Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hello there!

Wow, I have disappeared for a month on this blog but for a good reason which I cannot reveal as I feel it is not safe for public exposure yet.  Maybe ever.

Because of this condition,  I have been very sensitive to vibrations and negativities surrounding me and I feel there's no need for further pressure and stress.  

There is one feeling that I felt very strongly that needed a post which is why I came back.  Because of the condition that I am having, I feel the need to read positive posts, be it on Facebook or Amruta.  Amruta has been a very good source.  But not Facebook.  And I am talking about Sahaj posts.

I feel (and this is entirely my own feelings) that we are beginning to forget what a Mother's love is.  We can be very protective towards Shri Mataji and would do anything to protect Her legacy.  But we failed to treat each and other with love.  I guess as children, bickering is just very common and normal.  But discussion posts has become nothing but slandering other Sahaja Yogis, whether old or new.  It's disheartening to read and with my current condition, I can feel the negativity even more.

My new condition is very special.  I prefer the company of yogis as I enjoy the joyfulness and jokes with yogis.  Non-yogis makes me feel very heavy and I am saying literally heavy.  So much so that I feel I am just dragging my feet and sometimes I need to footsoak twice in one meditation sitting.

I just feel we are beginning to lose trust even with yogis.  We don't believe each other's words.  We think we are always right.  And we do things that we think or feel are right because we think we are protecting Shri Mataji's name.  We know Shri Mataji loves us and we also loves Shri Mataji very much.  But we failed to love each other which also hurts Shri Mataji, no?  We treat the authorities with no respect.  And we don't believe in every spoken words.  Doesn't this hurt our collective too?  And what about the world at large?  

Maybe I haven't been to international pujas lately.  Maybe I have not experience the love and joy that I used to feel.  Maybe Facebook is just words that you can't see emotions with it.  Maybe the words are strict but there's love behind it.  Who knows.

I also feel to forgive each and another has a limit.  If the person do it once and we say ok, we will forgive you but don't do it again but if the person keep on repeating the same thing.  How do we forgive?  

Here's a quote from Shri Mataji's talk on children 1991, "All these things you can watch, but do not try to be strict with them. Best thing is, if they do anything wrong, tell them that “this time I forgive, next time you are not to do that.” But sometimes is it required or sometimes, very sometimes, if they are violent, nasty; because the other day there were two children I don’t know from where they learned they brought two knives to put into somebody’s stomach. Sahaja yogis were sleeping I mean, that’s horrific. Then I said, you can little bit slap them or something, or punish them in a way that children understand that this is wrong, this we should not do."

So, maybe if they keep on repeating the same mistakes, it's time to slap them?  I am not talking about children here.  Adults with too big of an ego.

I am not sure if I feel so heavy and draggy has anything to do with moving to the new office.  The procrastination and all that stuff is making me very restless.  You see, we are only moving next week.  I have started packing.  But there's ongoing work and I feel the need to work in a proper workplace where I can keep all my files in one place and all that.  And moreover, the new place is not ready for our move yet.  It's just driving me crazy with this roundabout thing.

I just need to start doing something useful and not just sit around and wait.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Just my opinions

Please bear in mind that this is entirely my own opinion.  You may agree or disagree with me.

Shri Mataji's photograph in its original form has very good vibrations.  But I feel if it is photoshopped and edited, it loses the vibrations.  In fact, I feel it is disrespectful to Shri Mataji.  Recently there are many of these edited photos came about.  Some superimposed Shri Mataji behind a window, as if Shri Mataji appear in person in that house.  Some created fake vibrations over Shri Mataji's photo to show that it is a miracle photo.

I am not a professional photographer but I can recognise a true photo anytime.  Some even took blurred photos and claimed to be miracle photos.  I get really annoyed at that.  

First off, miracle photo is not easy to capture nowadays.  Even at pujas, where the vibrations are heavenly, you may or may not get a miracle photo.  Second, with digital cameras and smartphones nowadays, it's very easy to capture any pictures, anytime, any day.  Now try capturing a photo with a candle burning and move your hands as you click snap.  You will see trail of lights.  It is not a miracle photo but a blur photo.  

Some are genuine.  So you really must judge using vibrations and not your eyes.

Being grateful
Is it so difficult to be grateful nowadays?  I used to be like that and I find it very difficult to be happy most of the time unless and until I have achieved some things or some heights that I have aimed.  

Is it so difficult to be grateful that someone else took the effort to do something?  So much of comments that follow afterwards that makes me really annoyed.  I did it voluntarily and although I didn't expect compliments, I didn't expect complains either.  So, please be happy and grateful that someone has taken the time and effort to do it and bear in mind that none of you took it up when help was asked.

Being honest
Is it so difficult to be honest?  Honesty in our country is a joke now.  If you don't know what I mean, go to Facebook and you will see what the fellow Malaysians are posting.  I seriously feel we need Divine intervention and pray hard that Shri Mataji can expose these crooks and culprits and let truth prevails.  Please let our Malaysians live a peaceful and happy life.  Please let the money used for the public benefit and not someone else's pocket.  Please don't let us become like Greece.  Please save us from all these greedy people.

Just my two cents on current situation in my life.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Please read this post first before proceeding to my old LTSVP posts

Dear readers,

Thank you for your kind words, for telling me that my LTSVP posts has been informative and has given you some idea on how to go about it.  I truly appreciated it.

In fact, the reason I wrote all the LTSVP posts and the process of registration of marriage between Malaysia and China is because I was also like you.  I searched all over Google and couldn't find any info.  There were some info, but very limited.  

So, I promised myself that when I have gone through it myself, I would write it down to benefit those who intend to get married between Malaysian and PRC.

It has been 3 years, almost 4 now since we were married and what I have written down was what happened 4 years back.  It may not be applicable now as the rules kept on changing.

Recently, a friend of mine who is also married to a PRC and residing in Malaysia has told me that she has just renewed the LTSVP for her husband and it's now 3 years instead of 5 years.  Yes, they have reduced the number of years.  She has been getting 5 years consistently and she told me the reason was they have 2 kids.  I am still doing annual renewal.

So, those who intend to register your marriage between PRC and Malaysian, please read these before you proceed in reading my old posts:

  1. The posts were written in 2011.  That was like 4 years back.  What I went through then may not be what you will go through because of the ever-changing process.  Please check with Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) before you proceed.
  2. Please do not ask me whether you should marry your PRC girlfriend or boyfriend here or in China.  First off, I do not know you.  Second, I do not know your circumstances.
  3. Please do not ask me whether you should translate the documents here or in China.  Please re-read my posts again and I am telling you again, it's exactly what I went through.  I do not know any other process as I didn't go through all of the available options.
  4. Please remember that the registration of marriage was a one-off process.  I only wrote the process that I went through.  Please do not ask me which option is better for you.  Again, let me reiterate, I do not know your circumstances.
  5. Please stop asking me whether hukou is needed or whether your PRC husband / wife's passport need to be translated or not.  Again, please re-read my posts if you do not understand.  What I didn't state is what I didn't use.
  6. I do not work in Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara nor Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia.  I do not know when they will change their policy.  It is best that you make a pre-visit to both departments before the actual application.
  7. The most common question I get is the timing problem that most people faced.  When I applied for the LTSVP, I was told that a minimum of 6 months marriage was needed, which means at least 6 months of registration of marriage in Malaysia.  Please do not ask me whether your wife or husband can just come here on a tourist visa and then wait 6 months or whether you guys should be separated for 6 months before coming to Malaysia.  Again, I do not know your circumstances.  I was lucky back then because I didn't know this silent rule.  My husband and I have to live separately at that time due to personal reasons.  By the time he decided to come to Malaysia, we were already married for a year.
  8. Last but not least, please do not use my posts as the only guideline.  It's only for your reference.
The reason why I wrote this post is because sometimes I get ridiculous questions, like No.2.  Someone even asked me whether PRC people are worth marrying.  Come on.  If you are doing it out of your own carnal desire, then you decide on your own.  Don't ask me.  We married for love and for love that is.

Please, please, please check with Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara or Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia before you proceed.  The rules are always changing and what happened then may not be applicable now.  

Up to now, I still have to make a pre-visit to Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia before the actual renewal of the LTSVP.  Yes, I make 2 visits to Putrajaya just to gather information before the actual day.  And I have made mistakes along the way, like forgotten to get stamp duty for my husband's work contract and have to make a 3rd visit.

So, don't be lazy and don't just follow what I did.  You should know by now how our government works.  

Again, use these info as a guideline.  What I have given is truly based on my experience and it is exhaustive but not conclusive.  So, be smart.

Thank you for reading.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Interesting article on Malaysian

Updated 30 June 2015: Please read this first before proceeding.

Dear readers,

I have been getting a lot of comments on all the LTSVP articles that I have posted.  Here is an interesting article from

For your reading pleasure.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

International Yoga Day - 21st June 2015

I am sure everyone have heard of it by now.  Yes, the UN has announced 21st June 2015 as International Yoga Day.  

In Malaysia, in conjunction of the big day, we will be having a big event in Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur from 7am - 9am together with other yoga organisations.  Please do not miss this golden opportunity.  

Come join us!

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

A short trip to Singapore

Last weekend, hubby and I took a short trip to Singapore.  It was the first trip for him and the first trip for us to travel together, on our own overseas.  Yes, we have not travel just the two of us together overseas since married.

I didn't take much photos, just because I am too lazy.  We stayed at a yogini's apartment and had a great time at her place.  Here's the view from her apartment:

Beautiful isn't it?  She lives near the sea, about 10-15 minutes walk to the beach.  Since it's near the sea, it's also very breezy.  

The main purpose for the Singapore trip is to support the Singapore collective with their public program.  But that was only for 1 day.  So what did we do for the rest of our time there?

Friday, 29 May 2015
We arrived at Singapore at about 2pm.  The yogi sister's place is only 15 minutes drive from the airport.  We had nice home-cooked lunch and then after we rested for a while, we left her apartment at about 8pm to the Night Safari.  Prior to that, we went to the sea and did a quick footsoak.

The 45 minutes tram ride was very fun.  But here's a tip for you guys who plan to make a trip there.  Do get a seat at the front of the tram, not the back like we did.  Coz the tour guide will explain about the animals the moment they reach the animals habitat but by the time the back seated people see the animals, the tour guide was talking about something else.  So, there was like a few minutes delayed.

The fire eating show was not as good as the one in Lost World of Tambun.  Really.

Here's another tip:  Buy your e-ticket online.  You get 10% discount when you use your credit card.  It's also easier as you don't need to queue for the tix.

It was pretty crowded this time and I am not sure if it's because it was a long weekend in Singapore and also school break started. 

How to get there:  Best is go in a taxi.  Pricey but shortest time.  Don't worry about getting cabs back or you are worried if it's too late.  Coz there were many, many taxis.  

Saturday, 30 May 2015
We went to the sea again for a quick footsoak before we left for River Safari.  Just next to Night Safari.  In my opinion, River Safari is not as fun as Night Safari.  But seeing the pandas was a great reward.

There were more people going to Singapore Zoo instead of River Safari.

Besides the underwater animals and the river cruise, really there was nothing else attractive.  Along the river cruise, you get to see some of the Night Safari animals.

There was also the Amazon River Cruise which hubby took with another yogi.  According to him, most animals went hiding.

Sunday, 31 May 2015
We didn't plan anything today.  We just rested before the Self-Realisation Program in the evening because there were 2 sessions.

Monday, 1 June 2015
Our last day in Singapore.  We decided to go to Universal Studio.  I was really looking forward for the tram ride that takes us to the different movie sets with special effects and such, like the one I went to in LA.  But they don't have it in Singapore.  Big disappointment for me.

What they have are many rides, 3D, 4D special effects, etc and roller coasters.  There were also a few shows, here and there.  Catch some characters live.  I enjoyed the Waterworld live show the best.  It was really good.

Tips for Universal Studio in Singapore:
If you are not going with kids, go for all the rides if you dare.  For kids, there are some Sesame Street show which we missed.  Waterworld live show is on at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.  Have lunch at the nearby food court and then come at 1pm.  It's really a show not to be missed.  If you want to get wet, sit at the blue zone.  If you want just some water on you, sit in the green zone.  Otherwise if you want to be dry, red zone it is.

Bring an umbrella or a hat.  It can get pretty hot in the afternoon.  I got nicely sunburn.  

If you are not into rides, just a walk around the studio is about 3-4 hours.  But you are gonna waste coz the attraction is on the rides.  

If you like retro, catch the live show by the waiters.  See the photos above.  I forgot the name and time.  Just caught it on time.  They sang very nice oldies which I loved.

You may get wet on some rides.  And the toilets have no shower facilities.  So, do get a change of clothes.

Try going on a weekday, non-school break and non-long weekend.  Unfortunately, we went during a long weekend and a long school break for Singaporeans and also was public holiday.  Crazy queues and massive crowds.

That's it.

If you plan to go to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur, bear in mind that PRC needs a Singapore visa, which can be applied easily by PR or residents in Singapore online.  Yeah, we didn't need to go anywhere or do anything about it.

If you plan to fly, try Malindo Air.  Lots of leg room, free 20kg check-in bag and cheaper than Air Asia.  But I calculated the time spent from going to the airport and waiting for our luggage and all.  Compared to another yogi sister who travelled with her family via bus, it was about the same time.  Really.

You see, we need to be at the airport early for check-in.  And they left the same time we did.  We arrived at the same time.  And when we came back, we left earlier due to check-in time again.  They left later and arrived home at 12.30am.  While we arrived at 8.40pm, waited an hour for the luggage to come out and reached home at 11pm.  So, although the bus journey is longer, but if you calculate the travel time from home to destination, it's about the same.  So, it might be easier to go by bus.  And cheaper too.  But I heard the wait at immigration can be a bit crazy compared to the airport.

I have only praises for Singapore.  I love the efficiency.  I love how organised everything was.  I love how peaceful the country is.  The taxi drivers are very friendly and polite.  Even the immigration officers are smiling all the time and polite.  The public toilets are extremely clean and dry.  In fact, everywhere is clean.  The taxis are clean and comfortable.  How nice if all the other countries follow suit.

Oh well, we have a great time.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Found my mangalsutra at a trip to Joyalukkas, Masjid India

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement post.

My search for a gold mangalsutra which has Maharashtrian style has come to an end.  Thanks to Joyalukkas, I am now very happy and satisfied.  And so I would like to dedicate this post to Joyalukkas and thank them for the beautiful mangalsutra.  Joyalukkas did not pay me anything for this post.  I am doing it willingly and gratefully.

As mentioned in my previous post, I have been looking for a new mangalsutra to replace the old one.  Usually, Indians who are married will get the one and only mangalsutra during the wedding ceremony, presented by the bridegroom to the bride.  As per the Maharashtrian ceremony and custom, the design of the vati is as per the family tradition.  It will usually be in gold but nowadays richer families will make it in diamond as well.

Yoginis who are married in Sahaj will get a mangalsutra during the Sahaj wedding ceremony.  This mangalsutra is usually gold colored and made of metal.  It is not gold plated.  

I have sentimental values with the original mangalsutra.  When my husband tied it around me, I felt cool vibrations circling me from Mooladhara to Sahasrara.  It was very memorable.

Overtime, the gold color disappeared and it looked like a dull metal.  Yoginis who are married to Indian yogis will get a new mangalsutra presented by their husbands.  Overseas yoginis will be gifted with a new mangalsutra by their husbands who either asked someone to buy for them on a trip to India or to go India themselves to source it out.  

Since 2 years of marriage, my mangalsutra was falling apart, in terms of the stones.  Some yoginis get mangalsutras without stones and was still in very good condition after years.  I was reluctant to change to a new one but the original was getting duller by the day until others asked me why is it in this color.  You see, to Indian yogis, mangalsutra is very sacred.  And it should be in gold and part of  it was because it represents the Lakshmi and mangalsutra should not look worn out.

So my search for a new gold mangalsutra began.  I asked all the yoginis in Malaysia where they get their gold mangalsutra.  One told me she has it customized by one of a goldsmith who were once a yogi, but left.  Others told me that they got it in India.  Some said they don't know where but their husbands got it for them from India.  One just bought the gold black beads chain and put Shri Mataji's pendant as replacement for the vatis.

I started my search and research on a new gold mangalsutra as both my husband and I have no clue of how it should be.


I found from this blog on the significance of the mangalsutra and thought it was very meaningful.  Please read with discretion and vibrations.

From there I found what the black beads meant, what the double vati meant, why there are 4 flower petals above each cup, why the length is such and such and so on.

I am a very traditional person.  I would prefer the old ways and not new, no matter how nicer or better the ways are.  I always think that there is a reason for the old to be in that way and it's always better to revert back to traditional methods.

As yogis, we do have to understand everything with discretion and not blind knowledge.  But if the knowledge is meaningful and vibrations are cool, then I will accept it.

End of my research, I have decided to get a very traditional looking gold mangalsutra.  

Black beads: All the way and no gold beads in between.  The reason why I opted for this design was because Shri Mataji's mangalsutra is also the same type.  According to the blog, you should have some gold beads in between the black to counter off the negative energy emitted.  Not sure what it meant but just follow how Shri Adi Shakti wears Hers.

Double vati: As per the blog, the 2 cups should have no design on it.  I wanted a plain one too, but it's not fashionable and so no demand.  Since I saw Shri Mataji's mangalsutra is also with design and decorated with diamonds, I thought I will go with design.

Shri Mataji's mangalsutra
Four flower petals: As per the blog, above each cup should have 4 flower petals.  It supposed to associate with Action energy.  Don't really know what that means.  The original mangalsutra one has 6 petals.  I will just go with the flow.

Length:  According to the blog, the length should cover your anahat.  Original one is also long and Shri Mataji's one is also long.  I would go with the longer length.  Saw some sisters wearing a shorter one though.


Now that I have completed the research, I have come down with 4 options:

Option 1: Buy in India (Pros: Lots of choices, Cons: Pricey due to air ticket and other costs)
Option 2: Re-make my original one by converting the metal into gold and customize the pendant (Pros: Can retain the original black beads and get my own design, Cons: Pricey)
Option 3: Buy in Malaysia (Pros: Cheaper, Cons: Difficult to find)
Option 4: Buy online (Pros: At a mouse click, Cons: Can it be trusted?)

My pursuit for a new gold mangalsutra began 2 years ago.  From the visits to many to the local Indian goldsmiths and jewellery shops in Brickfields, found that the black beads chain can be easily obtainable at reasonable prices but they don't carry the Maharashtrian pendant.

So I asked some yogis who were going to India to get for me, by telling them how exactly I wanted it.  I was reluctant to do this at first, thinking how much I am troubling the others.  Eventually, one yogi sister came back with a quotation, RM4k+.  I guess the design is very good and top-notch and thick gold and so on.  I didn't pursue further as I feel the price was very steep and the design may not be what I like.

Then dropped the search for a year until recently I re-ignited the fire and the search continues.  This time I am serious in getting one and prayed hard to Shri Mataji.

A yogi aunty told me to get it customize at her goldsmith.  First visit, they were closed.  Second visit, found that they can't do it.  This is a chinese goldsmith and they said the gold in between the black beads is very difficult to make and Indian goldsmiths are better in that.  Besides that when they looked at the pendant, they said they didn't have the mold to do it.  They recommended me to go Little India Klang and Little India KL.  

On the day before the visit to Little India KL, coincidentally a yogi sister told me that she just came back from there and there were lots of mangalsutra found.  I was excited.  But she did warned me that the pendant may not be found.

The day came and I was supposed to go back early but was delayed.  So, the whole journey was delayed by 1.5 hours.  But we managed to get to Little India KL by LRT and found lots of goldsmiths and jewelry shops.  And we visited each and every goldsmiths there.  Again, found the black beads but not the pendant.  Disappointed.

Then it was getting late and we decided to have dinner before continuing our search.  During dinner I did a bandhan and prayed.  I was desperate and also don't want to walk any further.

Walking distance from the food stalls were Joyalukkas.  It is a huge shop but not many shoppers compared to the other jewelry shops which were packed.  I figured probably the prices here are not ideal.  

We walked in, enquired and immediately got a response.  Imagine the look on my face when Mr Sajeesh told me that they have the pendant that I wanted and showed me few designs.  I immediately fell in love with the gold one.  Enquire the price and ok, reasonably priced.

But we have one more shop to go which is also another huge jewelry shop and decided to check it out before I decide.  They too have the pendant, but it's a set with the chain and the design is not exactly what I am looking for.  And it's the one and only set.  So, we turned back to Joyalukkas.

Negotiated and all that and found that it was already 8.15pm and they were about to close.  Asked if they can combine the chain and the pendant for me and said they can't do it today as they were closing.  Told me to come back the next day.  Disappointed that I didn't get my hands on it but figured there must be a reason behind it as it was getting dark and late.  Not safe to be out in the streets of KL at that time with gold in hand.

We went back the next day at 10am when they opened.  While waiting for Mr Sajeesh, found more choices of the pendant.  In fact, they have like 5-6 choices in gold.  Was excited and told him to show me all of them.  In the end, I settled for the one I saw the day before and that's when the search for mangalsutra ends.

The prices were reasonable.  I didn't check how much was gold prices, whether it's low or high.  I didn't bargain much.  

And ta da:

Happy and satisfied and feels so complete.  We did a simple puja and ceremony to re-tie the mangalsutra and vibrations are very good now.

The new mangalsutra is much smaller and cuter than the original one.  Suits my personality.


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