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Happy Raksha Bandhan to all my brothers!

I have always love Raksha Bandhan.  Being the eldest in my family and growing up with no brothers, I have no idea what is brother's love.  I do have cousin brothers but being Chinese, brother's love was never emphasize.  
Until I came to Sahaja Yoga and realized how precious this relationship is.  
Having a brother means:
Sponsoring my air ticket to Italy to attend his weddingSponsoring my hotel stay in Italy (sharing with another sister)Came back into Custom's checkpoint (although he has exited) to check why I was held back by Custom at India Airport and he spoke to the Custom's officer in Hindi that I was his sisterGiving good advice on Sahaja Yoga when I needed itGetting yuva shakti to help me with my luggage upon arrival at puja placeAnd so many incidences and this is not just 1 brother
You see, being the eldest in the family means I have to always walk ahead first, try out things on my own and the world was so scary.  I was always told that I must be a good exampl…

Making rakhis and more

Hi everyone!  It's been 3 months since I last wrote.  Many bloggers are already quitting and moving to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Since I am not famous and doesn't like to be in the public so much, I am still blogging, though not regular.  Even Blogger doesn't have new skin anymore. The last theme that was updated was 2 years back?  And I just checked and it's still the same skin offered.
It's time for Raksha Bandhan again, so it's time to make rakhis!
This year, I decided to spend more time to do something new.  Having a girl means I have to do twice the amount of rakhis.  For her, the rakhis will be simple.  For me, this is how it would look like.
Found this new technique to weave a rakhi string using just 7 strings and a cardboard.  Learned this from Facebook.  Here's the link.  
I thought this new style is very meaningful, 7 strings represent one chakra per string and weaving, intertwining with each other to become a nice bracelet is like the vi…