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A most wonderful and joyful birthday!

This year I had the most wonderful and joyful birthday.  Since this year my birthday falls on a Sunday and Friday happened to be a public holiday, the celebration started early due to the long weekend.
On Thursday, celebrated with colleagues.  I was sick on Wednesday, so no blowing candles and spreading my virus.

On Friday, went out with hubby for a movie and had a nice and satisfied lunch at Sushi Zanmai.  Then dinner time, sister and brother-in-law treated us another Japanese meal.  Sister's friend and boyfriend were so generous and bought me the cute cupcake above.

On Saturday, my parents celebrated my birthday with the above cake.

On Sunday, it was a farewell for a Sahaj family who came from Austria but will be leaving Malaysia soon after 4 years here.  It so happened that I have adopted this couple as my Sahaj parents.  How it happened was also quite coincidental.

In 2011, when I was preparing to leave for Cabella for my Sahaj wedding ceremony, I'd found that not many f…

Passing of another great soul

By now, I am sure everyone gets the news.  Sir Chandrika Prasad Srivastava had passed away peacefully on 22nd July 2013 at 7am in Italy.  He was 93 years old.  

Sir CP as he was fondly known, had been a great supporter of Shri Mataji's work.  He is now in Shri Mataji's embrace and may Shri Adi Shakti grant this great soul peace and liberation.
Rest in peace, Sir CP.

The wonders of salt water

Besides using salt water to footsoak every evening, salt water has other uses as well.

Few days ago, my gums became swollen.  This happens regularly especially on the right side, at the back where the wisdom tooth is half out.  According to the dentist, that wisdom tooth has stopped growing but the position is horizontal instead of vertical.  It is slightly pushing the next tooth but doesn't cause any pain or sensitivity, so the dentist suggest to leave it alone.
However, due to the weird position of that wisdom tooth, the gums around that tooth gets pushed and becomes a well, a perfect well for bacteria to grow.  So, I am extra careful and make sure no food stuff is left behind and brushed my teeth thoroughly, especially that area at the back.
Unfortunately, once in a while, those pesky food stuff gets into the well and doesn't come out even through brushing and the next day the gums became swollen from bacteria infection.
This is when antibiotics came into action but this ti…

Do you have courage?

Many years ago, Shri Mataji came into my dream and She told me, "You have no courage."
The dream was a pretty long one, and this quote was just part of it.  But it was such a deep dream and I woke up with these words in my mind.
What is courage?  I searched the dictionary to find the meaning.  What does it mean I don't have courage?  So, I started to take this up as something that I really need to look into.  
Many years gone by, and just when I thought I know the answer, these words kept on coming back to me.  In the end, I have to admit it, I have no courage.  That was Step 1 to a journey of self-discovery and introspection.
"As I told you, there have been many great leaders and many great people who are remembered by many people.  Now what you should see –what made them so great?  Why (after) so many years, people still remember them?  I have given you the statue of Shivaji-Maharaj; now he was another soul – a great soul – who had such principles and such a beaut…


In 1984, in the UK, Shri Mataji did a series of Public Programs on The Experience of Truth.  She explained in detail, what is truth, how to recognise truth, transformation from truth and finally, enjoyment of the bliss of truth.  Do look up the full speech to read more about it: 22 June 1984, 2 July 1984, 8 July 1984 and 10 July 1984.

"If you want the truth, I'll tell you the truth:  Listen to the secret sound, the real sound, which is inside you."  - Kabir
Who are the seekers of truth?
"So when I talk that the seekers of truth, and I bow to you, I mean to say people who will be honest about it. Those who are not honest, who are just clinging on to certain ideas, are fanatic and think that, “This is the truth”, then I cannot help you. I can just say that come inside, within yourself is placed the truth and just find it out for yourself because it is your own, it is within you. It is your own, it is within you. Only thing is that you have to see it yourself and feel i…