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Gratitude post

Today I would like to thank one person in my life who has been helping me out through all the bad times.  Throughout my almost 20 years experience in Sahaja Yoga, I have met countless number of different type of Sahaja Yogis.  But this one Sahaja Yogi stands out the most that I can see what Shri Mataji meant when She said Sahaja Yogis are Saints.
Whenever we meet this person, I could feel cool vibes coming from this person.  Sometimes, the vibrations were so comforting that I could sleep peacefully after meeting this person.  Another person told me that sometimes after meeting this person, his nabhi gets settled and felt a sense of satisfaction.  Very seldom that I can feel cool breeze coming from another Sahaja Yogi.  But with this person, even if this person is far, I could already feel this person's vibrations.  
Whenever I am troubled, this person would give the wisest advice of all, incorporating all Shri Mataji's advice.  This person would neither support any side, not …

The Types of Negativity within us

Recently I went through a rough patch of life.  Difference of opinions and ego clashed caused a small misunderstanding to become huge.  
As I was recovering from it, I found that it was very difficult to get out of it and I didn't know why or how.  I kept feeling the ego but at the same time deny having ego and refused to clear it and feels it is someone else's ego.  I kept getting the message that it is my own ego causing havoc.  But at the same time, felt so wronged and misunderstood and felt that although it is partly my fault, but the other person also has their faults and was not told of it.  I was very frustrated.  I wanted to tell the whole world about the situation I was in.  Trying to get someone to sympathies with me yet when someone actually does, I felt so guilty.  
Past few days was the hardest.  From feeling being victimized, it went to being in denial, anger, guilty and it kept on repeating.  From tears of sadness to tears of anger to tears of frustration, I fe…

Messages for today

Grit - The power of perseverance and passion
"Among animals, this activity is very limited. I don’t think they believe in revenge, except for a few animals. They say that, if you hurt a snake, it will take its respite. It will come back on you. That’s what is said. And this one is one quality of the snake. But as we have passed through all these different categories, we might be having some of the qualities of some of these animals within us. We may be even snake animals. If the snake is within us, then anybody who hurts you, you will remember it all your life, “He hurt me, so I’ll put him right one day. I’ll take a revenge!”  – if there’s a snake within us. But now, if there’s a tiger within you: so you will become very ferocious. At the smallest thing, you will get angry, lose temper. Now, this is not a very good situation: that we are still at the level of animals and our inheritance is still working in us. So we have to keep a watch, we have to be good gurus. And fo…