Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Long term social visit pass and work endorsement again

Disclaimer : All the blog posts on long term social visit pass (LTSVP) are made for couples who are genuinely married and married for love and not for money.

This time at immigration while waiting for the renewal of the LTSVP, I have overheard a conversation.  Two couples were talking to each other.  Both men are Malaysian while the women are PRC.  Apparently immigration visited one of the couple and at that time, they were not at home but the person at home thought it was debt collector and said she didn't know these couple.  Because of that, it has affected their LTSVP application on the number of years given or something like that.

Both couples insisted that their marriage is genuine and it was unfair for immigration to treat them like they are not.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to digress.

First off, there are way too many fake marriages, be it in Malaysia or other countries, just to get that country citizenship.  How do you determine a genuine marriage from a fake?  How do you tell the officer that it's love?  Really?  When the man is ugly and old but probably rich and the woman is young and pretty and sexy.

Secondly, people who are PRC has very bad reputation all around the world.  From being rude to unhygienic, from being a home-wrecker to being inconsiderate.  This still baffles me a lot.  And I don't know where it all begin.  From home?  From upbringing?  

Ever since I married a PRC, every single comment about a PRC hurts me too.  And I kept on wondering, is there anything I can do to make a difference?  My husband is a great guy.  He doesn't spit.  He doesn't swear.  He is very quiet and gentle and loving and patient.  And all the yogis that I met are very good people, who are considerate and loving and caring.

But I have heard stories of PRC doing big business in public places.  Or the richer ones will hurt others and then said they have lots of money to compensate.  Or PRC women who broke families.  My own uncle divorced his wife and left his 4 kids to be with a PRC woman.

So, how do you expect immigration not to suspect you?  

And the worst was when at immigration, I saw so many couples, the Malaysian guy is very old, like 50s-60s while the PRC woman is very young, say 20s-30s.  Genuine marriage?  Really?  For love?  Or for money?  Seriously?

And this time I saw some very disgusting behaviour while waiting.  A PRC woman puts her hand inside her husband's shirt and squeeze his chest.  In public.  It makes you wonder right?  I didn't even want to look at them at first, but when I saw that the man's chest was moving from behind the shirt, I thought a spider has crawled up and alerted my attention.  

And a PRC woman smoked in the cafeteria which is an air-conditioned area.  Come on, this is Malaysia, not China where you can smoke anywhere.

OK, sorry for digressing.  All these has impaired the chances for those who are genuinely seeking for LTSVP, who are married for love and hope to stay together for the rest of their lives.  I am not saying all PRCs are like that, unfortunately, the impression given is so.

So back to the topic of LTSVP.

I don't have much to add on for LTSVP, but for work endorsement, here's some tips for you.  Please don't repeat the same mistakes I made.

1. Stamp Duty
Although it was stated in the checklist that a stamp duty for renewal is not required, here's the mistake I made.

When I applied the work endorsement for the first year, I submitted the original contract with the stamping to immigration without making a photocopy.  My bad.  

So when it comes to the renewal, I thought I can just do an extension of contract and submit together with the first contract without stamping,  NOPE!!!

So, I made a new contract and went to LHDN to do the stamping again.

So, please do remember to keep the original contract with you and submit only the photocopy.

2. Contract of employment
Since I was making a new contract because of No.1, I thought might as well change his position and salary to reflect his current state.  WRONG MOVE!!!

The immigration officer said that since it's a new position and different from the first application, this is considered a new application and not a renewal and told me to come back in 7 working days to collect it, like the first time.

But thank God, the immigration officer was very compassionate to our plight as we waited for 5 hours for this, and gave us the work endorsement there and then.

3. Letter of verification from employer
For all renewal, please submit a letter of verification.  Every single time you renew.

So there you have it.  I have still yet to apply the LTSVP together with the work endorsement.  So, really hope that in 2015, we will be able to get more years, instead of 1 year and this time will be more prepared.  

I just need to remind myself to read my old blog posts before going to immigration.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Miracle, miracle, miracle

Just few days ago, I was looking back to year 2014.  I wanted to see how the year has been.  Honestly, it wasn't that great.

Just as if things were already at the worst when I sprained my ankle and this time it never seem to heal no matter how long and what I did, then I got the most terrible flu for the year.  

But today, it seems that my luck came back.  Forget about the flu for a second.  

Miracle No.1
We have to go to LHDN to do some stamping for his visa and work application.  Initially I took half day off to do this.  But because of the flu, I got MC instead.  So, early in the morning, we went to LHDN and got a nice parking in the basement.  Then when we took the number, a lady came to exchange her number with us because she wasn't prepare with her documents.  We went first and got things done within 10 minutes.  Went to the parking machine and found we don't have to pay a single cent because we were very quick.

Miracle No.2
Since our luck were on our side, we decided to give it a try at the immigration.  Initially, I took a day off on coming Thursday to do it.  But I was worried that my leave were finishing and I won't be able to take leave for our family trip in January.  So we went and got the number despite reaching at 11am.  Seems like they have change to system again and now allowed to take number even after lunch.

After we submitted the documents, we waited and waited and waited.

At 4pm, we were finally called.  The officer informed us that we need to come back in 7 days to get the work endorsement because it's a new application, despite working in the same company.  We were like dreading another long wait on another day, but what to do.  Then the officer saw our call number and the time was 11am and asked how come she got the document so late.  Then she quickly went to get her boss to issue a letter for me to come and collect the work endorsement in 7 working days.

Imagine our surprise, when the officer came back and her boss was compassionate enough to give us the work endorsement there and then.  I think it was because we waited for 5 hours.  

Miracle No.3
And finally, my terrible flu is 90% recovered.  You see, it started very strangely and suddenly on Friday evening.  I began sneezing like 50 times before bed.  Then on Saturday, slight trigger will make me sneeze more.  I could not move much because every action will trigger one sneeze.  I think it was more than a million sneezes.  By that time, nose was runny, phlegm was lots and body overheated.  I couldn't sleep well that night as I started to have mild fever, on and off.

Come Sunday, it became a full-blown flu, with yellowish phlegm and sore throat and runny nose and I felt very sick.  Since we can't get good GP on Sundays, decided to get traditional chinese medicine.  He gave me something to cool my body.

And I took like 5 doses and now I am almost recovered.  The medicine made me puked all the phlegm and loosen the mucous.  I slept like a baby last night as I could breath.  

So I guess the flu is a blessing in disguise.  Now I got 2 days leave back and hubby got his work endorsement done for the year.  

OK, I am going to start the day everyday with a positive thought.  And not indulge into negative thoughts.  And hopefully things will start looking better.

Friday, December 05, 2014


Today is a post dedicated to the people around me.  As I was walking to my office, I learned that there are so many persons in my life who taught me valuable lessons and there's so much to learn from them still.  And I am not talking about teachers.

So, here's a post dedicated to them and thank you for your valuable lessons.  There's still much more to learn everyday from you all.  

Blanket thanks to colleagues, old and new
Besides teaching me at work, in life also I learned so much from you all.  Learn to be strong when faced with problems.  Learn to prove myself and to keep on improving myself.  Learn that beneath all the difficult tasks at work, lies great responsibility at home.  And through some of the bosses, I learn to direct anger only at issues and situation and not at persons.  

Special mention to Kavita
My colleague at work who sits next to me.  Thank you for cracking jokes everyday and lighten the mood at the office.  You have taught me that in life, we must be happy, no matter what comes.  Even when stressed, you can still smile.  You may complained, but you are not angry when you do.  You taught me to be nice, to shower love to everyone and to be courteous.  Though you are not a Sahaja Yogi, I know deep inside you are a seeker.  Hope one day you will get your self-realization.

Blanket thanks to Sahaja Yogis
For 15 years, through thick and thin, I learn so much from you all.  Learn that ego is our greatest downfall.  Learn that love is all around.  Learn joy through singing.  Learn good companionship with good people.  Learn that good people exist after all.

Special mention to Lat
You have taught me a lot for many years.  It is through you that I gained a better understanding of Sahaj knowledge.  You are so wise and intelligent.  No matter what others think of you, it doesn't matter because the vibrations speak the truth.  You are the only person I know that I can feel vibrations flowing from you.  Thank you for all the lessons taught and all the advises given.  To me, you are truly a spiritual person.

Blanket thanks to immediate family members
From the moment I existed until now, I have gained so much from you all.  Thanks for taking care of me.

Special mention to Husband
Your greatest strength is your patience.  Thank you for being patient with me though sometimes I am being unreasonable.  Thank you for not raising your voice or getting angry at me no matter how bad mood I was.  Thank you for your tolerance and patience.  This is something that I have learned from  you.  To be patient.

Special mention to Chakora
My little nephew.  You taught me that children are wiser than adults.  You taught me forgiveness.  You taught me innocence.  You are ever so loving and sociable and chatty.  Cute as always.  Your presence brightens each day.

My pets
My first dog.  You taught me to be loving and gentle.  Though you are naughty all the time and you want attention all the time, you taught me to be patience and how to look after you when you were sick.

My second dog.  You shown me that dogs are so trainable and smart.  You are ever loyal to us although sometimes we don't bother you much.  Thanks for welcoming us home with a waggy tail each time.

And to all the persons who have negatively impacted my life in one way or another.  Although you do not exhibit positive values that I can learn, but out of the negativity, I learned that:

- Jealousy can hurt relationships.  It doesn't matter what they are jealous of.  Sometimes there is nothing at all to be jealous and yet jealousy happens.

- Money can destroy relationships.  Without fail.

- Because some of you are so negative about life, complained every single time, about every single person in your life, it makes me treasure my loved ones even more.  

- Some of you have all the options given to you.  Some of it are the best options.  And yet you took it negatively and complained that you can't do this and gave a million excuses not to do it and yet complained that you don't get what you want.  Some things can be changed.  Only you can make the difference.

- Not all yogis are deep and not all non-yogis are shallow.

- Some of you are downright evil but pretend you are the nicest person on earth.  Soft spoken but have the hardest heart.  Biggest hypocrites.  You hold deep grudges against others and you will ensure they never get to see the light of day.  I thought this only happen in movies but you proof it wrong.  Thank God for His protection from all the evil people like you.  I appreciate God's blessings because of all the evil things you do.  

And finally, the greatest thank you to our beloved Mother, Shri Mataji.  No words can describe the amount of love and compassion You have for us, and all the lessons taught and all the lectures given.  Without You, I won't be what I am today.  Thank You.

And Thank You to all the readers out there.  I have no intention to earn any revenue from this blog though your presence has increased my blog popularity.  Hope you gain something from this blog.


Thursday, December 04, 2014


Today we are going to talk about discretion.  

What is discretion?

Discretion means that you must choose the things which are good for you. which are benevolent to you, which are good for the collective, which are good for your ascent. On the contrary, the people who have no discretion fall into the traps of wrong type of people. Like say, Freud. I mean, to an Indian, Freud, nobody can believe that you can go to such a nonsensical idea. But people accepted Freud more than they could accept Christ because the discretion was completely missing. If they had that traditional discretion in them they would have been saved. It is that traditional discretion is the thing that comes through Ida nadi. (Hamsa Swamini Puja, 1988)

OK, forget about that for now.  You see, sometimes, somethings happened in the social media which prompt me to research for a further understanding.  And during the research process, I would find a very beautiful talk of Shri Mataji on that issue.  And the answer will be there.  

For the past few weeks, I have seen Sahaja Yogis posting on Whatsapp group and Facebook group indiscriminately about any issues, be it Sahaj or non-Sahaj.  

For example of a non-Sahaj post that I saw a Sahaja Yogi posted.  It was a video showing a rat eating food in a refrigerated counter display meant for sale to the public.  I have seen this video earlier on Facebook and it was taken by a passenger at Mumbai airport.  However, this Sahaja Yogi posted that this incident happened right here in Malaysia.

While I have a problem of always feeling righteous, this is something I cannot tolerate.  Immediately I corrected her and she said she didn't know as it was posted by a friend.


We are Sahaja Yogis.  We are here to spread the truth.  Even though there is nothing spiritual here, isn't it important to understand that in all actions, we have to be truthful?  So if you are unsure of the source, why don't investigate instead of just posting it straight away and spreading untruths and lies?

It's so easy to spread untruths and lies especially on social media.  Many people would just jumped on it without even investigating or researching.  And these untruths and lies spread fast and far.

Then few months back, I saw a photo where Shri Mataji's photos are shown like an exhibition in a museum.  Straight away, Sahaja Yogis were so pleased and asked where was this, how great this was to showcase our beloved Mother, etc.  When I saw the photo, immediately I knew it was photoshopped.  I don't know how, but let's just call it my intuition.  Immediately I told the Sahaja Yogi to stop sharing this photo as this was a photoshopped photo of Shri Mataji and that event never happened.

To confirm that it was a photoshopped photo, I looked at the various photos carefully and found that the same Shri Mataji's photo appeared more than once in the same exhibition.  Who in the world would do that for any exhibition?  

This is truly a disrespect to Shri Mataji's photo.

Few days back, on Facebook, a Sahaja Yogi posted a photo that makes Shri Mataji's transparent image superimposed in a house.  As if She has appeared miraculously when the photo was taken.  Again, another photoshopped and many other yogis confirmed that.

I get very disturbed when this happened.  Why?  Shri Mataji's photo is meant to be respected.  Not for anyone to use it to get more audience.  Like some miracle photos are photoshopped.  

And a lot of people doesn't realise, now with digital cameras, if you don't use flash and you take a photo where there are a lot of lights, especially at night, sometimes the lights will appear like miracle photo.  It's not a miracle.  It's just a camera effect.

Back in the 80s when these kind of photos appeared, then it's definitely a miracle photo because back then there was no digital camera.  It was film.

Another one is like spots appearing in a photo.  That's dust, not vibrations.  Clean your camera lens and take again.

But now, so many of these photos are there and people said it's miracle.  

And no point checking vibrations on whether it's miracle or not, because if Shri Mataji's image is in it, the vibrations will definitely be cool.

Same thing with the photoshopped photos.  Some yogis decided to check vibrations to confirm the authenticity of it, and they said it was cool.  Of course, Shri Mataji is right there in the picture.

OK, I have said what I wanted to say.  Please just share real photos of Shri Mataji and very importantly, please use your discretion.

And to understand further about discretion, please read 'Shri Hamsa Swamini Puja, 1988 in Germany'.  Superb talk.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Hello December!

Wow, how time flies!  Another 30 more days and we shall welcome 2015.

Usually bloggers would summarise their 2014 in an end-of-the-year post, which is usually posted on 31st December 2014.  I chose to do it now, because I can't wait for the year to be over.

Was 2014 really that bad?  It depends.  But the general feeling I got from 2014 was a very lousy year.  We tried to make it a better year, but we failed.  

Is this going to be another miserable, whiny post?  No, it's going to be a witty post.

How did 2014 went?  Hmm, where shall I begin?  Instead of writing what makes 2014 so bad, let's focus on how to spend the remaining 30 days in joy and to make 2015 a happy one.

1. Think positive
I started the year by saying it's going to be a wonderful year.  I thought by thinking positive, the year would also start positively.  How wrong was I.  Thinking positive doesn't make any difference.  Taking positive actions does.

2. More expectations, more disappointments
This is nothing new.  The more I expected, the more disappointments there was.  For 2015, I am not going to expect anymore, because I can't stand anymore disappointments.

3. It's a Year of the Goat
Chinese people believes if that year is your chinese horoscope birth year animal, then it's a bad year for you.  Next year is my birth year animal again.  Read No.2, I don't know what more to expect.  As it is, 2014 is not my birth year animal and yet it went downhill from Day 1.

4. Never argue on 1st January
This is something that I have learned this year.  Believe it or not, it's really true.  How you start the year, dictates how you will spend the year.  Never ever argue on 1st January.  Do pujas, meditate, think happy thoughts, be joyful.  Pray to Shri Mataji to bless you with a happy year.

5. Learn from mistakes and move on
After all said and done, life is like this.  If there's no ups, there's no downs.  Learn and move on.  It's not easy, but it's better to just forgive and move on.  But if people keep on opening your wounds, then it's better to get out.  

The theme for 2015 will be RELAX!  Seriously, if 2015 is going to be worse because of No.3, then come on, throw it all at me.  Don't do it in batches, do it all in one go.  But please be kind.  My heart can't take much beatings, my liver can't take much heat anymore.

I have already cut out many people on Facebook and I will do the same in reality.  People who doesn't give a positive outcome in life, it's better for them to stay out.

I am going to stay away from all politics without abandoning my duties.  

I am going to focus on relationship building with hubs.  

I am just going to let 2015 lead me.  Whether you want to throw rubbish at me, or you want to shower me with flowers, so be it.  

What I can do, I will do.  Do pujas, start the year nicely, go places, spend time.  

After all the gung-ho writing above, I will just end this post with this.  

P/S: Please, please, please let 2015 be a good year.  Not necessary great, but better than 2014.  If 2015 is good, then that will be great.

P/P/S: Just found this article online.  Just in time for me to start 2015.  If you find the first few para offends you, please just go to No.1.  

Friday, November 21, 2014

The sequence is the same, but the consequences are different.

Another self-thought-introspection-post.

Have you ever wondered, how come things happened the way it is?  Have you ever have a day where you feel it's truly not your day?  A day where everything goes wrong?

What if the day didn't go wrong but was right all the way?

Because we really do not know what's install for us for the day.  Sometimes it's a bad thing that happened, say an accident.  But that could be a bhoot or badha or something is wrong with us that day.  Sometimes it's like you lost your way and then found you are actually not lost, but just circling to vibrate the place, maybe?  Or for you to learn a new road?

Here's my experience.  I was feeling rather upset that things were going downhill.  Nothing seems to be improving and it's just one bad luck after another.

So, we took a break and stayed at a yogi's place for over a week.  During the break, we broke (pun intended) some things.  After the break, things still didn't get better.  Yes, we prayed, we meditated, we cleared and we did all that.  But things did not happened the way we wanted it to happen.

But when the yogi came back, he was appreciating us staying there, to help clean Shri Mataji's photo and kept fresh flowers for the altar.  He was feeling rather bad that he was away for over a week and no one to clean Shri Mataji's photo and coincidentally that incident happened to us and we decided to take a break and get out of there.

I feel like everyday as we wake up, the day has already been planned for us.  Yes, I do complained a lot about what's given to me.  But now I came to realised, it's probably is for my ascent, however the journey may be,

Along the way, we may not see the lessons.  But further along the way, we may see it.  

So, as we go along, let's appreciate all the tiny things around us.  Stop for a second to admire them.  Stop complaining about everything in life, about people, about circumstances.  Make full use of our time being in the present and enjoy what life has thrown to us.  

A story was told to me many years ago.  Before a yogini was in Sahaj, when she was a child, her parents brought her to see a fortune teller who told her to stay away from water as she will have fatal water accident.  Sure enough, when she was 6, she almost drowned but was saved by her father.

Then she grew up and came into Sahaj.  One day, her car was flooded but she managed to get out in time before the car was filled with water.  She felt so blessed that she was saved the second time.  She told us this story during sharing of experiences.  

Maybe in our past life, our karmas are still not cleared.  Maybe we have to repay it this lifetime.  We don't really know what's God has got for us.  We don't know the full story.

But we know this, as told by Babamama, "After Sahaja Yoga, the sequence is the same, but the consequences is different."  Learn to embrace every heartbreak, every fear, every incident with an open heart.

Friday, November 07, 2014

To react or not to react

The answer is of course not to.  But it's the same with Shakespeare, "To be or not to be" from Hamlet.  Prince Hamlet contemplates whether to die or not to die, having complained about life but realised the alternative option could be worse.  The obvious answer is of course to live.

That's the choice we are given.  Our free will.  To decide what to do.  

As Sahajis, we can also make mistakes.  We are not accident-free either.  Some would say it's a bhoot or negativity.  Maybe it's certain chakra's qualities still lacking, i.e lack of discretion, lack of wisdom, lack of discrimination.

It can be as simple as a click of the mouse.  Sometimes after clicking the mouse, then you realised it's a mistake.  Some mistakes can be reverted.  Some cannot.

Sometimes it's not a physical action.  It could be an emotional one, like whether you want to react or not.

I have a weakness that I react too quickly only to realised it too late.  In Shri Krishna Puja 1998, Shri Mataji said, "Now the witness state is such a state where you just do not react. If you react, then the problem starts. It’s a very simple thing to understand that we react through our ego or through our conditioning. Otherwise there is no way to react."

When it comes to facing a crisis, be in thoughtless awareness is the best.  In Diwali Puja 1991, Shri Mataji said, "So even in crisis, this thoughtless awareness is all the time extremely alert. It becomes much more alert than normal. That’s the sign of a Sahaja Yogi and sign of Sahaja Yogini."

And to ensure you don't make careless mistake, always keep attention on Sahasrara.

But then again, sometimes things happened for a reason, which is unbeknownst to our human mind.  

"Everything happens, just the Paramchaitanya knows, It understands, It organises, It loves, It does everything. That’s the energy It is. It does everything. And how It manages! How [things that] we call coincidences, are really organised by Paramchaitanya." - Shri Mataji, Navaratri Puja 1998

And sometimes mistakes do happened.  Maybe for us to learn something.  But don't do or say anything against Shri Mataji or God or the deities.  Shri Mataji is compassionate but 

"If you do any mistakes or anything then you feel, then you get your left vishuddi. You’ve done your mistake, all right, finished. You love Me, maybe there’s something wrong in the love, or maybe something has happened; doesn’t matter. Now, I’m going to be cautious. I’m not going to make any mistakes. How could I do this mistake? Because I was not fully in love. If I had loved something I would have not done such a mistake. All right, so develop your love. No. You will do, “I feel guilty, because I’ve done such a thing,” so you miss this and that both. So your mistake becomes a barrier again. Don’t feel guilty about it. We have to progress further. Forget the past. Forget the past. Forget the past. We have to go further." - Shri Mataji, Farewell Talk 1984.

For the past few days, I had massive headache whenever I opened Facebook.  It's some posts in a supposedly Sahaj group.  I didn't realise I was reacting although I didn't write anything.  Inside I was paying too much attention on this and siding the person whom I agreed with.  And all these quarrels over a false guru.

It was such a difficult catch to clear.  Did shoebeating, footsoaking, looking through the candle and recited Ganesha Atharva Sheersha, but to no avail.  Finally, hubby said, why don't you do the 11 names of Shri Ekadesha Rudra and I put a candle in front and recite all 11 names while looking at Shri Mataji's hands, then it went off.  

Whoever who wrote, it's your will to write.  And whoever who reads, it's your will to read.  It's our choice.  To argue or not to argue, that is the question.  

What is there to discuss when all the answers are already given by Shri Mataji.  What is there to object to something when the truth is in your hands.  

Whether a person is a Sahaja Yogi or not, it's not up to us to decide.  Shri Mataji knows.  Paramchaitanya knows.

So please drop all the egos and superegos.  Arguing with one another is not going to make the false guru go away.  Start clearing our agnya.

1980-0517: , Informal talk, Old Arlesford, UK

".....This is one type of bhoots you will find. Then you find these are guru bhoots and which takes time, which are very difficult and they can take you up, it can be very dangerous.

But say somebody becomes blind with a bhoot. His eyes are open and he's blind. That's sure shot he is blind because of a bhoot. Two types of blindness are possible. Their Left Swadishthana will be catching and you will think it is due to bhoot. But it can be also Left Swadishthana catching and becoming blind could be with diabetes. Could be the combination of both. So you ask him if he has diabetes or not. If the person has no diabetes, then definitely it is the bhoot.

Now what do you do to take out that kind of a bhoot?

Yogi: Use a candle.

Shri Mataji: Not only candle, won't work. You take My Hand. Photograph, only Hand. You have photographs of My Hand, and put a candle before that photograph. All these photographs that you have separately have meanings. Put the candle and behind that is the Hand and ask the person to see the light, if he can see the light. Gradually, you'll be amazed he will start seeing. This is to be used.

You see, in Sahaj Yoga, one has also precise just like the English ... If you are precise, it comes out. If you are not precise then you try this, you try that, it won't work out. But if you have a photograph of My Hands you should ask the person to see the photograph of the Hand. By seeing the light, gradually the person will start seeing the Hand. And then gradually the person will become all right.

I've seen one person getting the eyes within ten minutes time. But in that, if the Left Swadishthana is catching, if the person has no diabetes and eyes are open, then it is definitely a bhoot, nothing else. Even if some people might say, "She lost her eyes because of, this girl lost her eyes because there was a fire in the house." But she got frightened and the bhoots sat in here and she became blind. They connected both things. Actually eyes cannot remain open if the eyes are burned out. So if the eyes are open and absolutely normal to look at and the person cannot see, the light is out, that means there's a bhoot. So these things can be very easily done.

[someone asks a question] Photograph like this, and light in front. It will improve your eyesight also. My Hands should be used. Very good for the eyes. My Hands are extremely good for your eyes. If you can see My Hands with the light, very good for your eyes.

So I guess, it's your choice.  To be a Sahaji or not to be.

"It is human nature to react, it is absolutely human. But if you are to become superhuman, you should not react. By not reacting, you will grow, definitely you will grow. But if you react, then you cannot grow." – Navaratri 1998

"Whatever is wrong is wrong, whether it is today, tomorrow or yesterday or thousands of years back, whatever is wrong for your dharma, for your sustenance, is wrong! The new phrase, is that “What’s wrong in this, what’s wrong in that?” That question will be answered by Kalki only!

I’m just telling you that it is wrong, and it is extremely wrong, it is against your ascent, it is against your being, and then you will not have any time to repent and to ask this question, “What’s wrong?”, you will be chopped off.

That is what, is the Kalki incarnation. He is going to come on a white horse, as they say. It’s a tremendous thing that is going to work out! Every human being is going to be sorted out, and nobody can then claim!" – Navaratri 1979


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