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Music to our ears

Sharing with you what music can really do to us, especially Sahaja Yoga music.
On Shri Mataji's Birthday Puja day, I was a little out-of-balance.  Rushed to the puja and was unable to clear and footsoak beforehand.  I felt a little guilty about it, then when I reached the puja venue, I placed both hands on the Mother Earth to ground myself.  Still not good enough.  Was reacting badly to a phone call.
Just as we were about to start, a yogini sister's 1 year old boy came and started standing up and facing me and laughing and raised his hands up and down, as if raising his own Kundalini.  But I could feel that my kundalini was coming up and vibrations were becoming lighter.  Still slight heat but better.  He was in fact, raising my Kundalini when everyone thought he was just playing with me. 
My husband was sitting behind me.  After Shri Mataji's talk, Her message was directly aiming at me, at least that's what I felt, selfishly.  She said to love everyone, including t…

What are we?

I have been wondering about this for a few days now.  I wondered why are we here on Earth?  What are we doing here?  What's our purpose in life?  Why are we becoming what we are now?  Is this what we are?
From young, I have always wondered, is there God?  Where is He?  I was brought up to believe in Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy.  I remembered once, I was 8 years old and I lost my ruler.  I searched high and low and still can't find it.  Then I prayed to Kuan Yin, please let me find it.  And, I'd found it.
I believe in God very much.  I believe there is a bigger power, a higher power above us.  But at the same time, my faith in God is not strong enough.  
One day, my parents brought us to see this medium.  We were pretty young and this happened 20 years ago.  This medium claimed that Kuan Yin will entered her body and anyone who ask for anything will be granted, with a price.  I saw her and oh my, I have never seen a bad-tempered 'Kuan Yin' before.  She scolded a…

Little things in life

I was cuddling my over-a-month little nephew.  He was half asleep.  As he laid on my chest, getting into the best position to sleep, his face was facing me.  Then, he slept soundly and smiled.  His breathing was soft and air was blowing into my face as he slept with his mouth open.  His heart was against mine and it was beating like a soft drum, dup-dup, dup-dup.  How miraculous this little heart is.  Just this little thing, kept everything growing.
How we often forget the good things in our lives.  Sometimes, it is only after a certain loss, that some people wake up from their slumber and realises what they have been missing.  So many people take this little heart for granted.  
I haven't been updating my blog for some time.  Work has been catching up and life is moving on the fast lane.  So on one lazy Sunday, I just looked back, wow, how I have taken so many things for granted.  Only looking at those unhappy moments and forget all the good times and good things in life.
I want…