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You only live once or you only die once?

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Are you stress, worry or unhappy?

Stuck in MCO and this happen!

I am loving Blogger's new look.  Haven't been here for a long time, even during quarantine, although have all the time in the world, but not really in the mood to write.  
Past few months, lots had happened, especially spiritually.  So, today, I would like to write it down so that I can remember this moment forever.  
The whole realisation started from one chakra to another.  The whole subtle system was touched.  It was truly a discovery of the self.
Pingala Nadi - Right Channel We started becoming very right sided.  Because we were unsure of the future, lots of thoughts of what ifs.  Worry for the economy, worry for the sick, worry for the virus.  It was just thoughts, thoughts and thoughts.
Ida Nadi - Left Channel Then we became left sided.  After days of not doing anything, sleeping late, no exercise, no discipline, we became lazy and lethargic.
Heart When MCO started, lots of us has fears of the unknown.  With infections and number of deaths rising, many began to wonder if there i…

With LOVE from the HEART

Amidst the COVID-19 chaos and craziness, let's share something nice today.  
Recently the heart is being attacked quite a bit.  Because of the virus, many things has stopped but the anxiety, the fear, the panic around us has not.  Racism is getting worse, people blaming because of the virus origins, lack of action from authorities, make many of us feeling angry, irritated and annoyed.  Our anger is expressed openly on social media and we can see so many people are cursing one another.  Whether it is the virus or not.  Whether it is about Sahaj or not.  Everyone is on the verge of breaking down.
Let's take a step back.  We can't stop the virus for now.  We can only contain it.  And the best is through social distancing as we can see how it has helped some countries with their immediate response on cities locked down and quarantine.  We can't change a lot of things as much as we wanted to.  So, let's start changing the things that we can.  And that is ourselves.

Malaysia Travel Advisory 2020 : Covid-19

Updated as of 13 March 2020:
Since I can't find this information so easily as Wisma Putra don't update their travel advisory in their website, I decided to do the compilation here based on MOH's blog.  Since MOH's blog is in Malay, here's for the benefit of those who can't read Malay.
16 Jan 2020 : MOH advised anyone who returned or came from Wuhan, China who experiences breathing difficulties to immediately seek medical attention at nearest health facilities.
23 Jan 2020 : This is after China declared locked down on Wuhan.  MOH and Wisma Putra advised against non-essential travel to Wuhan.
25 Jan 2020 : MOH advised against non-essential travel to China.
27 Jan 2020 : Prime Minister's Office suspended issuing visa to China nationals from Wuhan and areas around Hubei province.
16 Feb 2020 : Government does not allow ships that came from China or ships that transit in China to dock in Malaysia.
28 Feb 2020 : MOH advised against travel to South Korea, Japan, Italy…

Divine play

It's only end of February 2020, but since the start of this year, the whole world has been thrown into chaos.  My girl's drawing is best to explain it all.  There's a shark in the rough sea and a boat, a hat, a balloon, ladder, sun, cap, something else and lastly a swastika in the middle of it all.
From this whole viral drama, what I can see is which country is the strongest and which one is the weakest.  It seems that those who spent millions in war are so vulnerable when it come to a single virus.  So, even if you have the best guns, you are not able to kill this virus, instead you get killed instead.
One virus and we can see the true nature of many people, many countries.  The hatred towards a certain country, a certain people, a certain race is so apparent.  What I find is more amusing is even yogis are not spare from all the reactions.   What happen to love and compassion for all?   Someone asked for bandhan when it was first started but it was filled with comments a…

Year 2019 - My year in review

Year 2019, I was very blessed to be able to travel to 3 countries with my family.

January was a month of mixed emotions.  Had a minor car accident where someone knocked me.  Birthday parties of both my girl and nephew and uncle's funeral.

After the Chinese New Year celebration here in Malaysia, we went to China.  It was winter, so it was wet and cold.

Early March we went to Kuantan for Shivaratri Puja.  It was also the month that my girl had her ears pierced on Shri Mataji's birthday.

Then we went to Kampar to attend my cousin's graduation.

In April we made Easter eggs for Easter Puja.

In May, we went to Singapore and stayed with some yogis.  Finally got to watch The Phantom of the Opera.  

We also had a small retreat at a yogi aunty's house over a long weekend.