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Happy New Year 2010

Before I start the post on the Vashi trip and Batam, let me just wish everyone a great New Year 2010.

New life, new job, new hope, new me. That's my resolution for 2010. Anyway, there's no need for any resolution because everyday there's something to resolve. Ha ha.

I pray for everyone that the year 2010 will be full of lovely surprises, little miracles and beautiful vibrations. I pray for Shri Mataji to have a long life and good health. I pray that everyday in year 2010 I will have the feelings I had when I was in Vashi, that is lots of joy and when the heart is open, the sahasrara is also open, therefore, there is no other desire, no ego, no expectations. Just contentment, love and full of bakti for Shri Mataji.

I pray that in year 2010, whenever there is a situation or a crisis or a dilemma, it can be sorted out easily as I can then surrender to Shri Mataji completely.

I pray that in year 2010, I will be stronger, wiser and deeper. I pray that year 2010 is the ye…

I am here!!!

Finally I get access to the internet after years and years of no internet in the house. Today is the day we have finally installed wireless broadband. So, now I get to blog at home. Yay!!!

I have been on a long long break. In between jobs, so I got a month of rest and relax, which I very much deserved. I went to Vashi for 17 days and then came back to Port Dickson for the Yuva Shakti seminar and then to Batam and Singapore with my parents for a couple of days.

Vashi trip to the International Sahaja Yoga Research & Health Centre has been a journey of self-discovery. I have learnt so much about myself, my subtle system, my spirit. Definitely will say it's a spiritual journey for growing deeper and ascent higher.

This was my first trip there and on top of that I was all alone, which was the best thing I did for myself. I have so much of alone time and introspection time. My next post will tell my daily journey in Vashi, of course some parts are censored as it is very pe…