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Year 2013 in review

How time flies!  Actually, not really.  Time doesn't really flies.  Just because we are too into our routine life, we don't realise what we had missed.
This year was a difficult year for me.  Let's just begin with the unhappy ones and we shall end the post on a positive note.  Early January, there was a short mourning session for someone gone too quickly and the effects lasted for the whole year.
Then struggles continue at work and home from February to July, where people were just too angry over everything and that unhappiness spreads throughout the department and home.  All ego problem.
In between these months, I also started doing some handicraft that is the Baby Soft Cubes.  However, I was unable to follow through and manage to make only 2 sets for my friends and I stopped.  Leaving the raw materials a plenty, sitting in my cupboard.
Also, I started baking cakes and it was a success after many failed tries.
From August to September, it was just busy months at work.  T…

Extension of Malaysia Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP)

Updated 30 June 2015: Please read this first before proceeding.

Disclaimer : All the blog posts on long term social visit pass (LTSVP) are made for couples who are genuinely married and married for love and not for money.

So my husband's pass is about to expire next January and it was time to renew.  Here's what we did and gone through.
We made a special trip to Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia Putrajaya few weeks before the application day.  This trip was to get information and forms required.  However, I realised that you don't really need to make an additional trip now.  Because Commissioner of Oaths is just at Counter 2.  Yup, it's very convenient now.  Unless you need to get stamping done, which is a bit of a hassle as the nearest Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri is at Cyberjaya.  So, depends on what your purpose is.  This time, all we need to fill up was Form IMM38, IMM55 and Surat Akuan which needed to be signed by the Commissioner of Oaths.On the application day itself, reme…