Sahaja Yogis Do's and Don'ts

The other day, while browsing through, I'd found this gem.  Sharing with you all.  

Disclaimer:  As I only took out parts of the talk, please do read the entire text to get the full message and understanding or better still, listen or watch the video.

Advice by Shri Mataji at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Question and Answers). Bombay (India), 22 March 1977

1. No smoking and drinking
First and foremost things that a Sahaja Yogi cannot smoke or drink. One absolutely one hundred percent sure, because if you drink or smoke you will find after some time you either you’ll lose your vibrations or you’ll start vomiting. You cannot smoke. If you smoke your Vishudhdhi will be caught. If you drink your Nabhi chakra will be caught and whenever you’ll place your hand towards the photograph all the Nabhi chakra will be burning absolutely. So you’ll say, “What is this happening?” And you’ll give up. You sort of, many people have done it without any difficulty. They do not have any difficulty; they just give up. So this is one of the most important things that you have to gradually give up. Just take My name; you can work it out. We have people here, they will tell you they were alcoholic, they were taking drugs and they were doing all kinds of things. They’ve given up all that and now they are absolutely normal people. First thing is that: don’t drink and don’t smoke.

2. Don't fast except for certain days
Secondly, don’t fast. When Mother is there you are not to fast. Only fast on Naraka Chaturdashi; that’s all. One day you should not have phalaahaar [Mother speaks in Marathi]. If you don’t feel like eating, eat something else but don’t leave your stomach empty. You can have some fruit juice or milk or whatever you like. These are certain things about the food and the stomach, Nabhi chakra.

3. Eyes have to be pure
Secondly, the eyes are very important things where you have to be careful not to move your eyes very fast anywhere. Try to keep your eyes steady and mostly on the Mother Earth. You see, you have heard about Lakshamana. He never saw the feet of Sitaji, never, never saw Her face. He only saw Her feet. How can that be? He was always living with Her. He had never seen Her face; he had just seen His feet. So you can imagine what should be the position, and for fourteen years he had to lead a complete brahmacharyaa’s life. He just, She was like his mother. He knew She was Adi Shakti, but he just saw Her feet.

4.  Lead a sanctified married life
We should lead a sanctified married life. Now supposing somebody is married; then he should not run away with other women, and the other women should not run away with other men. And lead a sanctified life, create a nest of family, a proper family house, try to adopt, compromise, adjust, make your wife realize or make your husband realize and bring peace in the family because there are many great souls who want to take birth, many of them.  You must try to get a family life, a proper family, proper relationship.

5. Be kind to parents and don't spoil the children
Do service to your parents, to your mothers. Don’t find faults with your parents and try to be kind to them, also to the kind to the wife’s mother parents also and try to be good in the family. Try to bring more peace if they are difficult. I mean, it’s all right. Don’t spoil the children also. Correct them, make them loving. Make a nice society. Every one of you should be the carrier of love of your Mother, everywhere. If you are Sahaja yogis and if you change and transform in your behavior, naturally Sahaja Yoga will have its own reputation and everybody will start taking to Sahaja Yoga. 

6. Do not earn money from Sahaja Yoga
You cannot earn any money from Sahaja Yoga. Do not have Sahaja yogis for business partnership. No, they are Sahaja yogis. Do not use Sahaja Yoga for making money [Mother speaks in Marathi]. You see, this kind of this limit, this type of people can never be Sahaja yogis. You have to be generous people. You have to be absolutely honest [Mother speaks in Marathi]. They are thieves. They just come here for thieving. They are not Sahaja yogis. So such people are also there. [Mother speaks in Marathi] This should not be done. There are Ten Commandments, as you say, and you should not take anybody’s things, and be satisfied in your heart. This is a very simple way of doing things, but you have to lead a chaste life and you have to also see chaste things. For example, [Mother speaks in Marathi] you will not like it also. Your priorities will change. Your friends will change gradually. You will not like dirty jokes, nothing. You’ll just change and you’ll run away from them. I’ve seen these foreigners; now they are telling Me that they just cannot stand all these things now. Once upon a time whatever they could tolerate and enjoy also sometimes, they just cannot stand it and bear it because now you have become saintly. You have to be decent people.

7. Be dignified and loving
Don’t dabble into all these rumors and frivolous things. Don’t waste your precious life. You are Sahaja yogis. Not a single moment to be wasted on nonsensical things. Every moment should be spent in having dignity for yourself, for others, for loving others. [Mother speaks in Marathi].

8. Don't be misers
Don’t be misers at all. Miserly people are against Sahaja Yoga, and if miserly people come I give them trouble. If you are miserly you get lots of trouble. So you don’t get miserly, haan, I’m telling you and don’t be too talkative also, become too talkative and troublesome. I can stop your talking, and if you don’t talk at all that’s also not good. Means don’t go to extremes of anything.

9. Be normal
These are certain things which you have to know. And don’t, women should not dress up like men, and men should not behave like women. All these nonsenses you should not do. You should be yourself. Supposing you are something in something you are doing.  You should wear the dresses as you are; now no need to wear funny dresses and go round and have your hair up to this much or try to show off. You see, all these are mythical things. Be normal, natural people and lead a normal, natural, decent life, and it’s not so important. Food is not so important. Whatever you get you get you eat, and don’t talk too much of comfort and don’t also sleep on the thorns, no, no, no, but don’t be absolutely a waster. Be in the center; is a very simple thing for Sahaja yogis.

10. Decide with vibrations
So decide everything with vibrations, for yourself, for collectiveness or anything, and the most important is you give it to others.

11. Collective and no groupings
And Sahaja Yoga doesn’t work in your houses, families, or in small little groups but it works here in Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan when all of you are here because I’m here. It is a collective work. All of you are cells of one body, and the more cells are awakened, the more the body is active. So you have to come together, to be together. Love each other. Mix up with others. Do not form groups, no. You should talk to each other very freely, whatever is your language, nationality or whatever it is. And you should mix up with others; is not proper, is a sense of insecurity is expressed if you have a group [Mother talks in Marathi]. This kind of a small thing is not there [Mother talks in Marathi] Foreigners are sitting together in a group like that. You see what I’m saying: there should be no grouping done; no need. Be open. All of us, all of us are born of one Mother, we should not feel insecure, we should be not together. It is not that you should avoid also, if you are together all right, now together is all right we are all brothers and sisters.

12. Be friendly and don't criticize
Be very friendly and kind and do not analyze others and criticize others. Better to criticize yourself than to analyze others. Will sit down, “He’s like this because like that.” [Mother talks in Marathi]. We should watch ourselves and not others. Why somebody is behaving like that, you just don’t worry. How are you behaving yourself? Are you all right? Are your vibrations all right? And that’s how with love, patience, understanding, I’m sure one day we all will feel the oneness, all of us, and we should help each other. If somebody is sick we should help.

13. Eternal life within you
Somebody tells you [Mother speaks in Marathi] somebody. So there is nothing to get angry. Actually, it’s a great thing he has told you that he can cure you and you cannot see [Mother talks in Marathi]. So it is a story told by a person who is not connected. So you should not sort of identify with yourself. You should identify yourself with the eternal life that is within you and you are going to enjoy it very much. So don’t feel insecure, don’t have too many desires for something and you’ll be surprised that suddenly you’ll find [Mother speaks in Marathi]. If it works out, well and good; doesn’t work out well and good, because we are there after all. And if the car gets punctured, all right, we are there after all. Even if the car is not there we are there. We are not lost.

14. Be in the present and enjoy
So don’t think of the future, don’t think of the past but think of the present and enjoy. That is the message of Sahaja Yoga, and perhaps I’ve covered most of the points for you people, and never try to criticize anyone, never, never, never. And be firm and know that you have just now crossed, so many of you just crossed. So be steady, steadily [Mother talks in Marathi] what is going to happen, let us see. Let us see. Be with that. Suddenly, don’t be bumptious about it and otherwise you’ll be rippled back again, you see. So gradually grope the whole thing. When you have got the mastery over it then grip it. But if you are bumptious, anybody can push you down saying that [Mother speaks in Marathi]. There are many like that. So be careful.