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India trip 2008 and Happy New Year 2009

--> Just got back from India. Been having a lot of fun and adventures, beautiful vibes, people, everything. Gonna share everything here, the photos and the stories.
13 December 2008 (Saturday) A group of us left today. Mala and her children, Rohan and Lakshmi, Jaso and Khailaesh, Lat and myself. Since we arrived late at night, we decided to just stay in YWCA, Mumbai for the night before our next stop. Warm night, 28C. A bit of culture shock, the Indian driving style, the non-stop honking. Blow horn when too slow, too fast, too near, too far, anything or nothing, just blow horn. And the Indian driving style is really something, even the mini bus drivers in Malaysia cannot compete.
-->Room in YWCA
14 December 2008 (Sunday) Since we are only leaving Mumbai for Brahmapuri at noon, we decided to walk around Mumbai town. We found out that YWCA is just 5 minutes walk to The Taj Hotel (which was attacked by terrorist on 26 November 2008). So, we decided to just check out the…