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The Birthday Month - Birthday Treats

I love July.  Especially 28th July.  Because that's my birthday!!!
Every year, I will be looking out for treats and rewards given out by restaurants or any other enterprises to see what I get.  So far, 2 enterprises have emailed me.
1. Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) Get 2 FREE movie tickets only from 1st July to 31st July.  Selected movies only and marked with * in the website.  
Previous years I have utilised this nice treat with husband.  But this year, I have to forgo as I can't bring baby along.  Sigh.  
Anyway, I checked their website and found only 1 movie that I want to watch, which is upcoming.  It's "Alice in Wonderland".  However, I doubt that it will be mark * as usually movies that are already out for long or movies that are going to be taken out are marked.
2. Sunway PALS I only use this card for parking.  It's like Touch n Go.  As for the rewards, it's not that attractive.  The points are too expensive.
But for birthday, they are offering Buy 1 F…