad

In the evening, we went to the marketplace again. It was really cold at night. 10C.

18 December 2008 (Tuesday)
Early morning we left Mahabaleshwara to go to Navi Mumbai, Vashi hospital. We reached YMCA, Navi Mumbai at about 4pm. After checking in, we met with Uncle Sharad, the Sahaja Yogi who has arranged the acomodation and vashi out patient for us. He told us that Shri Mataji's grandson, Anand Varma was at his house for tea and he happened to mention about Malaysian Sahaja Yogis coming and Anand asked how many Malaysians, how many centres, etc.

Anyway, we went for late lunch, then after resting at YMCA, we joined the collective medtation at the Vashi hospital.

Open altar

Uncle Sharad has arranged everything very well. The cook, the guards, they all know about our arrival. Anywhere we go, just mentioned the Malaysians, and they will get things done for us. They are just so hospitable.

19 December 2008 (Friday)
Another 4 Malaysians arrived late last night and joined us at YMCA. Kim, Gerty, Vijaya and Gerty's son, Brandon. Early morning, we walked from YMCA to the hospital, which is about 15 minutes walk, to join the 8.30am meditation. It was very good, the vibes were good too. After breakfast, we joined the collective footsoak, which was fantastic.

Chakra tree

Then we waited for our treatment. My doctor was Dr.Jagjit Mogh. It was a very refreshing treatment for me. Found out more catches which were unknown before. During one of the clearing with camphor, I was very emotional. After lunch, we went back to YMCA to rest. Then we joined the collective medtation in the evening, had dinner and went back to YMCA.

20 December 2008 (Saturday)
Second day in Vashi hospital. Had a very good meditation in the morning and fantastic footsoak.

Then another doctor treated me, Dr.Vijaya. This time she gave a lot of homework.

After lunch, we went back to YMCA to rest and then after that came back to the hospital to join the meditation. Word has gone out and somebody told Dr.Vijaya that the Malaysian bhajan group is there. So that night, we sang the bhajans. It was really good.

The altar in Vashi hospital

After meditation, we had our dinner, then did some clearing then went back to YMCA.

21 December 2008 (Sunday)
Today is the last day at Vashi. Since it is Sunday, there is no treatment. We joined the collective meditation and footsoak. Had our breakfast, then we left.

We have arrange vehicles to come to YMCA to pick us and send us to Gyan Ashram, Mumbai, to join with Uncle Richard and gang. We arrived at Gyan Ashram at about 2pm, had lunch, then after checking in, we went shopping at Vile Parle.

Then came back to Gyan Ahsram, rested. I had flu, so feel like I need a lot of rest.

22 December 2008 (Monday)
Early morning, left Gyan Ashram for our tour around Maharashtra. Travelled in the bus for a few hours before reaching Ozar. We were suppose to stop at Bhimashankar, but the bus overshot. In Ozar, we visit a Mahaganesha Svayambhu, which is one of the Ashtavinayaka, 8 svayambhus around Maharashtra. The svayambhu has very strong vibrations. We meditated and did Ganesha Atharva Sheersha.

View outside the svayambhu temple in Ozar

Then we proceeded to Shirdi. We arrived there at about 6pm. After checking in into our cottage style hotel, we went to Shri Sai Baba shrine. Didn't take any photos as we were told not to bring cameras, phones, etc.

The place was so crowded and the security was very tight. Probably tighter after the Mumbai Attacks. We queue for 1 and half hour before being able to see the shrine which he had his samadhi, for only few seconds. Despite all that, the vibes were very strong near his samadhi place.

Then as it was getting late, and we were all very tired and hungry, went back to the hotel to eat. Went to sleep only at midnight.

23 December 2008 (Tuesday)
We left Shirdi early in the morning and went to Rangao. There we visited the second Shri Ganesha svayambhu. Very cool vibes.

Then next stop, we went to Alandi, to visit Gyaneshwara shrine. There were so many people today at the shrine and we were told it is because today is Ekadesha Rudra day. Anyway, someone told us that the shrine is close for today.

Gyaneshwara shrine and some bhajan singers

So, without further delay, we head to Nirmal Nagari. We arrived at Nirmal Nagari, Pune at about 8pm. After registering and settling in, it was close to 10pm. Met a lot of yogis, some familiar faces, some new faces.

We had our dinner, then called it a night. The vibes here were the best. Can feel my catches stronger now.

24 December 2008 (Wednesday)
Christmas Eve. After collective meditation and breakfast, we got ready for Havan. The havan was 108 names of Shri Mataji. Very strong vibes. After havan, then we were dancing away. The Indians really love to dance and whenever they see you dancing, they will immediate come and join you.

Then had lunch, went to Sahaj stores, rested in the pendal and got ready for musical night.

The Pune collective did a qawwali with the children. It was fantastic. The children were so good. They sang Mata Ka Karam. I didn't sit in for the whole musical night. I felt I needed to rest. Guess it's some kind of clearing for me.

25 December 2008 (Thursday)
Merry Christmas!!! Had a good night sleep. Missed the morning meditation as I overslept.

After breakfast, we attended Dr. Arun Apte's music therapy session. It was a very good session. Too bad it was short, only about 2 hours.

Then had lunch, went back to pendal to rest. We were told to be at the puja pendal at 5pm. At 6pm, bhajan group started singing. Then Shri Mataji's talk, Christmas Puja 1981 was played.

After a while, more bhajans, then we were told Shri Mataji has left Pratisthan. Then after about 10 minutes, the drums were beating louder at the entrace, and then we saw Shri Mataji's car from the screen. The moment I saw that, I was crying uncontrollably. I felt my heart has opened and kundalini shot up to the Sahasrara and out. It was a very nice feeling, just that cannot stop crying.

It was so good to see Shri Mataji in person again after 2 years. Shri Mataji didn't give any speech. After puja, Sir CP fed Her with cake and then they took leave.

26 December 2008 (Friday)
Today is the marriages. Since I am not involved in anything, so just hang out and relax. Had a very good meditation and clearing in the afternoon. After puja, everything seems to be better. Heart feels lighter and Sahasrara cool.

After nap, got ready and got a good place, right in front and on a chair. So comfortable.

Shri Mataji came and blessed everyone with Her presence. Vibes were really great. She blesses all the married couples. It was just wonderful!!! She left after all the couples went and did pranam to Her.

Didn't join in the dancing and fun, feel I still needed rest to cure the flu. Though am getting better, but feel I needed to rest. It was very very cold at night. Freezing cold.

27 December 2008 (Saturday)
Puja pendal

Nirmal Nagari in Hindi

Left Nirmal Nagari early in the morning to go back to Gyan Ashram. Felt a bit heavy hearted to leave Nirmal Nagari after such a wonderful time, but what to do. After checking in, went to do shopping at Vile Parle again. Then came back to Gyan Ashram.

My stomach was not feeling that great. Vomited. Guess more clearing after puja.

28 December 2008 (Sunday)
Last day in India. Woke up with a bout of diarrhoea. So, I didn't go anyway, just stay in Gyan Ashram and rested. Went to the airport at 7pm. Security is much tighter compare to arrival. My diarrhoea still didn't stop. During the flight of 4 and half hours, I went 3 times. No medication seem to be able to stop it. Guess this is some major clearing before going back to Malaysia.

29 December 2008 (Monday)
Landed at 7.30am and still stomach was not that great. Finally the moment I reached home, one last round, then it stopped. Rested and rested to recover.

It has been a great time in India. I feel so relax and rested and feel it is such a great way to begin a New Year. Thank you Shri Mataji for bringing me to India. Thank you for blessing us with Your presence. It was a wonderful, introspective, clearing time in India and now it is back to work.

Happy New Year everyone. I wish you a joyful new year and may this year be better than the last. I love to quote the following. Someone has sent me an sms with this, thought it is rather appropriate to post.

"A great life is not about routine but doing something rare. To cherish and not to compare. To forgive and not to blame and to be loving without counting. Laugh at your mistakes but learn from them. Joke over your troubles but gather strength from them. Have fun with your difficulties but overcome them."


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from Noida- India
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