Monday, November 23, 2015

For a PRC - How to drive in Malaysia (Part 1)

Part 1

For those PRCs are interested to get a driving license to drive in Malaysia, please read on.  The process was amazingly so tedious and lots of red tape and sometimes I feel it is even more complicated than applying for the LTSVP.

There are 2 options for a PRC.  If there are more options, do let me know because I only know 2.  As per my research, China does not issue International License.  So, if you know a PRC who has an International License from China, it's probably a fake.  Again, I could be wrong but that's what I found from Google.

First option - Have good understand of English and go and take the road transport exam, like any Malaysian.  Book yourself at a Driving School.  First you need to pass the Undang-Undang, which is now offered in both BM and English and it's computerised objective questions.  Then once that is done and you passed, you will have to do a practical on-the-road lessons for 12 hours.  Then there's the slope test, parking and 3-point-turn that you will need to practise on.  On the day of the exam, you will have to drive with the JPJ test examiner chosen route and do the slope test, parking test and 3-point-turn test.  Once you have passed everything, then you will get your P license (like in a month of so) which permit you to drive on Malaysian road with a passenger next to you (or something like that).

Second option

Step 1: Go to China and get your legal driving license from there.  I am saying legal because there are many illegal license being sold in China (which is one reason why so much of red tape involved to get it converted).  Bear in mind, the road test in China is much more stringent and complicated than the one in Malaysia.  But if your command of English and BM is very poor, then this is probably the better option for you.

Step 2: Once you have obtained your China license, you can't drive in Malaysia yet (unless you intend to drive illegally, which I strongly do not encourage or recommend - will explain in Part 2).  You need to convert your China license to Malaysian license.  And here begins the complication.  As per JPJ website, we just need to get it translated and endorsement from embassy of country.  But it's not as simple as you think.

Step 3 - VERY IMPORTANT STEP: Before you leave China, please get your China driving license notarize by the following department in China:

a) Notary Public - Authentication
b) Foreign Office / Foreign Affair - Endorsement
c) Malaysia Embassy in China - Endorsement

This is where all the red tape starts.  When husband got his driving license in China, we thought we can just come to Malaysia, get it translated, get it endorsed at the China Embassy in Malaysia and go to JPJ and apply for the license.  Nope, that's not the case.

When we went to the China Embassy in Malaysia, we were given this little slip:

And we were told to go to China and do it as the China Embassy in Malaysia doesn't have do such notarization.  Oh well.  That means the RM150 that I paid for translation was for nothing and now have to buy an air ticket for him to go back to China.  Bummer.

Step 4: So husband went back to China and went to the 3 places mentioned in Step 3.  Each authentication and notarization takes about 10 working days.  Yes, that is almost like a month to get it done for all 3 places.  If you cannot stay so long in China, then you have to ask someone to help you to do it on your behalf.  First ask the offices if that is allowed (because it depends location to location, China is HUGE, remember).  The last office, which is the Malaysia Embassy in China agreed to courier the document back to husband's local house address when it's done.  Then a family member couriered the document to us in Malaysia (because the air ticket was already booked and husband have to return to Malaysia before that).  The end result is, they made a very nice A4 book with the translation done by them and all the respective offices endorsement at the back.  Very neat.

Step 5:  This will be continued in Part 2.  Looks like we need to make a trip to Malaysia Foreign Affair in Putrajaya to get their endorsement before heading to JPJ.

Note:  I have disabled comments as I do not wish to answer where are the offices located in China.  Ours were done in Foshan and Guangzhou.  Please check with your local China offices to confirm.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

How to tell what is natural material?

Before Sahaj, I was not able to tell what material is natural and what is not.  I used to wear clothes that are polyester and doesn't feel a thing.

After Sahaj, the artificial material have an effect on my skin.  If I wear polyester material, I tend to sweat more and it makes my skin itch.  

There are few types of natural cloth material.  They are cotton, wool, silk, leather, fur, bamboo, hemp and jute.  I don't propagate wearing fur or leather as they killed animals for that.  Let's just talk about the natural sources from trees and fibers. 

Then industrialization came and many people opted for synthetic material, saying it's easier, no need to iron, airy, easy to dry, etc.  Example like polyester, nylon and spandex.  

True enough, cotton materials get crumple after each wash and you need to iron.  And because it's ability to absorb sweat, it makes one feel that it's hot compared to polyester.  But polyester stinks.  And I literally mean it.  After you sweat, though it doesn't absorb your sweat and you don't feel hot, but you or the cloth emit a kind of body odour that really stink.  Also, some cotton materials colour runs after each wash and you need to wash by hand, especially those hand-dye type.  That's the only con I can think of.

One of the reason I love India is you can get many cotton materials and they are cheap.  I love chikankari suits as they are 100% cotton and although it started out hard because they starch it but after numerous wash, the cotton is soft and it's very comfortable.

Many punjabi suits are made of 100% cotton.  But those not chikankari type are made of softer cotton material.

I also love saris made of cotton although they can make you look very bulky.  But after many washes, it's softer and feels very cooling and comfortable on the skin.

I don't know why people like to make office wear and business suits from unnatural material.  Maybe no need to iron.  It's very hard to get clothing from natural material.  Seriously, if you look hard enough, you may find some exotic store selling cotton materials which are at exorbitant price.

Now, there are some people who claimed that the materials are natural, but it turns out not.  Example like tetra cotton.  It's mixed polyester with cotton material.  Then there are some saris that claimed to be mixed silk with cotton.  But it turns out to be polyester and cotton.

So how do you tell whether a material is 100% natural or not?  I didn't start out able to tell what is what until I got my vibrationary sensation.  It's when you hold a cloth in your hands and after few seconds, you can feel cool or heat coming out from your hands.  If it is heat, then it's not 100% natural.  Likewise, if it's cool, then it's most likely 100% natural.

Now cotton business is a big business in the material world.  I don't understand why instead of getting more natural materials in Malaysia, we have to import something called organic cotton, which is a very soft cotton material that is suitable for babies.

And I always have this motto, what's good for baby, is good for you too.  

Nowadays there are so many materials that claimed to be natural but not.  I believe even the seller doesn't know what is natural and what is not.  

So feel it yourself with your hands.  But first, you must have vibrationary sensation and that happens after self-realisation upon the opening of your 7th chakra and the awakening of your Kundalini.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Miracle photos or not

Lately, there's this discussion happening on Facebook, all about real or fake miracle photos.  I am so happy that someone finally brought this up.  For a long time, I have been trying to tell people that it's very difficult to capture a miracle photo nowadays, especially with the new digital cameras.  It can create many effects that people might think it is a miracle photo.

Back in those days, where film was used for those analog cameras, miracle photos was also rare but when we finally captured one, it feels like a blessing.

Anyway, I am not going to share the photos that were discussed on Facebook.  The uncle has taken few photos all around Google, some Sahaj and some non-Sahaj to make comparison.

Here's a recap:

1. Lights - These happened from slow shutter speed.  I am not a professional photographer, but I have taken many of these photos, whether at Sahaj events or not.  Try this at home with a digital camera.  Don't shoot the altar.  Try somewhere else, say a Christmas tree.  Now adjust your digital camera to have slow shutter speed.  Then while shooting the Christmas tree with lights on, move your camera around it when it starts to click.  Now you can see the miracle lights photo.  

I have tried this on a friend who was holding the sparklers during Chinese New Year and told her to write an alphabet.  And ta-da....the alphabet appeared and seems like a miracle but it's not.  She can even spell her name if she want to.

2. Orbs - I have a story to tell on this one.  The first time I heard that the orbs represented something was through someone who is not in Sahaj.  She showed me a photo where there were numerous orbs and then said that it is representing some kind of negativity and if I look really closely, I can see faces in those orbs.  I tried to see, but can't really tell.

Then the second time, someone told me that the orb represented someone who meant a lot to her and had died and when it appears in the photo next to her, she felt his presence.  

Now the third time, it's through a Sahaj sharing session, where a Sahaja Yogini went to Delhi for a puja and took a photo with yogis and there were so many orbs all around them.  She insisted that they were vibrations.

I got truly confused.  How can the orbs represent both, good and bad?  So which is which?

Now try this.  Go to a very dusty place.  And make sure your lens are also dirty.  Then start taking photos, any photo for that matter.  You will see orbs.  

Then try this.  Clean your lens and take the same photo again.  No more orbs, yes?  

It's just dust.

3. Shaky photos - Shaky hands produced shaky photos.  Even my 2 year old nephew can show you that.  

What I cannot stand is yogis sharing shaky photos at self-realisation program and claiming them to be miracle photos.  I have been trying to tell that it's all because of her shaky hands, but no one is listening.  People are amazed by it.  And if yogis said it has very good vibrations, well, the more the photo get endorsed.

Again, shaky photos are not miracle photos.

I just don't understand why we need all this confirmation to show that Divine exist.  Divine exist everywhere especially in our hearts, if we keep our heart clean.  Yes, taking a miracle photo can be a very fulfilling experience.  

I used to aim my digital camera at altars and photos of Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga seminars just to see if I can capture a miracle photo.  And it feels so good inside just to capture one, to show that Divine is there where our naked eyes cannot see.  And in 2006, I managed to capture one when I was in LA with my lousy digital camera and I will still maintain that it is a miracle photograph, although it is not as impressive as those lights and orbs.  This is because I took the same photo, at the same location, at the same zoom, at the same setting numerous times and yet I cannot get the that one photo where it looks like Shri Mataji appeared before Her arrival.

I have seen real miracle photographs, captured by both amateurs and professional photographer.  And it's very different from what the lights and orbs and shaking photos looked like.  I am sure many have seen those olden times, where miracle photos of vibrations appear in front of Shri Mataji.  

And some said, well, checked vibrations and it was cool.  So must be miracle photo.  I guess this is a testing time for us.  Vibrations will be there if yogis are there too.  Vibrations are there if Shri Mataji's photo is in there.  But please don't look outward for all this confirmation.  Look inside us.  Are there vibrations in us?  In our hearts?  

Have you seen the double rainbow photo after havan at Russia?  That's a miracle photo.  

It's so hard to define what's a miracle photo now.  But use your discretion.

Oh, and please don't take those photoshopped photos as miracle photos.  It's so easy to superimposed or do some effects on photos.

Miracle or not.  It's in our heart.  Listen to it.  In fact, every single day, little miracles happen in our lives.  If only we open our heart to see it.

Monday, November 09, 2015

No more excuses

I remembered the good times I had at Vashi hospital back in 2009.  I was there alone, i.e no Malaysians were with me and I made many friends while there.  That's where I met my very good sister from Beijing, Teng Lin and we bonded very well since then.

Though I can't honestly say that I had good times all the time while there because it was also a very challenging time.  I was made to face myself, like it or not.  

But by the time that I was ready to leave, I had such a nice feeling overall and a very special experience on the last day that made me feel like I am on top of the world.  I can feel that I was my own spirit, not this body, not this ego, not this mind.  

Coming back here I was able to sustain the vibrations and feelings for a while.  Say, a month or two.  Then I was back to before Vashi.  I did want to feel that whole feeling again but was unable to do it.  Somehow, I just can't get to it.  Not all the time.

Recently after a clearing session with the invited Vashi doctors here in Malaysia, I felt again that feeling at Vashi.  It was not lost after all, just forgotten.  I was given a set of homework to do and introspection to change myself.

But coming back home, I couldn't sustain that feeling again, I was back to before.  I couldn't do all the homework given.  Then I found the issue.

When I was in Vashi, we were given a very strict timetable.  I was not a very disciplined person, i.e I don't wake up early.  I don't have a schedule for myself.  I tend to procrastinate rather than do somethings.  

But when in Vashi, I was forced to go with the flow.  The meditation started sharp at the time proposed.  If you are late, you will miss the beginning.  It's your lost.  Clearing session was also the same.  Same with meal times, but if you are late, you will still get to eat.  

The first week I was adjusting to the new timetable.  I like it when someone dictate my life for me, like how to run it because sometimes I have no idea what to do.  

Second week, I was already accustomed to the new timetable and was enjoying how timely everything was.  And everything was prepared for us and I felt so pampered.  Like we have wake up call at 5am.  Meals were all cooked and ready by a certain time.  If we need help with laundry, there are some helpers around.  Just need to pay them.  

So with the rest of the time, I have a lot of chance to clear myself, sleep, rest, walk around the garden, admire the flowers, read, etc.  There was no WiFi, so no chance for us to watch YouTube or play online games.

Third week, was the last week I was there.  I was ready to leave.  Honestly, I think I had enough of being pampered and would like to go back to my routine.  While I enjoyed the vibrations there in Vashi, I also started to miss home.  

But once home, when I was back to my routine, it was like back to indiscipline.  I couldn't get up at 5am although alarm was set.  No one meditated with me in the morning or night.  So I just didn't feel motivated enough to do all the clearing and homework given.  

Besides that, there are mountain of chores to do at home.  And then back to work, where 8 hours of my life is spent there.  There was simply not enough time for me to sit back and relax and enjoy the garden.

Not only that, I found Indians in India are generally very surrendered in their day-to-day life.  But Malaysians tend to overthink things and be very mental.

But that's reality.  

We are given a choice.  Whether we want to follow that route or not, it's up to us.  The choice given to us is of course a good one.  But we always have our excuses and rationale to be different or choose not to follow.

Like Shri Mataji gave us so much of advice in so many of Her talks throughout the years from 1970s to 2000s.  That's 30 years or advice.  But how many of us chose to follow?

We can clear ourselves to no end and yet find ourselves still very caught up without realising that the root problem is right there in front of us and yet we can't see it or chose not to see or feel it.

We can choose to wake up early at 4am to meditate and yet some would give thousand of excuses and said can't do it or that because of GMT or whatever time zone, 4am in India means different time in whichever country.  Excuses again.

We can act like we have the best of knowledge, or that we know everything about the Divine but in the end we don't even know ourselves.

Sahaja Yoga is simple and so spontaneous and yet sometimes difficult to be understood completely.

My experience is this:  When I wake up at 4am to meditate, I found the meditation is effortless and introspection is better.  It's also deeper although only 10 minutes.  I also enjoyed the silence, when not even the birds are awake yet.  And I find when I start my day with such nice meditation, everything is so well.  Even if it is not well that day, I don't react.  I felt very at peace and calm throughout the day.  

To be honest, I don't wake up every single day at 4am.  Because now that I am heavily pregnant, I tend to wake up more at night to pee that I don't have enough of sleep most of the time.  I was also told to rest more at this time, because when baby comes, I won't have that luxury.

So I adjust accordingly.  Still haven't reach the ideal phase where I can do everything that Shri Mataji told.  

But on the mornings that I wake up at 4, it has been amazing.  Best is to sleep at 10pm so that you get more sleep.  Your body also can sustain.  Otherwise, you will be too tired.  What more, for us who have to sit in the office 8 hours a day, where we can't even get a short nap, it's challenging but doable. 

Just don't feel guilty if you can't manage to do something well.  Just do your best but don't give excuses not to do it when you know pretty well it's doable.  

It also helps if there is someone willing to do it together with you, like my husband.  He feels amazing too with the 4am meditation and now he is the one who wakes me up. 

Pregnancy has taught me a lot about spirituality.  

Monday, November 02, 2015

Information for pregnant Sahaja Yoginis

I have decided to gather all information for pregnant Sahaja Yoginis here.  This is probably not conclusive, so please feel free to add on if you have anymore inputs.  To read more about it, please go to  

I guess the experience varies from individual to individual.  But I was very sensitive to vibrations and negativity when I was in my first trimester.  So much so that sometimes I have to do 2-3 times footsoak in a row in order to feel better.  But it gets better in the second trimester.

As for havan, I was told that pregnant ladies can attend havan but have to sit far from the fire and don't sit too long.  This was advice by the Vashi doctors.  But my own experience, in which I attended one havan, I didn't feel good after that.  It's just my personal feelings about it as I was ultra-sensitive.  But I read some yoginis wrote that pregnant ladies should not attend havan altogether.  So, it really depends.  I guess you could always check vibrations to find out.

Below are what I got from by typing Pregnant and Pregnancy in the search box.  These are the documented information.  Always read the full text for more information.

In Questions by doctors to Shri Mataji, Ealing, London 2000, Shri Mataji said (not in Her exact words though):

- It is alright to have ultrasound for pregnant ladies.  
- If the pregnant lady meditates, there is no need for epidural as she would have a painless delivery.  Epidural may hurt the spine as the spinal cord is very delicate.  
- Pregnant ladies can attend collective meetings but need not work on others.
- Meditate every morning and night for 5 minutes, nothing will happen to the pregnant ladies and will have a realised soul.
- Cannot have camphor and ajwain treatment during pregnancy as they are heat-giving.  
- Should not eat anything heat-giving as well, like papaya.
- Can use little bit of ice pack.  If the pregnant lady is thinking too much, better to put on the ego. 
- It's good to walk for pregnant ladies.

About not watching eclipse during pregnancy:

In Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Singapore Airport, 28 February 1990 - (A Sahaja Yogini asks about her mentally retarded son.)
What is the problem? Did she see the lunar eclipse when she was pregnant? You must have, by mistake you must have, that’s the reason. It’s not difficult, he’s a left-sided person. Put the left side towards Me and right hand on the Mother earth. You see this is how you have to make him sit before My photograph and a candle here, and also put a light near his left Swadisthana and keep it there. And raise his Kundalini with the light but no water treatment for him. Raise the light. Three candles, one in front, one here, one there to raise the Kundalini.
(It was the learnt that Shri Mataji’s fight to Perth had been delayed by one hour.)
I don’t want them to be delayed, it’s very late there. It’s eight o’clock now on your watch?
(Referring to the retarded child.) And he has to avoid eating carbohydrates, he should eat more meat or fish. He’ll be all right, just see if there’s a cool breeze coming in his head, put your left hand towards Me. Started now, just put your left hand… . Feeling the cool breeze in your hand? Are you feeling cool? Look at that, just sit here comfortably. Be comfortable, after some time it’ll clear out maybe, may not be, but still you do it at home.
I’m sure she must have by mistake seen an eclipse, because Chinese know that, Chinese know that it’s wrong to see an eclipse. You know that, isn’t it in your philosophy? If you see the lunar eclipse this happens and if you see the sun eclipse you get a deformation of the body. Especially thpregnant women, not for everyone.

In Talk to yogis, Ashram in Le Raincy, Paris (France), 17 August 1987pregnant woman should never see the eclipse of the sun or the moon, because if they see the sun eclipse, they’ll have physical problems. The children will be born with hands like this, feet like that. And if they see the lunar eclipse, the moon’s eclipse, then they will have mental problems.

In Public Program, Rome (Italy), 29 April 1982One more question they asked about the handicapped children. The handicapped children are mostly created because the mothers do not know what to be done during pregnancy. Say, if you see an eclipse during pregnancy you will get a handicapped child.
If you see a setting sun during pregnancy for long period [unclear: of] times, then you will get children whose eyes that are very weak. If you get any antibiotic treatment during pregnancy you will get a child with the blue heart; as they call it a ‘blue baby.’ So there are many such things when it happens to the mother. Also, it is also karma sometimes that affects the child. All, all such children can also get realization and can also get cured, but our main interest is to give realization to people who are normal so that they can  realization to other people.

On being hectic and importance to meditate during pregnancy:

In Medical Conference, 29 June 1990 - At the time when the mother is pregnant she should not work very hard. She should take rest more. She should not think too much but read something soothing, something nice. Best is to meditate. At that time if the mother is over-active and thinking if futuristic things, children are born with diseases. Or if she’s hectic the child may get leukemia. The spleen is for all emergencies because it produces red blood corpuscles. But if you are hectic, panicked all the time, rushing about then the poor spleen cannot understand. It becomes erratic and crazy. It could happen to children or adults.

In Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Mechelen (Belgium), 21 September 1986Now, the mothers who are hectic by nature, very anxious, do this, do that, want to be all the time very hectic with their children also, they can give blood cancer to the children who are not even born, when they are pregnant.

In Shri Pallas Athena Puja, Athens (Greece), 26 April 1993So the meditation is a very important part for you because also the women who are pregnant, when they – if they do not meditate their children turn out to be very troublesome and very funny. It’s a thing like that. It affects everything. But your character of meditativeness, your character of Sahaja Yoga helps everyone, your children, your family your society, everybody, and everybody can make it out what sort of a family you are, what sort of a people you are, what sort of a personality you are. And from you they take to Sahaja Yoga.

On top of the documented talks above, below are some passed from Shri Mataji to the yoginis in the early days:

- Avoid sitting on Mother Earth for the first three months of pregnancy (first trimester).
- Have positive thoughts and think noble things - “…Then you yourself should be thinking about noble things.  Specially when people are pregnant they are supposed to read something very noble. Like you can read Geeta or Bible or Koran or something so that your thoughts are towards God and when the child is born, the child also thinks of the same things. All the conditionings of the mother starts the day she conceives the baby, and since that day the child is conditioned. So all the good conditionings you take upon yourself, all the good things you think about the baby, you work it out and that is how a child can be a very quiet, obedient. sensible, natural personality…”
- Good mental and spiritual health - “…It is very important that the mother’s mental and spiritual health is kept clean and full of positivity…”
- “…Whatever is going on in the mind will effect the child. The mind has to be happy. You cannot be with artificiality or fantasy…”
- Read books about childcare: Shri Mataji has also advised the reading of books about mother and childcare in order to educate ourselves in the absence of sensible parental advice which in a society such as India would be available (the grandmother playing an important role).

Advice given by Vashi hospital doctors to Australian yogis, April 2013:

During Pregnancy
1. You can attend public programme but it is not advisable to either give realization or work on others. 
2. You need to listen to Shri Mataji's lectures / puja talks, read good books, do light work, rest in the afternoon, keeping your feet up. 
3. One should not eat heating things like papaya. 
4. Make regular foot soak & meditate. 
5. Left side treatments are to be made only if needed. 
6. Candle treatment can be done but camphor is to be avoided. 
7. In havan one is not to sit right in front of the fire. 
8. Matka if needed can be done.

And here's a website providing more information for Sahaja Yoginis, but please read with discretion as no reference was made to Shri Mataji's excerpts or Her talks.

As for me, I have attended a public programme when I was 6 weeks pregnant and I made sure I had a lime with me in my pocket.  Although I didn't give realization that day, but I was in the fore front singing bhajans.

As mentioned earlier, I didn't feel good after attending one havan.  But always felt very good after puja and normal collective meditations.

Some women advised me against sitting on Mother Earth although I was already in my second trimester, but I felt better sitting on the ground than on the chair.  Nothing to do with vibrations.  Just the ergonomics were better for me on the floor.

Conclusion is, use your discretion and vibrations.  Shri Mataji's advice is always better than others.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Meditate at 4am

Past few days, hubby and I woke up at 4am and did meditation.  It was a trial out to see whether we will be able to last for the rest of the day at work staying awake.  

Basically, we put the alarm clock at 3.45am and then get up and brush our teeth and wash our face.  Then we sit for meditation.  After doing pranam, raising kundalini and bandhan, we kept our eyes open and look at Shri Mataji's Lotus Feet.  Few minutes later, automatically our eyes will close and will bring us deep into meditation.  

The meditation is not long, just 5-10 minutes, the most.  Then we go back to sleep.  And wake up at 7am to get ready for work.

I must say the experience has been very fulfilling.  Although we woke up early, we didn't really feel sleepy throughout the day.  And the vibrations early in the morning is very good and the meditation is very deep.  In fact, we were able to sustain the thoughtless awareness much longer.

What I like about this schedule is that I don't have to rush the meditation and then to work.  At least I felt I have fulfilled my morning meditation before I leave home.

Today, both of us decided to take a break and wake up later for meditation.  The effects were not  as good.  In fact, I don't feel as calm.  Also, I must say I still feel sleepy despite sleeping more.

Looks like we have to continue waking up at 4am continuously and keep it a routine so that our bodies can get use to it.  The feeling is different and overall we felt better.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dream of travelling again

I was re-reading all my travel posts and love every one of it.  Whether local or overseas travel, it's always good to be on holiday, not stuck in office, doing the routine work but instead enjoy going to places, eating, etc.  I would love to travel to India again with hubby this time.  We haven't gone as a couple yet.  

Here are some of the travel posts:

In between I went to more places but didn't write in detail about the places I went or the itinerary.  The above are more detailed.  Like we went to Langkawi for our honeymoon in 2011.  And in the same year, we went to Cabella and visited the Matterhorn.  And in 2012, we went to Shenzhen, which I wrote something but not in detail.  And the most recent one was a trip to Tangkak, Johor and stayed at Gunung Ledang Resort and had some fun at the waterfall.  Don't know why I didn't write anything more about it.  

Looks like I made is a point to travel every single year, whether near or far.  It's good to relax once in a while, especially away from work and stress.

I wish to travel again.  This time, I really want to go to India, Nirmal Dham in New Delhi, visit the Sahaja Yoga Health Centre in Noida and probably go to Ganga.  

But looks like I won't be travelling anytime soon.  Not in another few years time.  Oh well.  But the moment I am able to travel, India will be first on my list.


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