Back from camp

Hi everyone. I am back from the Yuva Shakti Blast and have been very busy with work, Christmas presents and so on. I won't say much today, will post some photos from the Yuva Shakti Blast. Summary : The camp was wonderful. Everything was good and went well. Vibrations were tremendous. Too bad didn't have the chance to take photographs of the performances. It was SO good.

Batik painting. With the help of Aunty KT, the Yuva Shaktis made 4 batik cushion covers and 1 batik table runner as a gift for Shri Mataji.

The final product, before cutting it into cushion cover and sewing.

Miracle photo. Accidental design on the mahjong paper that happened during the batik painting. Can you see what is it?

Drawings done by the children during their ice breaking session.

The winning Yuva Shakti T'shirt design.