Music for the spirit workshop

Wow, I haven't been posting for the past 2 weeks. Well, I was not busy, not yet, but cannot find any topic to write about.

Yesterday, we had a Music for the Spirit Workshop at MPH Subang Parade. About 20 people received their self-realisation through music. I was extremely nervous because you know...public speaking and me. But somehow, manage to pull through, sang in public and spoke without paper. It was the 3rd time for me and yet I still felt very nervous.

The vibrations were flowing so strongly the whole time. Everyone who present felt something, whether hot or cool, tingling or numbness. In conclusion, music is a good method to give self-realisation, in my opinion. It makes people calmer and relaxed before the self-realisation process. My mistake was I did not practised enough before the session, and my voice started to break half way through singing. And I was so nervous in singing, my heart beat so fast, my voice started to waver.

Well, I have learnt from my mistake. Given a chance to do it again, I should brush up my skills, in singing and Sahaj techniques and public speaking.