Renew LTSVP 2018/2019

Here's an update to our yearly event.  This year we have no choice but to bring our girl along.  After 5 years of visiting this place every year, I finally have a system on how to make this an easier event without having to take more annual leave than required.For the forms, they haven't change at all.  So, take the blank forms and scan it into your computer first.  Next year, just print it out.To get stamping of the employment contract, LHDN opened at 8am.  So go and wait for them to open and it is done within 15 minutes.  Still made it to the office by 8.30am.As for the actual renewal of the LTSVP, they have a special counter now for senior citizens, applicants with small babies, pregnant applicants or disabled applicants.  I seriously think it's because of my blog post earlier, talking about praising oneself.We went straight to the Mahkamah first to get the Sumpah done.  Then went to the immigration department. All the documents were checked at the reception counter the…

Happy Diwali!

May the light of Diwali brings enlightenment to our spirit and keep the light burning.  May the light of Diwali brighten all the dark days.  May the good forces destroy the evil.  May Shri Mataji blesses us always.
Every time I write the above message for Diwali, I am always reminded of the one time that Shri Mataji came to my dream and spoke to me.  It was so surreal but at the same time felt so real.
At that time, one yogi was having some major problem with his marital life.  When Shri Mataji came to my dream, first thing She told me was that I have no courage.  That's another story, another day.  Then I asked, how about this yogi?  And She closed her eyes and took a short pause and then replied, "His fire is too strong, his flame is dying."
The first translation of the dream in my head was that he is too right sided, and the flame in his heart, the spiritual light is slowly dying.  In another words, he is going to leave his wife and Sahaja Yoga.  Which happened short…

Travel to China with a 20 month old

We made our first family trip to China with our 20 month old.  Prior to this trip, I have a lot of angst and worries as to whether I can cope with a 20 month old on this trip.  So, in preparation for this trip, I have purposely bought AirAsia Premium Flex so that we get some priorities, purposely bought a new compact GB Pockit stroller so that we can have a stroller on hand as and when needed and purposely bought a few breastfeeding attire, which is not useful at all.

Our trip was only 6 days and we were in Foshan the whole time.  I wanted to visit some yogis in Guangzhou and Shenzhen but most of them were away, either in Wuhan for the Music Camp or India.  So in the end, I didn't meet any of my friends.

Before I rant about the whole trip, let me share some tips for new mothers bringing their infant overseas.


1. Get a compact stroller
Something like the GB Pockit or something that is easily foldable and can be brought to the airplane.  Although AirAsia has some restriction…

How to apply for travel document for your infant to travel to China

Baby is going to make her maiden trip to China soon.  At first I thought the process of getting a visa is the same as mine but unfortunately no.
Apparently, parents who intend to bring their infant to China need to bring their infant to the Chinese Embassy to get a travel document to go to China.  This travel document is different from the visa application which is applicable to only children age 2 and above.
I would strongly suggest that you make a trip to the Chinese Embassy first to enquire about the process before going there straight.  So you probably need to make the trip twice.
What they required is for you to apply online, i.e fill up all the personal information of your child, affix the soft copy of your child's photo (passport size with white background) and then make an appointment online.  Print out the form.  I think this is the website
Everything is written in Chinese.  Each day they only serve 33 appointments.  Their working…

I am a proud mama

One evening, after my shower and washing my hair, I went to the guest room downstairs to blow dry my hair.  This room has a vanity table and makeup and hair products that my mother uses and also have a wardrobe full of children's clothes for my nephew and my girl.  The kids use this downstairs bathroom.
My nephew just had his bath and his dirty clothes were left on the floor, outside the bathroom.
My little girl came running into the guest room when she saw me walking into it.  I told her I am blowing my hair.  She was holding a soccer ball.  She dropped the ball and it went into the bathroom.  I told her to pick it up.  
There, after picking up the ball, she saw the dirty clothes on the floor.  Without anyone telling her what to do, she picked it up and went all the way out of the room, into the dry kitchen, then wet kitchen and then the yard where the washing machine is.  There is a short cut, which is through the bathroom but she took the only way she knew.  She dropped the cl…

Why do I prefer Starling Mall to Atria Mall?

If you are staying near Damansara Jaya for a long, long time, you will know Atria.  Long before the current Atria Mall was built, the old Atria was a three-storey building that is a nice and cozy shopping mall.  
In the old Atria, there was Parkson where I got most of my clothes there.  Hardly anyone goes there, so the fitting room is all to myself only.  I would go there and shop for hours and I find they have all the clothes that I like.  Below this Parkson is a small Giant where I do most of my groceries.  It was so convenient.
When I worked in one of the shop-office along Atria, I used to go Atria like few times a week.  Sometimes for lunch.  Sometimes for shopping.  I just like the convenience.  I can get flowers for the altar without having to worry about parking.  I can buy lime with no issues.  It was all very good.
The newer wing had BIG Bookshop where I visit quite a bit too, for stationery mostly when I was still in school.  Then when I was older, I used to visit Aster Spr…

An easy way to make rakhi strings

When you start receiving spam in this blog, it is time to start updating it before more spammers come in and think this blog is abandon.
It's the time of the year again to tie rakhi for our brothers.  I have always enjoyed this special occasion thanks to Sahaja Yoga.  Being born a Chinese, I have never known such auspicious and beautiful occasion about Raksha Bandhan.  And being the first born in the family and having no brothers, I have always wanted to feel a brother's love.  So thankful for Sahaja Yoga to introduce me to this wonderful event of tying rakhi for your brother and getting your brother's love and affection.
Having being confined in the house due to virus infections in the family, I missed collective for few weeks.  In fact, I wanted to teach to some yoginis how to make these rakhis and was informed to teach them too.  Unfortunately, the virus has isolated me and my family.  So last Saturday, while going deep into meditation (after having lost my voice compl…