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Team Building

I just came back from a 2 day team building course jointly organised by our firm and another firm. There were altogether 70 + people (60 + from our firm and 24 from another firm).

I didn't bring my camera, so will have to depend on my colleague's camera, so no photos for now.

We gathered at the office and left only at 9.30am and reached Gracehill Orchard Lodge, Bukit Tinggi around 11am.

Then we started with the first activity of the day, that is Ice-Breaking.


We were told that we will be divided into 5 groups, all colour coordinated, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Pink.

We were given a name tag of another person, and we were told to look for that person and introduce yourself and say 2 things about yourself (including name 3). Then you will take on the identity of that person and goes and introduce to another person.

It was quite interesting but still I felt we didn't get to know everyone there.

Our name tags were already printed in the different colours. I was i…