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My 2018

What have I done or achieved in 2018?  Done a lot.  But not achieve much.  Shall I let the photos tell my year in review?  Let's do it.

January We went to Sky Mirror on the 1st Jan.  Unfortunately, the weather was not favourable to take perfect photos.

February The team refurbished Shri Mataji's altar beautifully and it was so refreshing yet traditional and serene.  Everything was made by hand by yogis.

March Nothing much happened in March as I sent my girl to pre-school trial class and she started falling sick.

April We started the Bal Shakti classes for the kids in our centre.  It was a very good achievement.

May A patriotic move that changed Malaysia.  9th May 2018 is a memorable day for all Malaysians.

June We took a short trip to Pangkor.....
Then to Ipoh....
And back to Lenggong.

July On my birthday, decided to take time to give SR.  Was a beautiful vibrations day.
The kids made me a birthday present!

August  We took a short trip to Malacca and stayed at a yogi's homestay.

Kids say the darndest things!

"Attention is very important thing, where it goes, what it says. So when, say children are describing something, tell you something, they’re very sweet. You should ask them questions. You must see that you ask them questions and they answer you very sweet sweet things, they answer. But in that, you should see where is their attention, what they are describing and what they are saying to you because they’re realized children and the realized children always talk in the third person also. Like you tell them, ‘Now, you better go home.’ So they’ll say, ‘This boy will not go.’ I tell you, he doesn’t want to go home. ‘This boy will not go,’ meaning this boy is different from the one which is speaking. So they speak like that and the way they speak and the way things they say, it’s beautiful things they say and one lady tried towrite down certain things the children had to say about politics, about politician and then she wrote a book and the book was sold within one week’s time. It’s s…