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A 'Rojak' post

'Rojak' is one of Malaysian's favourite dessert / appetizer.  It's a mixed of fruits and vegetable salad with peanut sauce dressing.  When a Malaysian said 'Rojak' but not referring to the food, it means that everything is thrown in and it is mixed and combined.
Past few days, many, many things happened, all towards introspection and understanding more about Shri Mataji's vision, Her teachings and Her intention to start Sahaja Yoga and to ensure that each and everyone person on this earth receive their self-realisation.  Although what I have received is still preliminary as I tend to forget things very fast, but it did opened my eyes, my ears and my mind.
Where should I begin?
Let's rewind to last Thursday.  I have bought a brand new queen size bed and it was delivered.  My parents decided to switched room with me.  I will get a bigger room, while they will stay in my smaller room.  Since Thursdays are my mom's off days, the whole day was spent tra…

Hindustani classical music

Past few months, I have been taking a break from Sahaj music.  I felt there were too many things on my plate.  These are the activities on my agenda:

Learn mandarinFinish cross stitch (x10) for my new roomMove room, arrange, decorate, etcPrepare for registration of marriageWedding planningThe big bulk of to-do comes from wedding planning.  Besides working full-time and having to face the oncoming restructuring which complicates matter and having to deal with lots of red tape, I told myself, enough is enough.  Not putting anymore things on my plate.
Recently my life have been very busy.  Mainly having to deal with other people and not my own things, accommodating to other people's needs and doing things for other people.  
At first, I agree to do it.  I don't know how to say NO.  Then it began to weigh down on me and putting a burden in my day-to-day life that I felt paralysed for waiting for other people's decisions, instructions, whims and fancies.
So, I began to do something…


Yeah, the title is not that great.  Ever since I got matched to a Chinese guy from China, this word has been popping out a lot more frequent and I realised that we do have a lot of discrimination against a lot of people, whether we know it or not.
I am a third generation of Chinese origin, born in Malaysia.  In another words, I am Chinese but a Malaysian.  Growing up in Malaysia, we mingled with other races a lot, especially the Malays and Indians.  Everyday in our life, in one way or another, we have to deal with them, whether it is paying to an Indian cashier or ordering from a Malay waiter or getting Chinese credit card sales rep bugging you, to us Malaysians, seeing another race is very common.
We do have some racial differences which I feel we should all appreciate and understand each other's culture and tradition instead of discriminating.
At my work, I have Indian and Malay colleagues, as well as Chinese colleagues.  We work together, share our differences and learn more about…

Marriage is more important than Wedding

After blogging so much about wedding planning, it's time to emphasize that the marriage is more important than the wedding.  Some people have grand weddings, but ended up divorce.  So, to me I feel, what is most important is the Marriage, how both people learn to live together, how both people learn to ascent and work towards a successful marriage.
I was a little tired from wedding planning, tired of being bothered by relatives and fed up of accommodating to people around me.  
I find a Chinese wedding is more for show, more for relatives and for my parents, rather than for the newlyweds themselves.  To me, a Sahaj wedding is more important and is more meaningful.  Every single step, every single mantra has its significance.  It's such a beautiful and auspicious ceremony that it will bring tears to my eyes.  I love the mantra sang by the late Dr. Arun Apte at the beginning of the ceremony, where the brides and the grooms yet to meet each other, with the brides taking step-by-ste…

Wedding cupcakes

I am still deciding who will be my wedding cupcakes baker.  This is tougher as I need to taste them before deciding.  These are the ones I have emailed and enquired (again, not in any particular order):

1. Vanilla Cakes N Such (she is an old friend of mine and she made beautifully designed cupcakes)
2. Wondermilk (they have a very good website and their cupcakes are very beautifully decorated, but I find it a bit too sweet to my liking)
3. Eunice Quah (she is a home-baker based in Klang and I have yet to taste her cupcakes)
4. Heavenly Sweet (another home-baker which I feel her blog need a bit more help)
5. JA Homebaked (she is a cousin of mine and her style is less-sweet and more healthy cupcakes)
6. Cupcake Chic (I have tasted theirs and I like it!)

I am still deciding which baker I should select.  For selecting a baker, you don't have to book months in advance.  At most, 2 months before you Big day is good enough. 
I feel selecting a cupcake baker is more difficult than wedding…

Love Should be Your Rule

I found this in an old email of mine.  Thought it's really a short but good article.  I don't know who wrote it.  It's so true and Shri Mataji always tell us to love.

Love Should Be YourRule
If there's a single word you should live your life by, it should be this: Love. It might sound corny, I know … but trust me, there's no betterrule in life.
Some would live by the rule of success. Their lives will be stressful, unhappy and shallow.
Others would live by the rule of selfishness — putting their needs above those of others. They will live lonely lives, and will also be unhappy.
Still others will live by the rule of righteousness — trying to show the right path, and admonishing anyone who doesn't live by that path. They are concerned with others, but in a negative way, and in the end will only have their own righteousness to live with, and that's a horrible companion.
Live your life by the rule of love. Loveyour spouse, your children, your parents, your friend…

Wedding hair & make-up artist

Every bride would want to look their best on their BIG day.  These are the hair & make-up artists I have emailed and enquired (arranged not in any particular order):
1. Angie Ng
2. Grace Wang
3. Gene Lim (highly recommended in Malaysian Brides Forum)
4. Ester Chun
5. Remy Ngan (another famous one in Malaysian Brides Forum)
6. Faith Fey
7. Syezen
8. Chris Wong

Oh my, I just realised that I have enquired 8 wedding photographers and 8 wedding hair & make-up artists.  I have selected No.1, simply because I like her work and again, fit into my budget.  
Remember, if you want to get those really good make-up artists, you have to book way in advance.  I heard Gene Lim is so popular that she is booked 2 years in advance.  
There are many more out there, some don't have websites but just by word of mouth.  Best is to find out from the brides themselves.  So, the forum is really helpful when it comes to this.
I hope Angie will transform me into a beautiful bride.

Wedding photographers

There are many Malaysian wedding photographers out there.  Just Google it and you will find.  These are the ones I have emailed and enquired (arranged in the order that I have emailed):

1. Andy Lim
2. John Poh
3. Ben Law
4. Darren Tan
5. Derek Chai
6. Foo Hui
7. Kok Chim Leong
8. BestianKelly (based in Penang)

Please take note that I was not commission to advertise for them, but just thought that this will be a useful info for all the bridegrooms/brides-to-be out there.  Also, these information is correct as at today.  There are many more websites on Google, but only these are the ones I have selected.  There are all very good photographers and replied my emails promptly and politely.  
I have chosen No.6, simply because I like her work and she was the wedding photographer for my cousin's wedding last year and also another cousin's wedding photographer this year and her rates fit my budget.
Remember to book your dates early especially if you want good photographers.  They are …

Working life

I know I wanted to continue with the wedding planning.  But this week, it's really a hectic week as we need to serve the auditors.  With the span of these few days, I realised something...
1. The more salary you get paid, the more work you need to do.  The higher your position, the more things you need to check.  The more decisions you need to make.
Well...isn't this the law of society?  Something that everyone should know.  Well, apparently I don't.  Anyway, what I learn from this is that we need to constantly update ourselves and improve ourselves in order to keep up with the society.
2. You can't just trust another person's work although it's a routine work and you think they should know what to do and should be right.  You still need to check it and not just use the word 'trust'.
Maybe it's just my line of work, or the company I am working with.  Maybe it's just me.  I used to not trust other people's work and ended up doing everything my…

Wedding Planning

I have been very busy for the past few months.  The main agenda on my schedule is planning my wedding.  As my fiance is not in Malaysia, I have to do all the planning myself while he handles the wedding in China.  
A few months back, I wanted to write about choosing a bridal studio.  However, after much thought, I deleted the draft.  I don't have enough material to write about it as I didn't do many surveys unlike so many brides-to-be in Malaysia.  I just went to a Wedding Fair in November with my friend, found out some names but didn't actively enquire.  Then in December, I wanted to go to the one recommended by my friend, but because I cannot find parking, I just went to the first shop that I could find parking.  And as I didn't have time to survey around, after listening to the manager, I just agreed to their package and voila, took my wedding photographs.  It was really a spontaneous act and it turned out great!  I know if I have gotten around to survey, I might h…