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Why do I prefer Starling Mall to Atria Mall?

If you are staying near Damansara Jaya for a long, long time, you will know Atria.  Long before the current Atria Mall was built, the old Atria was a three-storey building that is a nice and cozy shopping mall.  
In the old Atria, there was Parkson where I got most of my clothes there.  Hardly anyone goes there, so the fitting room is all to myself only.  I would go there and shop for hours and I find they have all the clothes that I like.  Below this Parkson is a small Giant where I do most of my groceries.  It was so convenient.
When I worked in one of the shop-office along Atria, I used to go Atria like few times a week.  Sometimes for lunch.  Sometimes for shopping.  I just like the convenience.  I can get flowers for the altar without having to worry about parking.  I can buy lime with no issues.  It was all very good.
The newer wing had BIG Bookshop where I visit quite a bit too, for stationery mostly when I was still in school.  Then when I was older, I used to visit Aster Spr…

An easy way to make rakhi strings

When you start receiving spam in this blog, it is time to start updating it before more spammers come in and think this blog is abandon.
It's the time of the year again to tie rakhi for our brothers.  I have always enjoyed this special occasion thanks to Sahaja Yoga.  Being born a Chinese, I have never known such auspicious and beautiful occasion about Raksha Bandhan.  And being the first born in the family and having no brothers, I have always wanted to feel a brother's love.  So thankful for Sahaja Yoga to introduce me to this wonderful event of tying rakhi for your brother and getting your brother's love and affection.
Having being confined in the house due to virus infections in the family, I missed collective for few weeks.  In fact, I wanted to teach to some yoginis how to make these rakhis and was informed to teach them too.  Unfortunately, the virus has isolated me and my family.  So last Saturday, while going deep into meditation (after having lost my voice compl…

How to apply for a Malaysian passport for toddler of a foreign parent

You read the title right.  The reason why I want to blog about this is because I can't find it anywhere else.  All the other blogs talk about the process of getting a passport for your kid.  But no one mentioned about a kid with a Malaysian mom and a foreigner dad.  Well, I thought it was the same process, but unfortunately no.  Guess next time I have to bear in mind and bring ALL the documents with me.  My guess is it has something to do with the father.  When I made my first passport, I was not 18 years old then and I have to get my dad to sign a consent saying he allows me to apply for a passport.  And it specifically mentioned father, not mother.  So, my guess is, this doesn't apply if the father is a Malaysian and the mother is a foreigner.
Today, we went to apply for her first passport since we will be travelling overseas soon.  At 7.45am, there was already a queue at the Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, Kelana Jaya Branch.  Was given a form like this to fill up:

What you ne…