Monday, October 20, 2014

Almond Milk and food alcohol story

I read online that almond milk is really healthy and a better alternative to cow's milk.  So after delaying for many weeks, I decided to finally do it.  It's really simple.

1 cup almonds
2 cups water

1. Soak the almonds overnight.
2. Drain the water, rinse and put them into the blender.
3. Put water and blend until they are in pulps. 
4. Strain the milk with a nut bag, strainer, used tea bag, etc.  I used the Malaysian nylon coffee strainer that the mamak store used for teh tarik.
5. Squeeze the pulp with your hands to get all the almond milk out.
6. Refrigerate and enjoy.

Some recipes put in vanilla extract and honey.  But without sugar, the milk already tasted sweet.  

In fact, I wanted to put in the vanilla extract when I saw the ingredients contains alcohol and stopped.

Unfortunately, I realised that I have a tree nut allergy that makes my throat tighten.  The first time I had it this was when I took virgin coconut oil, 2 spoonfuls and the next day my throat tighten.  At first, I thought it was acid reflux.  When I stopped the coconut oil, that stopped as well.

And this time almond milk and again my throat tightened.

Though I don't have a strong reaction with this allergy, but it was enough to make me feel uncomfortable and feels as if someone was strangling me.  

On another story, yesterday evening, me, hubby and mom went for dinner.  We went to have Fish Head Noodles.  We have heard good things about this but when we went few weeks ago, we were turned off by the word XO in the title.  But my mom reassured us that they won't be putting any alcohol into the food as XO is expensive.  So, we trusted my mom.  The noodles turned out really good and delicious.

About 1 hour after the food, I began to sneeze uncontrollably while hubby spotted a front agnya headache.  My sneezing was so bad, I began to suspect that a cold was coming.  Immediately did foot soaking and ice pack.  It helps and my body began to settle.  We did massive clearing as my head was painful as well.  But the nose was runny and I felt so tired from all the sneezing.

That night, I sweat profusely.  

Both hubby and I suspected there were alcohol in the soup.  And our subtle system were having a reaction to it.  Liver fired up and causes my body to heat up and sneezing starts.  Then as the body is trying to eliminate the alcohol bits, my body starts to sweat.  

Will we do this again?  Never.

Many people said once alcohol is cooked, the effects are no longer there, but left only the taste.  Yeah right, tell it to our subtle system.  It doesn't matter whether cook or not, it's still alcohol.

We should have checked with the waiter before ordering.  That's our bad.  And we should have suspected because in the menu, there were Guinness Stout Fried Chicken and Red Wine Baby Lamb Ribs.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Have we forgotten that we are yogis?

Recent events happened on Facebook, Whatsapp and local collective has made me rather sad.  I know I should not be reacting and should be witnessing them.  Here we are looking at Shri Mataji's photo everyday and now it's easily accessible on Facebook and Whatsapp, and there we are forgotten that we are all brothers and sisters of the same Mother and fighting and arguing like no other.

Not pointing fingers at anyone, but looking at general, have we forgotten all that was taught by Shri Mataji?  To love?  To be compassionate?  To forgive?  

What's the point of giving SR to non-yogis excessively when we can't even love our own people at home?  

If a yogi didn't get the recognition or support that he/she wants, and he/she voiced it out on social media to garner the support of other yogis who doesn't know him/her and use that to attack yogis/yoginis who didn't support him/her in the first place.  Isn't this ego?

If a yogi is no longer a member of the council and no longer have any formal responsibilities in any matter of the collective, is it ok to bulldoze his/her way to control other people?  Isn't that greed?  Power hungry?

If yogis are bragging about how many SR programs they did and how many non-yogis received their SR, isn't that competition?  Ego again?

If yogis are arguing whether to use Shri or Shree, is that so important?  Have we forgotten that it's the essence that's important?  Think about it, whether Shri or Shree, if we are using for mantra, then it's the pronunciation that matters.  If we are writing, what effects does it has?

Recently there was a discussion on social media of whether we should open or close matka pot during new or full moon.  Shri Mataji has mentioned in one of Her talk that during new or full moon, there are a lot of negativities though She did not specifically mention to close the matka pot on those days.  Closing the matka pots on those days were taught by Vashi doctors because it was said the matka pot would not only absorb your own negativity, but everywhere else too.  So, even if Shri Mataji didn't directly said it, but if you put one + one together, does it matter if you close the matka pot for 1 day just in case?  Better still, don't do matka pots during new or full moon time, simple as that.  What is the point to discuss this on the mental level?  Use your discretion.

"Sahaja Yogi: When I was a young registry, Mataji, the person who was on duty on the full moon night, all had a very bad time. Used to avoid, used to change rather duties in order to avoid full moon.
Shri Mataji: Full moon. On, on also the Amavasya.
Sahaja Yogi: Ha, Amavasya, another bad night, that is true.
Another Sahaja Yogi: Amavasya.
Shri Mataji: That is one of the worst. It is again the both sides. Everything has two sides, you should see. Full moon is as bad as Amavasya. Some people have bad effects on Amavasya and some have on full moon."

I feel we are so mental on so many levels.  Sahaj doesn't need to be table out and discuss openly.  Sahaj is very subtle.  Shri Mataji had given us so much of materials and yet we need to argue and discuss about it.  

Some people were very fortunate to have met Shri Mataji in person.  Some people were even more fortunate to have served Shri Mataji and gotten Her advise directly.  Some people were able to touch Her feet and massage them.  Some people were able to comb Her hair.  Some people were able to have Shri Mataji cleared them directly.  Some people gotten their SR from Shri Mataji personally.

So does that mean the rest of us are not yogis then?  That we do not know Sahaj enough?  I was fortunate enough to have met Shri Mataji in person for 9 times only.  Though it was only 9 times, it was enough to last me a lifetime.  I was also fortunate enough to offer Yuva Shakti gift in 2002, Lakshmi basket in 2006 and again Yuva Shakti gift in 2010.  Also, was able to perform bhajans for Her in 2001, 2005 and 2006.

Does it matter whether Shri Mataji has personally be with that person?  Of course there's a lot of recollections and wonderful miracle stories we hear from people who were close to Shri Mataji.  I love hearing these stories, especially my husband as he had never met Shri Mataji in person.

Respect the elders.  Your parents / uncles / aunties are not the only ones who have been with Shri Mataji.  There are countless person, older yogis / yoginis who were there and had served Shri Mataji in person.  Respect their recollections and memories.  If you have doubts, then check vibrations.  Is there a need to ask on social media whether that person is right or wrong?  

All yogis have vibrations.  It's a gift blessed by our dear Mother.  Use them wisely.  Check if you have doubts, otherwise don't question.

Some may find this post controversial.  If you are reacting to this post, then sorry I have touch your sensitive areas which are your problematic areas.  If you agree with me and want to use this to support your findings, stop it now.  Check your ego and introspect and judge ourselves first.  There is no need to start any argument or discussion.

Remember the 6 enemies in us?  Lust, anger, greed, attachment, jealousy and ego?  Yup, we still have them in us.  So, what are we waiting for?  Clear them now!

Monday, October 13, 2014


Recently I rejected joining our annual 2 days 1 night team building to a beautiful resort, with all expenses paid.  At first I was asking myself, why am I so anti-social?

A yogi sister told me to go and help spread vibes.  But I am still reluctant.

My reasons were clear.  I didn't want to spend my weekend with people who are egoistical, rude and unhappy.

But maybe I could change things?  With positive vibes, etc?  Maybe I could squeeze in a SR session with them?  

I don't know.  I chickened out and not ready to do this on my own.  Just not with this group.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014


This morning, I saw 2 men riding their bicycles.  One for sports, the other for work.  One for leisure, the other for need.  

The first guy have all his gears on, i.e helmet, knee brace, bottled water.  The second guy on a rusty bike with an empty basket.

I may be wrong.  The first guy may be doing it for work, say if he is an athlete.  He looks like a professional cyclist with a colourful bike.

The second guy is really doing it for necessity.  A foreign worker going to work.

I don't know why these 2 men attracted my attention this morning.  

I don't know these men.  The second guy with a rusty bike may be very satisfied with his current life while the first guy may be frustrated that he couldn't achieve his goals.  I really don't know.

Well, honestly, the first impression was the first guy is filthy rich that his bike may costs ten thousands or more and he is just exercising to avoid a sedentary lifestyle sitting in the office while the second guy is poor that he can't even afford proper food and his bike is his only transport.

We are judgmental whether we want to admit it or not.  It's "We come, We see, We judge."  Some may argue that this is what is being taught in school, to be critical, to pass comments, to be vocal.

"That girl is pretty."
"That child is fat."
"That boy is short."
"That guy is ugly."

After Sahaj, it is:

"The guy has very bad vibes."
"I can feel your catches."
"Please clear your Agnya.  Giving me a headache."
"That person no longer comes to collective.  Bad yogi."

We can judge everyone in the world except ourselves.  The thing is, we never know that person's life and history.  Why judge a book by its cover?  Sometimes some people are angry and aggressive, but if you take a deeper look at their life, suddenly you find that they have a family member who was an abuser and it has affected them badly.

Before we pass any comments, let's walk in their shoes.  Some people may not want to talk about their life and problems.  Some people may not want others to find out their history.  

If you want to help someone, you can tell them nicely.  "I feel you have a catch at this chakra.  Is something happening?"  Or "Would you like me to help you to clear?  Seems your heart is a little heavy."

Instead of "You better clear this chakra." Or "No wonder that person is like that.  He didn't footsoak properly."

Madhuri, speak with sweetness.  

Love everyone with compassion.

Sometimes I find that the person who seldom goes to collective have better vibrations than those who goes frequently.  Oops, I am judging.  

Monday, October 06, 2014

Memories of Sahaj weddings and marriages

Yesterday we attended the wedding reception of a Sahaj married couple.  Husband Malaysian, wife Russian.  During the reception, Sahaj marriage and the wedding procedure was introduced to yogis and non-yogis.  

An Sahaj aunty who was beside me told me that she was personally there in Shri Mataji's house in Genoa when the checking vibrations for the matches were in progress.  She saw how the marriage committee filtered the forms according to age, height and occupation or interest.  Then after the match has been found, the forms were checked for vibrations by the committee.  Only 100% cool vibrations matches will be sent to Shri Mataji for Her approval.  I said, "Wow, that's amazing."  She said, "Yeah, that was in 2010 when Shri Mataji was physically there in Cabella."  2010 was the year we got matched and so I felt so blessed hearing this.

Back in 2010, one day during the World Festivals Program, a yogi sister came to me and shared her experience with me.  She was visiting Shri Mataji's house in Genoa with some yogis when one of the members of the marriage committee invited them to help check vibrations for the Sahaj matches.

She said, first everyone were given vibrated water to put on the Sahasrara to ensure individually the Sahasrara is clear.  Then only they proceeded to check the forms.  Only 100% cool vibes form can proceed to the next level.  Even if there was a slight catch, although cool, the match will be rejected.

So, when you put 1+1 together, I felt so grateful and blessed.  That was the year we got matched.

At the wedding reception yesterday, the newlywed couple shared their experience when the mangal sutra was tied.  The groom said the whole world disappeared and there was only he and his wife present.

All these while, I have thought when my husband tied the mangalsutra on me and I felt the surge of vibrations and rising of the Kundalini, spiraling my subtle system, I thought I was the only one.  Even when I shared this with him, he just kept quiet.  That's him, quiet and reserve and patient.

Lately he told me, when he tied the mangalsutra on me, he felt the exact same thing.  He felt something more, that our kundalinis were tied together.

A talk with a Sahaj brother recently found that the husband and wife ascent is now together.  This journey is together, no longer an individual one.  And I had always thought it's an individual one, but just helping one another.  Nope, it's together.

Sahaj works in a special way.  Whether individually or couply or collectively.  We just need to surrender and go with the flow.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Vashi 2015?

Maybe.  Will just plan and see what Divine has in store for me.

This reminded me of my first journey alone to India.  To this day, I am still amazed at the courage that I have gathered at that time.

With no Hindi and yet arrived at Mumbai midnight.  My parents didn't know I went alone.  I didn't tell them even until now.  Vashi hospital has arranged a taxi for me.  But I have no idea who was the driver.  

Mumbai airport was ever so busy.  So many people.  In my mind, I was asking myself, how would the driver recognise me and vice versa?  Never mind.  Just leave it to the Divine arrangement.

I have forgotten my badge and only have my tiny little pendant of Shri Mataji.  I was starting to feel nervous and yet being in India makes you calm immediately.

Suddenly an old man with long white beard, dressed all in white but crumpled and dirty clothes and with a turban came to me.  He was holding Shri Mataji's photo.  Phew.  I still didn't know how he has spotted me, because I would never have seen him in the crowd.  He looked tired and stern and was signalling me to follow him.  Not a word of English.  And I followed.  

At first I was thinking, should I trust this guy?  And boy, he just took my luggage and walked extremely fast and I almost lost him and my luggage!  But I managed to trace him and he chugged my luggage on top of his taxi and tied it up and I got into the taxi and I asked him again, Sahaja Yoga?  Vashi?  No reply.

And off he drove and cursed at the other drivers.

Inside the taxi, I was afraid to move as he drove into the traffic.  Mumbai is ever famous for traffic and yes, traffic jam at 1am.  And the ever-non-stop honking.  And the way they drove, salute!

Then as he drove out of the traffic and into a more straight forward, quiet road, I began to ease, though I should be more tensed.  I began to enjoy the journey.

In my heart, I really hope he was bringing me to the right place.  Here was I, in a taxi, with an unknown man, on an unfamiliar road and I was feeling happy.  I don't know why.

After about an hour, we reached Vashi.  The moment I saw the word, 'International Sahaja Yoga Health Centre', I breathed a sigh of relief.  Finally, Divine brought me here.  All my worries was for nothing.  

This is after all a spiritual land, India.

Till this day, when I told my friends that I went to India alone, traveled in a taxi with a stranger as the driver at midnight, they still told me off.  Not safe for a woman.

Divine protected me and was helping me throughout.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The power of a rakhi string

A simple gesture of tying a rakhi string can mend relationships.  Enough said.


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