Connection with God

It's now between us and Shri Mataji.  Some of us seem to have lost the way, following the path of ego.  Some of us are distracted and going astray into the unknown.  Hearing more and more weird stories of people.  Before we start judging them, generalising this subject and assuming the worse, let's be reminded of Shri Mataji's words because in the end, it's just between you and Shri Mataji.

"Main thing is your connection with the Divine, is only possible when you meditate and become thoughtlessly aware. That’s the point where Divine works, it helps you. It comes to your help in such way that you don’t know how you have achieved it. So thoughtless awareness is the first point all of you should achieve. Very important. After that, we can achieve something else, but the first step is thoughtless awareness.

It’s very important to become thoughtlessly aware because then there are no thoughts coming from the left or right, from the (past) or the future. Just in the present you are there. It’s something you all have. It’s not that I’m saying that to you, but all of you have this, but steady yourself. You have to steady yourself at thoughtless awareness. How long – that’s not the point. The point is once you’ve touched it, you’ll go on touching it. Many people meditate, but their thought process is going on. They are not thoughtlessly silent. Now this is the one point which is very important. If you have to grow, you should be absolutely in connection
 with the Divine, through thoughtless awareness. You don’t have to pray, you don’t have to call anyone, nothing; it just works because it is within you. All these thoughts are bombarding from both two sides in your mind. These thoughts that are coming to you, have no meaning with you. They do not substantiate you, yourself you are an ocean. And you have to get into that state of thoughtless awareness." - Excerpts from Diwali Puja 2002

"A lady asked Me in Italy, “Mother, how can You be a Mother, Grand Mother, wife and looking after so many people all over the world?” I said it is very simple. If you have pure detached love you rise in a tree like a sap, and you go into the various places like the branches, then you go to the leaves, then you go to the flowers, then to the fruits and come back. So you nourish everything. It’s not difficult. But to have this love, to understand this love, a connection has to be established. Connection with the all pervading power. If the connection is not established, whom are we praying? We are praying without the connection like telephoning without the connection. And then people come and complain about God, “I prayed to God so many times, I did this, I did that, still I got cancer”. So mistake is not that of God. He has all compassion but you must get connected. You just go on taking His name is not the way to achieve it." - Excerpts from Public Program, London 1982

"These are just folds of the sari of Paramachaitanya, which looks separated but they are not separated, they are continuous. So the connection is absolutely complete.
If I pull a thread from here, the thread will throughout be pulled. In the same manner this Paramachaitanya is working within itself, and there is nothing without. So when you are Sahaja yogis it pays special attention to you; or I should say it becomes absolutely one with you. Whatever you desire, whatever you want also will be coming from the same Paramachaitanya, if you are one with it." - Excerpts from Shri Paramchaitanya Puja, Germany 1989

"In the same way you have found Paramachaitanya and the connection with it, so you don’t have to worry for anything, don’t have to think about anything, you don’t have to plan about anything. Only thing is you have to jump into it, just jump into it and know that you have become part and parcel of the reality. This if you have understood, I think we have done a big job." - Excerpts from Shri Paramchaitanya Puja, Germany 1989

"Once you become a Sahaja yogi, the concern for your benevolence is all the time there. Whether you are punished or not is a different point. Some people might get a job. Some people will not get a job. With some people it will work out this way, with some people it will not work out that way. Then one may say that “How is it this Paramachaitanya is behaving like this?” It’s all for your correction. It’s a big churning; whatever works out for your correction and is for your benevolence. If you understand this point, then you’ll never be disappointed in your life.  And it has no concern of its own benevolence, because it is complete benevolence itself. It never thinks how it is going to be benevolent or helpful, because it has no botheration about it." - Excerpts from Shri Paramchaitanya Puja, Germany 1989

"I hope you have understood that the all-pervading Power around us is the one that is doing Sahaja Yoga, is the one that has brought you to Sahaja Yoga and is the one who has given you blessings, this Paramachaitanya, through which it has worked out." - Excerpts from Shri Paramchaitanya Puja, Germany 1989