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Found my mangalsutra at a trip to Joyalukkas, Masjid India

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement post.
My search for a gold mangalsutra which has Maharashtrian style has come to an end.  Thanks to Joyalukkas, I am now very happy and satisfied.  And so I would like to dedicate this post to Joyalukkas and thank them for the beautiful mangalsutra.  Joyalukkas did not pay me anything for this post.  I am doing it willingly and gratefully.
As mentioned in my previous post, I have been looking for a new mangalsutra to replace the old one.  Usually, Indians who are married will get the one and only mangalsutra during the wedding ceremony, presented by the bridegroom to the bride.  As per the Maharashtrian ceremony and custom, the design of the vati is as per the family tradition.  It will usually be in gold but nowadays richer families will make it in diamond as well.
Yoginis who are married in Sahaj will get a mangalsutra during the Sahaj wedding ceremony.  This mangalsutra is usually gold colored and made of metal.  It is not gold plated.  
I h…


The one that I am currently wearing was gifted to me by Shri Mataji during our Sahaj weddings in Cabella.  

It's made of some kind of metal and was gold in color when I first got it but now it has turned bronze.  The original had red stones on it but eventually one after another fell and I replaced it with crystals, which also fell and now it's blank.
No matter how, I am in love with my mangalsutra.  I feel so protected when wearing and feels the shakti power active in me.  
But I need to have a replacement soon because the current one is looking very sad.  The color has become dull and the holes where the stones were once placed has remain as holes.
I have been looking all over the place in Malaysia to get a new one.  I know in India we can find it easily.  But I need to go to India for that.
Here are some I have in mind:

As you can see, I prefer the traditional design.  My mangalsutra is a Marathi design with 2 vatis as pendant.
Unfortunately, the Indian jewelers in Malaysi…