Sahaj Treatments - Part 3

I forgot to put the allergy entry. Here goes:

12. Allergy
Left nabhi catch. If child has allergy, his/her mother must be having a left nabhi catch. Clear mother's left nabhi. Also, place right hand on child's left nabhi and left hand to the flame. Take 'geru' rub it on a stone seven times and eat the powder with water.

Treatments for Nabhi / Vishuddhi problems
13. Bronchial Asthma
Combination of right heart and left heart. No security of parents' love, parents quarrel, divorce, parents passed away, fatherhood not good.

14. Spondylitis
Vishuddhi problem, may be a combination of left and right vishuddhi.

15. Tooth decay
Use right vishuddhi finger to rub teeth and gums with olive oil and a little salt.

16. Knee problem (when sitting on the ground)
Due to left or right nabhi or no practice. Let the children start sitting on the ground. Do certain exercises (example : cycling in the air).

Next post : Hyperglycemia, multiple sclerosis, varicose veins, etc.


Aman said…
Jai shree mataji

Bhaiya there is 1 boy who has knee problem when he plays and walk. Doctor suggested for operation. There is gap in his bones of knees. Kindly reply.

Shallu (India)